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Egypt: weather and water temperature in Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada in January

pogoda v SHarm-el-SHejh v yanvare

Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most attractive and popular resorts in Egypt, even in the winter months. This is due to the availability of vouchers, good service and interesting attractions, entertainment at any time of the year. And the weather in Sharm El Sheikh in January favors a great pastime.

Weather forecast for January in Sharm El Sheikh

temperaturnye usloviya v seredine yanvarya

During January is relatively stable , the average temperature of air and water that gives you the opportunity to have a great vacation.

In some days the air temperatures can reach 30 degrees.

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The average temperature of air and water

The temperature in January in Sharm El-Sheikh every year can be different. For example, according to some in 2008, it was only 16.3 degrees, while in 2010 it was +20.2 degrees.

January is generally considered the coldest month of the year in conjunction with the Feb. If we talk about the average air temperature in January, the day it is +24 degrees, and at night cooler – 17 degrees Celsius. At the end of January is usually colder and the temperature can reach at +23 degrees, and at night – 16 degrees.

In early January, the sea water temperature is 23 degrees, closer to the middle she is 22 degrees. In late January, the water is cool she is about 22 degrees Celsius. Below 20 degrees the water in the Red sea is never omitted.

The particular weather conditions

osobennosti pogodnogo rezhima

Precipitation in January is almost falls out. The average amount of precipitation that falls during January is 1.2 mm.

The average wind speed in January is 3 meters per second. This value is relatively constant throughout the month. On some days the wind speed can reach 1 meters per second and 10 meters, but the latter is rare.

The wind often blows from the East or northeast and less frequently from the South-West, South-East, South, West. In January – the season strong and cold winds. They had not observed only on three beaches of Sharm:

  • Naama;
  • RAS um Sid;
  • Sharm El Maya.

The average humidity ranges from 30% to 60%, it usually does not fall below 19% and above 75%. The higher the humidity, the easier to bear the hot climate of the continent.

Daylight is 11 hours, solar-hours – 8. In January observed partly cloudy.

January holidays

otdyh zimoj

Holidays in January is distinguished by its specificity. At this time you can have a good sunbathe, swim. The main thing is to come up with a mind to choosing a particular beach for recreation.

The pros and cons

The main plus of the rest in January – it's the cheapness of the tickets. This is due to the fact that in January the least favorable conditions for rest. Although even in January you can have a good sunbathe in the winter in Egypt is almost always Sunny.

If you choose to stay windless areas or closed bays, and swimming will bring you only pleasure. To bathe at the time of the strong wind, and the January season is accompanied by winds, not very pleasant and can cause cold.

Sharm El Sheikh is located in close proximity to the cultural and historical attractions. So instead of a beach vacation you can see them, the more that will not interfere with the heat. In January you can also go diving, wind surfing and other active sports.

In January, of course, is not hot, but this weather if desired, it can be done. For example, insome of the hotels there are swimming pools with heated contents.

How to dress and what to bring?

Clothes should take with you jackets, windbreakers, sweaters, and closed summer shoes. For men and women it is also recommended to bring light summer pants. This is necessary to feel comfortable on cold evenings and mornings. If you plan on extreme tour, including climbing a mountain, you should bring warm jackets, windbreakers, warm autumn trousers and closed shoes.

Despite the temperature, you should definitely bring sunscreen, otherwise you can get serious burns.

Where better and warmer – in Sharm or Hurghada?

v kakom regione teplee?

If you compare the average temperatures of air and water both cities, it turns out that in Sharm the average temperature is 23 degrees (+22°C – water). In Hurghada, a little less than – 22°C - air, water - +21°C.

The reason is that the Northern areas (Sharm El Sheikh) is more protected from the wind, because there are mountains of Sinai, while the more southern areas, including Hurghada, in the absence of mountains less protected from wind gusts.

So relax a bit warmer will be in Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada but also enjoys great popularity due to excellent beaches, a large choice of superb hotels, many interesting attractions and entertainment.

What to do this month?

In January you can do the same thing in other months. But due to the appropriate weather conditions many people prefer to see the sights or enjoy water sports.

Beach vacation

A beach holiday is not so common. Tourists love to do water sports or sightseeing.

Local residents at that time on the beach you will almost never see, but for the Russians is a perfectly acceptable temperature for your Spa holiday. So basically in January, the rest by Russians.

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What to see and how to have fun?

kuda pojti?

January is the most favourable time for excursions. Because in other months it prevents heat. Sights to see in Sharm and beyond. The latter can be realized by going to the cities:

  1. Cairo;
  2. Luxor;
  3. Aswan.

In the Charm you can admire the beautiful Church - the Coptic Church, inside which there are elements of the Orthodox and Catholic religion, has many frescoes from the Bible. It's a Christian Church. During the service the congregation sit, and worship is in Arabic.

Another interesting attraction is mount Sinai (or mountain of Moses, Horeb, Jamel Musa). It is considered sacred in Christianity and Judaism. It is believed that here the prophet Moses spoke with God and received from him the ten commandments.

In Sinai you can find a chapel, a mosque and a monastery. This mountain is in the Sinai Peninsula. Its height is 2300 meters above sea level. To climb the mountain you can own, and the one-humped camel, which is called Kamel.

Among the interesting places is also a Bay Naama Bay. Here you can see a sandy beach, coral reefs, an abundance of flora and fauna. Popular water sports. There are shops, clubs, restaurants. In the evenings there are discos.

There is also a national Park of RAS Mohammed (Cape Mohammed). It is located on the South Sinai Peninsula and is one of the most picturesque places in the Red sea. The southern part of the Park is one of the leading beaches for snorkeling. The Park is rich in flora and fauna: mangroves, fish, foxes, and gazelles. There are 150 types of coral reefs. A notable feature of RAS Mohammed is a salt lake which the composition is similar to the Dead sea.

Charm at any time of the year – a perfect place for diving, Windsurfing and snorkeling. Here, clean the Red sea, the picturesque natural world.

Among the interesting opportunities it is also worth noting kayaking, Canoeing or boating.

Holidays and festivals

7 January in Sharm is the Coptic Christmas festival. At this time are various colourful theatre, music religious views.

In January are also celebrated New year and Christmas of the Prophet Muhammad.

In this view you can see what awaits you in JanuarySharm El-Sheikh: