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Kaliningrad in January: weather, average temperature and what to see?

pogoda v Kaliningrade v yanvare

Kaliningrad has been gaining popularity as a very attractive tourist destination. Due to the fact that in this city and its surroundings are quite a lot of interesting things, it prefer to visit not only in summer but also in winter.

Weather in Kaliningrad in January contributes to an exciting journey in the most Western city of Russia.

What is the weather like in January in Kaliningrad?

temperaturnye usloviya v seredine zimy

The weather in Kaliningrad directly affects the climate of the region. Since the city is situated near the Baltic sea, Primorsky territory has a continental climate. This is primarily manifested in the erratic weather, especially such details visible in the winter months.

The Baltic sea and passing close to the warm Gulf stream heat the air, making the weather a bit milder than in the Central part of Russia.

Due to such peculiarities of the climate, the weather in January in Kaliningrad is the absence of serious frosts, slight sub-zero temperatures and intermittent snow cover. Often right in the middle of winter, occasional thaws, particularly when on the South side looming subtropical cyclones.

The average temperature of air and water

In January in Kaliningrad in the afternoon the thermometer read -4 to +4 degrees, but there were cases when the temperature rose to 14 degrees. The greatest instability is observed in the second half of the month, when the continental come cold air masses. But such events happen very rarely in January, the weather is stable low subzero temperatures.

The particular weather conditions

osobennosti pogodnogo rezhima

Holidays in January in Kaliningrad will not spoil the snow and the wind, because this month falls just 40 mm of rain, and the wind blows with a speed of 4 m/s. there Are days when the wind gusts reach up to 10 m/s, but such moments happen rarely.

Overall, in January, quite clear and warm, but even if the day is cloudy or it snows, it will not spoil the rest, but only further raise the Christmas mood.

January holidays

Thanks to the wonderful weather, tourists from all corners of Russia prefer to spend new year holidays in Kaliningrad.

Cultural and educational holidays in the historical city brings a lot of advantages.

The pros and cons

preimushestva i nedostatki

Officially January in Kaliningrad – not a tourist month, so the prices here are much lower than summer. This is especially noticeable when booking tickets and rooms in hotels, and when visiting restaurants with a kitchen, typical of this region.

Nevertheless, the city hosts a variety of events, museums and exhibitions.

If the many attractions of Kaliningrad will be fully investigated, it is possible to visit the surrounding area of this city is no less interesting citiessuch as Gusev, Ladushkin, Baltiysk, Zelenogradsk and Bright. On their territory no less diverse attractions capable of attracting the attention of tourists.

How to dress and what to bring?

A feature of the January temperature is the point that the proximity of Kaliningrad to the sea creates the impression of being on the street is much colderthan the thermometer indicates. Typically, such conditions are observed in Saint-Petersburg and some other cities of the Baltic due to the high humidity.

Despite the fact that Kaliningrad is much warmer than in the Moscow region, is to take a traditional winter things:

  • Warm windproof outerwear;
  • Comfortable sweater or sweatshirt;
  • Warm and waterproof shoes.

Also for your comfort and exploring the sights and cultural places of Kaliningrad will suit scarf, hat and gloves. If planned evening exits in cafes, clubs or restaurants, you should take a formal closet.

What to do this month?

chem zanyatsya v etom mesyace?

Kaliningrad is a variety of entertainment, a large number of unique and unusual attractions as well as fabulous and attractive atmosphere.

Such features attract tourists from around the world coming here, even in January.

What to see and how to have fun?

Kaliningrad – a city with a rich history and abundance of unique attractions that are not found in any city of Russia. More recently, he belonged to East Prussia, and since then it has left many architectural monuments. This is especially noticeable during a walk through the authentic residential areas and on the Central island – the island of Kant.

In the first place tourists visit the following places:

  1. Central square;
  2. Kant's Island;
  3. The fishing village;
  4. District Amalienau;
  5. Quarter Maraunenhof.

If you are not lucky with the weather, you can go on tours of world famous museums. In Kaliningrad a very popular visit to the amber Museum – stone, which from very ancient times the inhabitants of the Baltic regions considered magical. In the collection there are stones, which was frozen flies, butterflies and other insects, as well as the inhabitants of the sea.

No less interesting and fascinating is a visit to the Museum of the World ocean exhibition, which will equally appeal to adults and children. This Museum complex is recommended for every traveler who wants to see a very extensive collection of famous ships.

chto posmotret v Muzee mirovogo okeana?

Quite romantic and informative cultural walk at the legendary Museum of Kaliningrad under the open sky – "Park of sculptures". In this small green area is the collection of sculptures dedicated to contemporary art. Despite the fact that in January, the Park will be missing the greens and also cool, this does not prevent tourists to come here for a walk.

For a family holiday in January suitable zoo, where even in winter you can see over 300 species of birds, animals and fish, and visit a puppet theater, located in the historic and incredibly beautiful Church.

It does not matter whether the January trip to Kaliningrad short or long, every day spent in this city, will bring a lot of interesting.

Holidays and festivals

In Kaliningrad, as in any other Russian city, in January, pass just the same festive events. The first of the month, residents celebrate the new year holidays the whole city is resting, and everywhere a variety of events and concerts. On the streets quite a lot of people strolling and enjoying the weather and their environment. 7 January in Kaliningrad celebrate Christmas, and 14 – old New year.

At hotels guests to the January vacation serves the cosy rooms and various holiday programs, and in cafes and restaurants chefs offer their customers an extensive menu of the most interesting dishes.

Kaliningrad is beautiful at any time of the year, and winter is no exception. This month, the town has a festive atmosphere, everywhere is accessible for the tourists the most interesting attractions and various events. In addition, excellent weather conditions will contribute to a memorable stay.

In this video you can see what the weather is in Kaliningrad in January: