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Rest in Crimea: what's the weather, the average temperature and what to do in January?

pogoda v Krymu v yanvare

There on the Ground of spaces that differ in attractiveness at any time of the year. There should come in the low season in order to enjoy excellent views and unique nature. The Crimea is exactly the same, and even the winter, the Peninsula may please the tourist.

What is the weather like in January in the Crimea?

Kakaya pogoda na poluostrove v yanvare?

Generally speaking, the winter Crimea is largely similar to the spring and Russia in its Northern parts. Sometimes there is snow and rain.

In General, the temperature rarely goes down even in the evening below zero, and in the morning the warm rays warm up the air.

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The average temperature of air and water

So in the morning, in the Crimea, an average of about 4-6 degrees Celsius, but sometimes there may be days when the temperature is up to 15 degrees. The temperature of the water is from four to eight degrees Celsius.

The particular weather conditions

For the most part the weather is cloudy and not always bright days. Quite a lot of rain, but there are regions which are significantly lighter and warmer. As previously mentioned, winter in the Crimea is much like spring the Northern part of Russia, but then more fog and rain, combined with snow caps on the mountain tops. Heat differs only in the South coast, the rest of the Peninsula is cool.

Nevertheless, it is in a cool part comes the perfect weather for one of interesting hobby that you can do – walking on mushrooms. As noted, the Crimean forest, it is the beginning of the year is the optimum period to collect noble collection.

January holidays - photos

YAnvarskij otdyh v Sudake

In General, we are talking about winter holidays, perhaps a warm winter, but, anyway, about the winter, which causes certain limitations. For example, swim or relax lying on the beach in this period you do not succeed.

The benefits of recreation

This is not the Crimea, most likely, you've never seen before and experiences get a lot, with the most positive. Magnificent mountain panoramas and landscapes of the coastal cities, shrouded in a light snow and mist, look just amazing. Winter adds Crimea, attractiveness and charm, the beginning of the year is the coldest period, but also very beautiful.

In addition, here you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of low season:

  • Fewer tourists;
  • Affordable cost of accommodation, recreation and entertainment;
  • Excellent service and attention of staff.

Come here for the holidays, and if you want more comfort and peace of mind, you can take a little vacation after the holidays.

Taking a tour you can go sightseeing in small groups or almost alone with the guide.

How to dress and what to bring?

Dress warmly and you won't lose to undress and you will always be able. It is best to get waterproof shoes, pants and jackets. Take warm scarves and hats.

Where better to go?

The Peninsula may vary due to weather conditions, and this factor should be taken into account as the primary when choosing a certain direction.

If you take the southern direction, that is, the Sevastopol and the surrounding regions, it's warm (6 degrees a day on average) and drier compared to other regions.

The cities of Evpatoria and Feodosia, also have a relatively high daytime temperatures, but there is more windy, particularly on the coast.

In Yalta, the day temperature can reach up to seven or more degrees on average, but there is much dojdlivoe compared toSevastopol.

In the mountains are quite snowy, and go there mostly for ski resortsbecause the snow layer can reach five feet or more, and the scenery there are beautiful.

What to do at this time?

CHto delat v Krymu zimoj?

There are many options for winter of the Crimean tourist. You can ride in the mountains on a snowboard or skis, or go on a tour of the dolmens or other sacred spaces.

Many resorts offer quite an interesting program, held in the cities, a considerable number of entertaining events, so in the Crimea is always something to do.

What to see?

If you want to experience an interesting contrast, you can first marvel at the snow-covered branches of trees in the mountains, and then head to Nikitinsky Botanical garden, where in the beginning of the year traditionally are blooming cacti. Flowering cacti themselves are quite an interesting sight, and surrounded by a snowy winter, they look even more amazing.

Look at the ancient Orthodox churches in Belogorsk, a colorful mosque in Bakhchisarai.

Of sites offer you a quite standard program:

  1. Massandra Palace;
  2. Vorontsov Palace;
  3. Livadia Palace;
  4. The Khan's Palace;
  5. Green Museum;
  6. The Aivazovsky Art Gallery;
  7. Diorama Of Sevastopol.

Beach vacation

This item may almost completely erase from our own recreation programs. The only thing you will be able to please – measured walk on the beach, but this option is not always optimal. Often on the coast, rainy and windy, and walking there is not always a pleasure.

The only exception for swimming in the winter sea is Baptism.

Excursions and entertainment

ekskursionnyj shopping

Many shops perform seasonal salesthat can attract you. In addition, you will be able to acquire discounts a variety of Souvenirs or something similar.

Of fun and interesting rides and tours around Simferopol and other significant cities of the Crimean Peninsula.

Holidays and festivals

At the beginning of the new year accounts for a substantial variety of events. First, we continue the new year holidays and you may note, for example, the Old New year or Christmas in one of the Crimean restaurants.

In addition to the traditional new year's festivities, you can get a lot of pleasure and other holidays.

For example, on the Peninsula always celebrate the Baptism, but the hole is practically not to find. Therefore, as a rule, bathe in the sea. The water is not so icy that you can feel in the hole, but also invigorating.

Of course, many people can come here and to celebrate the New yearthat is celebrated in every town and very rapidly. Everywhere is heard the fireworks, there are many restaurants and clubs that offer the program for an exciting celebration.

In General, winter in the Crimea is an interesting space for tourism and recreation. The relatively low cost of travel and accommodation on the Peninsula combined with gorgeous nature and plenty of opportunities for entertainment.

You can select and independent travel through the mountains and cities, and can choose a very comfortable hotel that gives you convenience, excellent service, diverse and dynamic holiday.

See in this video, what's the weather like in January in Yalta: