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Holiday in Cambodia: the weather and temperatures in January

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Cambodia is dominated by the hot tropical climate, so the temperature even in winter does not fall below +20 degrees Celsius. Weather in Cambodia in January summer: clear skies, warm sea water, refreshing breeze.

The weather and temperatures in January in Cambodia

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Winter season is considered the best period to visit Cambodia.

At this time, the heat subsides and stop torrential rains, is stably maintained dry, windless weather.

The average temperature in January is +28-30 degrees during the day and 26 degrees at night.

  • In Phnom Penh in the afternoon the air warms up to 32 degrees, and at night cooled to +24-26°C.
  • In the popular resort of Sihanoukville , daily air temperature equals to +31 degrees, and night - from +24 degrees.
  • In Siem reap the day temperature is equal to +31°C, but at night it drops 10 degrees.
  • In comparison with the rest of the country in Koh Kong a little cooler - the temperature is kept at around 28 degrees, and at night drops to +17 degrees.

The water in the Gulf of Thailand South China sea all of January maintains a temperature of 27-29 degrees.

In January, the weather in Cambodia is dry and Sunny, rain and cloudy days. The sea is calm, wind is light and refreshing.

January holidays

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January in Cambodia is a real Sunny Paradise in the middle of a harsh European winter.

Despite the fact that January is considered the coldest month of the year, Cambodia still reigns heat.

Should I go?

In order to make decisions about the conduct of the January vacation in Cambodia, you need to analyze all pluses and minuses.

The benefits of a January holiday in Cambodia:

  1. hot, dry, and comfortable weather;
  2. the possibility of a beach holiday;
  3. wonderful service;
  4. acquaintance with an interesting country with Asian flavor.

Among the shortcomings highlight the increased cost of hotels and flights, especially in the first half of the month, as well as high humidity.

How to dress?

In January in Cambodia is very warm, so to stay in the suitcase should be summer clothes: shirts, shorts, swimwear. Can't hurt, and sunscreen.

In some areas at night can drop the temperature, so a light windbreaker will not interfere.



Most tourists come to Cambodia in January only to sunbathe on the beach and swim in the sea. But there are other ways to spend time.

Beach vacation

January in Cambodia is the best time to spend time on the beachto sunbathe, play outdoor games, swim in the sea.

Spending time on the beach will not be troubled by any, suddenly appeared in the sky with clouds, neither the intermittent rain.

In addition, Cambodia is booming diving and spearfishing.

What to see and do?

Cambodia is an ancient country, the capital of the Khmer civilization left behind a multitude of attractions. For example, the city-temple of Angkor Wat c TA Prohm, Prasat Bay and other temples.

Also, there are other cultural sites: the Royal Palace, Independence monument, Silver pagoda, genocide Museum at the prison, the Sisowath quay and many more.

National cuisine of Cambodia, masterpieces which worth a try, similar to the kitchen href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/otdyh-vo-vetname/">Vietnam. The main ingredient of all dishes is rice mixed with any meat or fish. There is also a dish of rice and bananas.

Holidays and festivals

At the beginning of January in Cambodia continue to celebrate the New year, but already on 7 January, the country celebrates victory Day over genocide.

Journey through Cambodia in January - in this video: