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Weather in the UAE in January: what is the air temperature and the water in the sea, where it is warm?

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The great service and accommodation, great outdoors and warm weather, high quality beaches – all of this you can enjoy in the United Arab Emirates.

Although the January to UAE standards cold period, in the understanding of Russian tourists here is quite warm and comfortable. There are opportunities for beach recreation and many other options for interesting tourism.

The temperature of the air and water within a month

The average temperature for the state is about 24 degrees in the day time and about 17 degrees at night. Gradually to February starts to warm up. The water temperature in early January is about 18 degrees, but by February it can warm up to 22-23 degrees, so it's suitable for swimming.

Should consider not only the warming trend, but differences in different regions and the difference of temperature depending on the weather on a particular day. In particular, the Northern part of the country, tend to be cooler. There the temperature is less than medium settings on 1-3 degrees.

If the day is cloudy, the air can only warm up to 24 degrees, but if the clouds are practically not observed, the air easily and warms up to 30 degrees. In those days, there is a genuine subtropical weather.

What kind of weather awaits you in Dubai in January - watch the following video:

Features guests at this time

United Arab Emirates is a warm country and tourists from Northern countries come here to enjoy the warmth. During the new year holidays and closer to the February options for leisure a huge amount, and you can easily find something to do.

Is it possible to swim in the sea?

This period is not the best for swimming, because, as a rule, the sea is not warmed up above 16 degrees.

Accordingly, in open water decide to swim only lovers invigorating laps and hardening.

However, practically every hotel has a good heated swimming poolwhere you can swim.

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Where it's warmer?

If you want to swim in sea water, one should take into account significant trend. In the Gulf of Oman the sea in winter tend to be cooler, but the Gulf is warmer.

Regarding resorts should be preferred:

  • Dubai;
  • Sharjah;
  • Jumeirah;
  • Abu Dhabi;
  • Ajman.

It is here that the average temperature of water and air, are higher.

Choice of clothing

Although January is the coldest period of the year in the UAE, beachwear, take nevertheless should. First, you can walk the beaches and sunbathe there. Secondly, you can swim in the hotel pools, where the actual bathing suit and be useful.

In the evenings you may feel a certain coolness, respectively, it is useful to take a trip a couple of warm sweaters, warm shoes and pants. Although too much warm clothing is not required, yet the temperature at night does not fall below 16-17 degrees.

kakuu odezhdu vzyat s soboj na otdyh v OAE v yanvare?

If you go to Ski Dubai (a ski resort) of course, take for themselves the appropriate clothing for skiing.

Where better to relax?

In Dubai may be gorgeous weather in January. The average temperature is around 23 degrees, but not in cloudy days, the air warms much more. In the first half, as a rule, cooler, but by February the water in Dubai is starting to warm up to 20 degrees and the opportunity for swimming.

Approximately the similar situation is observed and in Sharjah, where the average day temperature is about 23 degrees.

By the way, each of these resorts average evening temperature is higher compared to other regions.

Although the rainy daysthis period, relatively few, in some parts of the country the probability of rain compared with other parts of the Emirates. In particular in Fujairah you may experience rain 4-5 days in total. While the Northern regions are the least rainy.

What to do in the Arab Emirates?

There are many options for interesting holiday in the United Arab Emirates. The country has a high level of development and has more than the developed entertainment industry. Many forms of leisure have an amazing Oriental flavor, which you can enjoy.

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Many tourists prefer to travel to Abu Dhabi, this city is the capital of the country. No less interesting is Dubai, which has become one of the world centers of modern technology. The city's architecture is truly impressive, there is a lot of homes and projects that are Champions in different settings and have an amazing appearance.

From traditional options Eastern entertainment note:

  1. Moroccan bath;
  2. excursions to "the Stables of the Sheikh";
  3. national zoo.

More than interesting leisure activities is a visit to the camel racing, which lasts from October to April. Accordingly, in January you can visit this traditional Arab pastime.

Races are involved thoroughbred dromedaries and riders small builds. By the way, now there is a restriction on age of riders (not less than fifteen years) and continue to sit on the camels, is likely to become controlled robots. This is now a combination of tradition and modern technology.

Behind the walls of large cities extends a desert, there you can go on a Safari. Another tourist attraction that provides you lots of impressions.

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If you want a break from the heat and enjoy the cool air, head for Ski Dubai – ski resort, which is located in Dubai. There is always a constant temperature of about one degree above zero. Five high-quality ski slopes provide great opportunities for active recreation.

Although the underwater world of the UAE is not as diverse as for example the flora and fauna of the Turkish coast, in the Emirates there is still a great opportunity for diving. In particular I suggest you to go to Fugar, where is the significant number of beautiful coral reefs, and where sometimes the most beautiful whales swim from the Indian ocean, or to Dubai, because the coast where the water lies many ships of bygone eras.