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Holiday in Italy in January: weather, temperature, where to go and where is the heat?

pogoda v Italii v yanvare

Italy annually attracts many tourists. Travelers come most often in the summer, but few know that in winter this country is no less amazing. If the trip is planned in January, in advance acquainted with the peculiarities of the weather during this period.

What is the weather like in January in Italy?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v gorodah v seredine zimy?

January in this state significantly differs from the middle of winter in Russia.

The traveler should familiarize themselves with the weather this month as it should, to avoid any unpleasant situations.

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The average temperature of air and water

Temperature in Italy in the middle reaches 15 degrees above zero. In the Northern regions it can drop to 10 degrees. The night is slightly cooler, mark of the thermometer equals 5 degrees Celsius.

The water in the Mediterranean gets cool, it does not take a dip. The water temperature in the sea reaches 12 degrees.

The weather is cool but precipitation is little. Doesn't rain, the sun is shining. The humidity level is low. This means that weather tourist will not disappoint.

The particular weather conditions in the regions

See the weather in different cities of the country:

  • Rome. The air temperature is 12 degrees, there is a gentle breeze. Rains are rare, the weather is mostly Sunny;
  • Milan. The average temperature is 10 degrees. It can be cold, quite strong gusts of wind;
  • Venice. The air is not heated, so the mark of the thermometer does not rise above 6-8 degrees. Rains are more frequent than in Rome;
  • Florence. Cloudy with frequent rains. The average heat - 8 degrees Celsius;
  • Genoa. In January, the air is not heated above ten degrees. The sun is shining, clouds are observed rarely;
  • Sardinia. One of the warmest cities in the country. The temperature can reach 13-15 degrees above zero. The weather is Sunny and a light breeze slightly cool;
  • Sicily. The mark on the thermometer does not fall below 13-15 degrees. Is so warm that the air warms up to 20 degrees. Rain, gusty winds do not occur;
  • Verona. In January, a lot of Sunny days, but the air is a cool 8 ° C;
  • Bolzano. The air is cool: 6 degrees above zero. Sometimes snow, sometimes rain;
  • The San Remo. Warm and Sunny weather without rain: 14-15 degrees Celsius. Gusty wind does not happen, the humidity level is very low.

Where is the heat?

gde teplo v eto vremya goda?

Travellers in January , it is recommended to visit cities such as Rome, Sicily, Sardinia, San Remo.

The air in these places the warmer, more Sunny days. Cloudy weather will not spoil your vacation.

Snow in these cities practically does not happen, it happens in extreme cases. Traveler will need light jackets, windbreakers. Sometimes the weather is to be limited only warm jackets.

January holidays

There are many reasons you need to go in this country in the middle of winter.


Tourists will find many advantageswhile vacationing in Italy in January:

  1. The cost of rooms in the hotels is reduced several times;
  2. Restaurants are almost always free. Don't need to pre book a table;
  3. No queues in the museums;
  4. The weather is not hot. The sun is warm, but to burn the traveler will not be able;
  5. On the streets, no crowds of tourists.

How to dress?

The traveler must be sure to bring:

  • Jacketorwindbreaker;
  • T-shirt and jumper;
  • A warm jacket;
  • Gloves;
  • Thin cap;
  • Jeans or pants;
  • Shoes;
  • Sneakers or running shoes.

Weather in Italy at this time is unpredictable, so you need to prepare for warm, Sunny days and cool, windy.

Where better to go?

kuda luchshe poehat otdyhat?

If you have to choose where to go, the first thing is to go to the country's capital - Rome. Even in winter, this town hosts a number of festivals, there is a huge variety of museums. Bored in the middle of winter tourists will not.

If you want more sun, you should go to Sardinia. The place is very picturesque, but quiet if you compare with Rome. For lovers of quiet holiday this is the place to work the best. Traveler will feel a southern flavor.

Florence is beautiful at any time of the year. Incredibly attractive, fascinating buildings look fabulous in January. In this city there are many cultural and historical monuments.

In Verona you can enjoy medieval culture and even see the place of many beloved novels of Shakespeare - the famous Juliet's balcony and her tomb.

What to do?

Even in mid-winter travelers will not be bored, after all, presents a rich entertainment program.

Beach vacation

In Italy beach holidays in the middle of winter is quite possible. To do this, go to Sardinia, Genoa, Liguria, Riccione. The sun allows you to tan, but the chocolate tones of the man is unlikely to reach. The beaches are deserted during this period so that the tourists no one will interfere.

However, you must remember that the sea water is not heated above 15 degrees. Only the most strong and sturdy.

What to see?

If people come to this country, be sure to visit these attractions:

  1. The Valley Of The Temples Sicily. This place fascinates and attracts the views. Prehistoric temples, columns keep their story a secret. The tourists will tell on the tour;
  2. Art lovers can't pass by the Uffizi gallery in Florence;
  3. The Colosseum in Rome deserves attention;
  4. Be sure to visit Venice, sent by the Grand Canal on the water bus and experience the sights of the city;
  5. Florence's many museums and ancient temples. History buffs should be sure to go to this city. Each street has its secrets and history.
  6. Of course, don't forget about ski resorts in Italy, for example, Cervinia, Aosta, Courmayeur. There can be incredible to spend time skiing or snowboarding, sledding or skating.

Holidays and festivals

In this country in January are celebrated:

  • January 1 - New year. Celebrations happen across the country, many festivals with live music guaranteed;
  • January 6 - Epiphany. Celebrate it and adults and children. This is one of the most significant events. On the streets are fair, you can try a variety of sweets, participate in contests and such;
  • January 17 - the Day the Abbot of St. Antonio. Celebrations are in the South and centre of the country;
  • January 21 - the Day of Santa INES. Ceremonies are held across the country.

In addition to the above holidays occur on less significant events, during which the streets of the cities of this state be fabulous.

The atmosphere in the January special, so none of the tourists will not be bored.

See this video, what a beautiful happens often to Italy in January: