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Holiday in Malta in winter: weather, temperature and what to do in January?

pogoda v yanvare v Malte

Malta consists of three inhabited and two uninhabited Islands, situated between Europe and Africa. It passes through the sea route to Asia. That is why this state has always attracted conquerors and absorbed the shades of cultures of different peoples.

What is the weather like in January in Malta?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v seredine zimy?

Malta attracts tourists not only in summer but also in winter. Is an island nation in 2011, was recognized as a country with the best climate. The average daily temperature is +23 degrees.

The temperature of the air and water

January is one of the coldest months. However, the Maltese winter weather conditions for residents of other European countries is equivalent to spring or autumn.

The air in January usually warms up to 13 degrees. The temperature in the archipelago is much more favourable than in continental Europe in the same season. The historical maximum is 16 degrees, the minimum is +10.

Take a dip in the Mediterranean sea will fail, as the water temperature is not more than 15 degrees.

In January it drops out a considerable amount of rain and bask in the sun only for 5 hours a day, but statistics do not guarantee that the "day star" can be seen every day. Cloudy sky and rains are frequent for the winter period in Malta.

The particular weather conditions

The climate of Malta is defined as subtropical, which is characterized by wet winter and dry summer. Due to the fact that the archipelago has mountains and is situated in the centre of the Mediterranean sea, on the island there is a lot of windy days, but the temperature rarely falls below 10 degrees with a plus sign.

In Malta no snow, no blizzards, floods and freezing temperatures, which used the inhabitants of the Northern regions of Eurasia. Weather on the Islands changes frequently: if in the morning it was raining, in the afternoon from him may not be over.


From the second week of January, prices for holidays in Malta are reduced. If the weather is not lucky, tourists who are indifferent to the history, you can relax in the Spa, and fans to go back in time can visit museums, for example, a lot of them in Valletta.

Where better to relax?

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Winter is favorable for a sightseeing holiday, however, considering that small Islands to stay in beach resorts will not be wrong. The view from the window at the Mediterranean sea will delight the eye every day and the temperature on the Bank abovethan in the center of the island.

The best and warm places to stay:

  • The Island Of Gozo. There are historical monuments and the air temperature is higher than throughout the country;
  • The towns of Sliema and St Julian's - most prestigious resort area;
  • Valletta – capital of Malta, where there is always something to see.

How to dress?

Before any trip we face the question: "what should I wear?". When packing your Luggage, it is important not to forget to put in a jacket that will save from the wind, and an umbrella (given that rains are not uncommon).

Warm sweater, pants and closed shoes are also important element of the wardrobe for the winter holidays.

Fashionistas are advised to bring a raincoat. Boots or high heel shoes should wear only the "exit". During walks you should give preference to comfortable shoes with flat soles.

What to do at this time?

Winter in Malta is the best kind of tourism – tour. This season is perfect for exploring the main sights and history of the country. In this small country mixed of different cultures that gives a special colorful.

ekskursii po dostoprimechatelnostyam ostrovov

Possible beach vacation?

Winter is not suitable for a beach holiday in Malta. The temperature of the air and water of 13-15 degrees are not favorable for this type of hotel. Sunbathe and soak up the waves in January – something out of science fiction. In such circumstances, you want to swim only severe, extreme. But to walk on the romantic beaches of Malta will not interfere.

Sightseeing on the Islands

Malta is rich in architectural monuments, for example, there are temples-shrinesthat are older than the Egyptian pyramids. It is recommended to hire a car and move independently on one of the Islands.

A must to visit is the ancient capital of Mdina, where the City and the Greek gate, the Palace of Villena and Master of the other historical monuments.

In Malta often come to pull knowledge of English. In winter it is especially important: the prices are low, groups are small, the weather does not distract from the main goal.

January holidays and festivals

  1. In early January, you can attend the event "Village Christmas" on the island of Gozo.
  2. 6 January in Malta is the feast of "Three kings". After this date, new year's and Christmas decorations removed.
  3. January 17, pet owners bring their "small friends" in the temple. This date is considered the day of the patron Saint of animals – Anthony.

In the Maltese Islands, you can spend time at any time of the year. Every guest of the archipelago will find something for everyone: sightseeing, Spa treatments, learning English and more. Most importantly, bring a good mood.

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