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Beach holidays in Cuba: what is the weather and temperature in January in Varadero?

pogoda v Kube v yanvare

January in Cuba — the ideal time for a vacation. In the middle of winter is considered the dry season, which means a small amount of precipitation, and even their complete absence. Temperature allows you to swim and sunbathe on the beach.

What is the weather like in January in Cuba?

Kakie pogodnye usloviya v seredine zimy?

Cuba does not know severe cold and January — the period of least heat, that is suitable for families with children.

The temperature of the air and water

The day temperature is +25°C, at night +16°C, the water temperature in the sea +24°C. January is the coldest month in Cuba. During this period the weather is very changeable. With strong heat the temperature can drop dramatically to +20°C, and this is according to Cuban standards, quite cold.

January is considered the dry season, drops low precipitation, snow here, of course, does not happen, can be intermittent rains, and from the sea blowing a strong wind.

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The particular weather conditions in different regions

  • The day temperature in the popular resort of Varadero is 25°C, at night +16°C, the water temperature in the Caribbean +24°C. Quite favorable weather, great for families with children, and the sea is blue and calm.
  • In Havana , the day temperature +25°C, night range from +16°C to +19°C, water temperature +25°C. In Havana, the weather is variable. Do not expect that the heat will last all day, the temperature may fall heavily and a strong wind from the sea will not let you get in it to swim.
  • In the popular resort of Santiago de Cuba the temperature in the day rises to +28°C, and at night drops to +20°C, sea water +27°C. One of the hottest places in the winter in Cuba. The perfect place to stay, but no problem to swim in the sea.

January holidays

At least for Cubans January is quite cool, our tourist will feel more than comfortable.

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What things to bring?

January in Cuba and hottest month. You should bring your swimsuit and summer clothes, do not forget the sunscreen and a hat, because the sun in Cuba is quite hot. Should bring a sweater or windbreaker, because the closer to evening the temperature drops and night walks can be altogether cold.

Where to relax?

In January, it is best to relax in the resorts located in the South side. For example, Santiago de Cuba. The temperature of the air and water will allow you to plunge into the sea, it has much warmer weather than the North side. But also to stay fit in the winter resorts of Cayo Largo and Manzanillo. The average air temperature is 28, water +24 °C.

But if you're a fan of cool relaxing and intense heat you do not like, is to visit the resorts located in the Northern part of Cuba, for example, Santa Maria del Mar.

What to do?

There is no doubt that the island offers something for every taste, for sophisticated romantics and risky extreme.

Beach vacation

The temperature of the air and water in January will allow you to relax on the beach, sunbathe and swim in the sea. If from the sea blowing a strong wind, do not worry, because you can always go and relax by the pool of the hotel, after sitting out the bad weather without damage to itself. Or you can just walk along the beach and breathe in the fresh sea air.

To the best beaches in Cuba are:

  • Varadero is the largest beach with a length of 22 km;
  • Playa Santa Lucia beach for a family vacation with a child. Children in the turquoise waters will be safe due to the sloping bottom;
  • Playa Pilar is the white beach of Cuba. Sand white gave this beach is rightly called the "Paradise" of Cuba. Here, the water is absolutely calm, because the beach to protect the nearby island;
  • Ancon beach - romance coast. This beach isa great venue for exotic weddings. The sights of the city of Trinidad is a beautiful combination of white sand and palm lines.

Excursions and entertainment

Ekskursiya po Pinar del Rio

Not worth all the time to sit in one place. In Cuba so many wonderful placesthat should be explored.

  1. You can book a tour to the waterfall Salto de Soroa. Beautiful spot, there are areas that tourists could take photos, a small restaurant and Orchid Park.
  2. Excursion to the city of Pinar del Rio, here you can watch live provincial indigenous Cubans.
  3. One of the favorite pastimes of tourists visit the caves, which abound in Cuba. Going into them, you can go outside and discover exciting places.
  4. You should also visit the Hemingway house, where lived and worked famous writer.

Holidays and festivals

If you go to Cuba in the first half of January, you can get to the Cuban celebration of the New year, which is Christmas tree decorating pine needles, and instead of champagne served Cuban rum. After the residents meet the arrival of the New year with the family, everyone takes to the streets to celebrate and dance all night.

Wherever you were, you will definitely feel the holiday spirit, because the Cubans celebrate it on the street the big companies. You will see people dancing in colorful costumes, the locals love a bright dress at new year's eve.

One of the biggest holidays is Cuban liberation Day Cuba. It is celebrated on 1 January with a Bang: the streets are parades and processions, ending with a speech by Raul Castro.

See in this videohow beautiful the weather is in Cuba in the winter: