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Holiday in Morocco: what is the weather, temperature of air and water in January?

pogoda v yanvare v Marokko

The winter months in Morocco are not of high temperature. Despite the fact that here is much warmer than the average Russian winter, a beach vacation is no longer available, but there are a lot of opportunities to make guests feel comfortable.

What is the weather like in January in the cities of Morocco?

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For Morocco typical mixed climate: proximity to the Sahara desert and the cold Atlantic current makes the climate is subtropical near the coast and continental away from him.

The temperature of the air and water

  • In the South, in cities such as Agadir and Guomin, the temperature at night often drops below zero, but in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +25 degrees.
  • The water temperature in the ocean on the territory of the country reaches 15 degrees.

  • In the Central part of the country, for example in Marrakech , the air temperature is up to +19 degrees during the day and +13 on the night.
  • In the North, in the towns of Asilah and Chefchaouen, the coldest day about +15 degrees, at night – up to 11 degrees.
  • In the most populated and visited city in the West – Casablanca – day temperature does not fall below +19 day +13 at night.

Overall, the average temperature of the air in Morocco the day is from +18 to +21 degrees, at night – from +7 to +9 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

Cold windsthat blow from the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean contribute to the prevalence of humid and cold air, a fairly cool morning and evening.

Rainfall is not much, so January is perfect for those who come to admire the local sights or relax on the ski resorts in the country.

The holidays this month

preimushestva yanvarskogo otdyha

In January in Morocco, closed the beach season. However, in addition to stay on the coast there are many other educational and interesting activities.

Besides, tours and plane tickets in January you can buy at a significant discount.


Winter excursions and visits to attractions will be much more comfortablethan in summer when the influx of tourists and the intense heat emboss. Tourists expect spectacular mountain scenery and fascinating winter sea, deserted beaches and experience the culture of the country. And tasting national cuisine and Moroccan ski resorts unforgettable travel experience.

How to dress?

In the trip are advised to bring warm clothes: waterproof jacket, warm jacket, sweater and cardigan. Appropriate and lightweight closet: in the afternoon the air temperature can get high enough. However, on top of light clothing you should wear warm sweater or cardigan.

During the journey, can be useful and rain cover: rainfall in winter is minimal, however, and cannot be deleted.

Where better to relax?

For sightseeing, excursions and shopping the most suitable cities: Casablanca, Agadir, Tangier, Marrakech.

If you prefer active holidays, suitable Oukaimeden ski resorts in the High Atlas and Ifrane in the middle Atlas.

What to do at this time?

Comfort temperature provides great opportunities for entertainment.

Beach vacation

Beach holidays in January are excluded. Bathing water temperature, which does not rise above 15 degrees, not suitable even for those who like to harden. But the beaches are open for visits and you can enjoy a magnificent view unusualwinter mountains and sea shrouded in the haze of fog.

However, you can always swim in the pool heated, which is available in almost every hotel.

plyazhnaya zona zimoj

Tours that include overnight stay in the desert, not worth to visit: winter nights there are very cold and this risk is not justified.

What to see?

Morocco has an impressive history of culture and many attractions that you must see.

  1. The capital of Morocco – Rabat – combines modernity and antiquity. Here are situated the government buildings, consulates, and numerous museums. However, the centre decorated with ancient buildings and crowded markets with Oriental products.
  2. In Marrakech a magical atmosphere of Oriental tales: the buildings in the Oriental style, palaces and eccentric street vendors and the famous market of Marrakech to create a unique flavor of the country.
  3. In Fes , the former capital of Morocco – many old mosques and a market with great handmade goods.

Holidays and festivals

January in Morocco is rich in festive events:

  • January 1 – the European New year. Celebrated mainly by foreign tourists, but is an official holiday;
  • January 11 – the day of the manifest of independence of Morocco. The holiday is usually dedicated to different events;
  • January 12 – the Berber New year, which Moroccans celebrate especially colorful;
  • January 29 – the Marrakesh international marathon. Interesting to tourists the event that you can not only see, but also to take part in it.

See this video, what the weather is on the streets of Casablanca in January: