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Weather in Israel in January: what temperature can you swim?

pogoda v yanvare v Izraile

January Israel quite cool and rainy. Due to the subtropical climate, winters are mild. The locals call this weather "cold" but for us it's like back in mid - September.

That's why many tourists come here to rest exactly in the middle of winter.

The temperature of the air and water

The thermometer may show different values in different parts of Israel. On the shores of the Mediterranean in the afternoon the air warms up to 17 degrees Celsius as water, and at night very rarely below 10.

On the coast of the red sea is slightly warmer by day and 21°C, but at night – as warm as the Mediterranean.

temperatura vozduha i vody v Izraile v yanvare

Can I swim, or where better to rest on the sea?

Arriving in a "warm" country, our tourists the first thing you will want to swim in the sea.

Do not advisable, the water is not so warm, so comfortable to rest on the sea, and the weather may surprise you with sudden rain.

But a good hotel with a heated pool is always welcome.

A place where to spend a vacation, every tourist chooses and takes into account different criteria. Our resorts all have their own purpose and their admirers. For the recovery of the ideal Dead sea.

That shows the thermometer in the popular resorts of the country?

Every tourist chooses resort, which he likes. Favorable holiday weather, hotels and procedures – factors for decision making are different.

pogoda na populyarnyh kurortah Izrailya


In connection with his placement (he was surrounded by a desert), this resort may surprise quite a cold night to 0 degrees Celsius. Day here the thermometer shows 22 °C.


This resort is inferior to Eilat for daily temperature values is 17°C, but at night it is warmer, about 12 degrees Celsius. The water temperature is higher than air by almost 2°.

otdyh v Netanii v yanvare

The red and the dead sea

Weather conditions at other resorts of the red sea do not differ from those that can be seen in Eilat. 21-22°C during the day and about 10 degrees at night.

In the resorts of the Dead sea, the average temperatures differ by a few degrees from the other resorts. 22-23°C in the daytime, 21 and even higher in the water (due to mineral salts).

Another important feature of the Dead sea – less precipitation.

A fascinating pastime on holiday

There are a large number of different activities that will entice you during the January holidays:

  • beach vacation (for the most seasoned of tourists);
  • excursions through the deserts;
  • shopping;
  • the SPA procedures;
  • pilgrimage to Holy places;
  • festivals.

Blessed earth is pleased to receive guests at any time of the year. Now you know what surprises may present Israeli climate, will be able to correctly pack your Luggage so that nothing can ruin your trip.

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