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Holidays in Sri Lanka: weather, temperature, and where better to relax in January?

pogoda v SHri-Lanke v yanvare

Sri Lanka is an ideal tourist destination for those who long dreamed to combine a secluded stay in a top class beaches with a stay in modern hotels and many ancient sites gathered in one small island.

What is the weather like in January?

While in Russia and European countries dominates in all winter and cold in all the countries of South-East Asia, including in Sri Lanka, dominated by the wonderful climatesuitable for recreation.

The temperature of the air and water

Temperatura vozduha i vody na kurorte

January in Sri Lanka is considered one of the best months for a vacation. During this period, this is clear and warm weather, and a cloud in the sky – quite a rare phenomenon. In this unbearable heat accompanied by heavy rains is completely missing.

If it rains, then it will, usually very quickly and almost imperceptibly, but it will bring a pleasant freshness during the midday heat.

The sun in Sri Lanka is always in abundance, but the air temperature in different regions of the island in January is slightly different. On the southern and Western coast of Sri Lanka year-round hot and dry weather. The temperature in these regions is +28-30 °C by day and +24°C at night. The weather observed at Galle, Colombo and the resorts of Unawatuna, Bentota, Hikkaduwa, Tangalle.

On the North and East of the country a little more cool, this is especially noticeable at night. In the afternoon, the thermometer shows 27 degrees, and at night the temperature drops to +23°C. Despite the fact that in January in Sri Lanka the rains are almost non-existent, resorts, Trincomalee and the Jaffna Peninsula, heavy rains and strong winds.

Absolutely different picture is observed in the Central part of the country. In the middle of the island is mountain range, which holds back the southern monsoons, causing low temperature and rather rainy weather. In the afternoon there is low temperature around 18-20 degrees. At night in Kandy and other places of the famous "cultural triangle" becomes quite cool when the thermometer drops to 11 degrees.

The Indian ocean, regardless of the region, as always, is stable, so even in the winter months the water here is warmed by day to a comfortable 28 degrees. While one end of the island, mainly in the West and South, the ocean is calm and clean, so it's perfect for diving. In the other part of Sri Lanka is relatively high waves, which makes bathing impossible, but allow you to enjoy the breathtaking surf.

The particular weather conditions

osobennosti pogodnogo rezhima

Overall, in January, climate conditions of Ceylon are ideal ideal for relaxing. The day is nice warm weather, and at night the heat drops, due to the small decrease of temperature, so the tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the real summer heat and the warm sea, while cracking down at home the winter.

The heat of the day will not be as tiresome as summer, and the rains are short and almost imperceptible.

Of course, such weather can not be compared with the spring months in Sri Lanka, but the surprise of it not expected.

January holidays

January is a smart choice to go to Sri Lanka, because it's possible to diversify your leisure, enjoying the pristine coast, sightseeing and participation in active sports.


As the peak season in Sri Lanka begins in March, and the weather manages to please in January, the prices of travel packages the first half of the month is much lower and the conditions are almost the same. Closer to February the cost of staying at the resort grows significantly.


To feel comfortable in Ceylon, is sufficient to bring a swimsuit, light clothing made of natural fabrics and comfortable shoes.

Do not forget about hats, they will help to protect yourself from heat stroke. A tan in January falls very quickly, so it is best to bring sunscreen.

Where better to go?

In January, thousands of tourists flock to the southern and Western coast of the island, where the sea is very calm, and the waves, which sometimes hinder to swim, not equal to those that appear here in the off-season. Many people prefer to stay at resorts Colombo and Negombo in the South, or in Mirissa and Unawatuna, located in the West.

In these regions the ocean cools down in the evening, delighting indicators +26-28 degrees.

What fruits grow in that time?

kakie frukty proizrastaut v etot period?

In January of Ceylon are not so many fruits, but they are all fresh and juicy. This month, holidaymakers have the opportunity to taste the pineapple, durian, coconut, papaya, mango, guava, rambutan, Sapodilla, ambarella, jackfruit and cantaloupe.

What to do?

Also the first month of winter is the perfect time for outdoor activitiessuch as diving and surfing, excursions, treatment with aromatherapy or Ayurveda, so lovers of active leisure will be delighted with the trip. Because of this, here in January, preferring to stay young people and couples who decide to spend an exotic ceremony of marriage.

Beach vacation

Stay on the beaches of Ceylon in January is a true tale. Clean sand, warm azure water and coconut palms, creating a picturesque setting. To spend an amazing vacation, just head to the South-West coast for the best beaches in the country:

  • Bentota – beaches of this resort are considered to be an ideal place for diving. The local underwater world is incredibly rich in exotic flora and fauna. Here in the ocean housed the remains of sunken ships and submarines;
  • Beruwela is a small village surrounded by the most prestigious beaches, highly developed infrastructure and opportunities for every taste. Here there are luxurious 5 star hotels and inexpensive places to stay;
  • Near the beaches there is a large selection of ancient sites, medical centers, performing on the system of Ayurveda.

    Serfing na plyazhah SHri-Lanke

  • Kalutara is a luxurious resort area, known for its sporting clubs. Places to stay there are not many, but the local beaches surrounded by vegetation, provide an opportunity to experience the seclusion and inaccessibility of the noise of big cities;
  • Colombo is The largest city in the country has a large number of beaches, but they are neither quality nor purity except for the beaches of mount Lavinia;
  • A pure coast have the beaches of Negombo, but the night tides here do not always have time to clean up the garbage.

Excursions and entertainment

A large part of the attractions of Sri Lanka, which organizes excursions, natural beauty of the country. These include the Royal Botanical gardens in Peradeniya, the national Park "Yala", Park "UDA Udawalawe" and visit tea plantations.

Very popular among tourists Ayurveda is a pleasant and useful procedure that allows you to relax and even get rid of some chronic diseases. For this, Sri Lankans are doing special procedures that help purify and rejuvenate the body.

In January you can see the unique spectacle, when passing the coast of the island passing whalesheading towards the Arabian sea.

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Holidays and festivals

Holidays in Sri Lanka in January gives you the opportunity to celebrate New year and Christmas in the most exotic and green country in Southeast Asia. In addition, there are the holidays, such as "Duruthu-Perahera" is an important event that marks the day when the Buddha visited the island.

Thanks to the wonderful weather and great choice of entertainment, in January you can easily plan a trip to Sri Lanka.

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