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Holiday in Mexico: weather and temperatures in January in Cancun

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Being one of the most popular destinations for a beach and cultural tourism, Mexico attracts tourists for its vast hot climate and a great choice of resorts.

In this country it is interesting to relax in any time of the year, and in January, Mexico's weather is no exception.

What is the weather like in January in Mexico?

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Despite the fact that January is considered the coldest month in Mexico, great weather allows rich and interesting to spend time on the coast and in the hinterland.

The average temperature of air and water

Weather conditions in January will delight tourists with high temperature in all parts of the country. While in Russia, they are cold in Mexico, the thermometer shows +27-30 degrees.

Throughout the month there is Sunny and clear skies, so a large influx of tourists.

The highest temperature observed in the South and South-East of the country. On many of your favorite tourist resorts of Cancun and Acapulco , the temperature reaches +31°C during the day. But due to the fact that January is attributed to the dry season, the intense heat is not felt, to be in the resorts of pleasure.

At other resorts of Mexico temperature in January:

  • Veracruz – day +26°C, tonight +19°C;
  • Mexico city – the day +20°C, night 18°C;
  • Playa-del-Carmen – day +29°C, night 24°C;
  • Puerto Vallarta – day +30°C, night 24°C;
  • Riviera Maya day +29°C at night +23°C;
  • Chetumal – day +29°C, night 21°C.

srednie temperaturnye pokazateli

The coolest conditions are in January in the center of the country and in mountainous areas. In this part of the day, the temperature barely reaches 15 degrees. In the mountains often it is snowing and blowing a strong icy wind.

If you plan sightseeing tours to the volcanoes, without warm clothes is not enough.

Tourists, who prefer hot climate and a beach holiday can head to the resorts of the Pacific ocean – Manzanillo, Zihuatanejo, Acapulco or Puerto ESCONDIDO. Throughout the month, the average water temperature reaches 26-28 degrees. The sun shines almost the entire month, so the coast is a favorite destination among all tourists.

A little cooler, but no less fabulous on the Gulf coast. In this part of the country's most popular resorts are Merida, Campeche, Cancun and Chetumal. On hot days the water temperature is +24-26 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

Warm and clear days in the resorts of Mexico in January, accompanied by windless weather and lack of rain. Even if the showers happen, they are not more than half an hour. Because of this, the humidity is normal, and acclimatization is much easier.

Vacation in this period

Mid – winter was one of the best periods for a holiday in the vastness of Mexico. The resorts of this country especially for those who want to relax from the cold, enjoying the beaches.

The pros and cons

Holidays in January is a solid advantage. This period is available all kinds of tourism. Vacationers can spend their holidays at the coast, sunbathing, swimming in the clean and warm sea, or engaging in active sports.

No less varied excursion tourism, and thanks to the wonderful weather, longer routes will be fun, and not fatigue.

Even for a short period of time it is possible to get acquainted with ancient architectural monuments indifferent cities, natural areas and other iconic landmarks.

In January in Mexico is a lot of interesting activities, including sales and fairs, festivals and local events. Participation in them brings bright emotions.

The only negative stay in January – the high prices and big demand for travel. At numerous resorts in Mexico this month, "Apple nowhere to fall". Tourists from all over the world strive in this country to rest, get warm and recharge your batteries and also try the legendary diving in the Caribbean.

How to dress?

High temperatures in January have a minimum set of clothing for vacation. So the journey passed with the maximum comfort, enough to take a trip light summer clothes, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Pleasure is also useful comfortable shoes in case of long excursions, as well as swimsuit for a visit to the coast.

Where better to relax?

kuda luchshe poehat?

According to statistics, the most comfortable weather conditions in January are observed on the South and South-East of the country, these resorts:

  1. Cancun;
  2. Acapulco;
  3. Campeche.

In this part of Mexico throughout the month is going a large number of tourists, so those who want to relax alone, maybe take a trip to the Gulf coast.

In General, it is not so important where will be a beach vacation on the Pacific coast, in the Caribbean, Mexican or Californian Gulf. Temperature of air and water allows you not to leave the beaches throughout the day.

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What to do at this time?

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Mexico is notable for the luxurious clean beaches, abundance of resorts, identity, culture and traditions. In this country it is difficult to get bored, so during the holidays there are a lot of fun.

Beach vacation

One of the main attractions of Mexico – beach tourism. A variety of resort areas in this country is impressive, and Sunny days, warm water and an abundance of entertainment allow you to have a good time.

Fans relax on the beaches can choose the Pacific coast. On the sand like spilled through a sieve, you can sunbathe without worrying about the temperature, wind and sudden rains. In normal times, this region of Mexico prefer the surfers, but not in January.

Fans of active recreation on the beach can enjoy the Caribbean sea and the Gulf of Mexico. In this part of the country's best spots for diving. The underwater world here is really impressive and unique, not found worldwide.

In January the water is quiet and transparent, so you can not go very deep.

The only disadvantage of beach vacations in January – early sunsets. This month starts to get dark at 16:00 and the water begins to cool.

Entertainment and excursions

In Mexico, you'll infinitely many landmarksthat are known all over the world. Not enough whole holiday to see only smaller part of them. Better to pre-plan some interesting routes and allocate 2-3 days for a visit.

The most interesting places to explore:

  • the capital Mexico city and its many architectural masterpieces;
  • the ancient pyramids of Chichen Itza, the Sun, Teotihuacan, Palenque;
  • the natural beauty of Copper canyon, the volcano Popocatepetl;
  • the Yucatan Peninsula ancient Mayan ruins and underground lakes;
  • canyons of Chiapas and copper;
  • the city of Oaxaca and the island of Mexcaltitan;
  • Women's island is a tropical Paradise and spot for diving.

ekskursionnye programmy

A rather unusual Museum of underwater sculptures impresses all tourists who decided in January to visit Mexico. This exhibition is under water and to get to it, need scuba. Visitors are immersed to the sea bottom, where there are intriguing statues in different angles.

In Mexico, like to relax and children. Among the interesting places worth noting aquarium in Cancun is an interactive zoo where you can watch shows of marine life and swim with them.

Holidays and festivals

In the midst of winter in Mexico celebrate href="http://tour.liketourist.com/sovet/kuda-poehat-na-novyj-god/">the New year, but not as bright as in European cities. The streets are held mass celebrations and night, throwing fireworks, which subside rather quickly.

In early January (the 6th) is the Feast of the three kings – an event during which cities across the country giving out candy and toys. This event can be compared to a holiday like Christmas.

Everywhere you can see on the doors of boots, in which made to put the gifts and treats.

In the same period in Playa del Carmen have a Feast of tequila, where fans of the drink can taste lots of different varieties, selecting from all the best option.

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