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Weather in Sochi in January what is the average temperature and how to dress?

v yanvare v Sochi pogoda

The famous Russian resort of Sochi attracts tourists not only in the warm season. The seaside town is open to visitors year-round. Especially increased interest in Sochi in connection with the Winter Olympic Games 2014

Winter is a great time for lovers of winter sports. A lot of vivid impressions remain with travelers and from the city itself with its attractions.

The average temperature of air and water from the beginning and at the end of the month

Sochi climate is mild, similar to humid subtropical. The winters in this resort town - warm, as the area is protected from the cold: on the one hand - the mountains, the other sea, which cools rather slowly.

The temperature in Sochi in the afternoon in early January reaches an average of 7-9 degrees, in the second decade of 8-9 degrees, at the end of the month 10-12 degrees Celsius. The night temperaturein the beginning of the month - 3-5 degrees Celsius, in the middle - 4-6, after 5-7 degrees. The average temperature is +9°C during the day and about +3°C at night.

The highest January temperature recorded by meteorologists in Sochi, - 14°C above zero. The record low temperature was recorded in the 19th century, but it was only of 13.5°C below zero (which is not associated with severe winters).

srednyaya temperatura vozduha i vody v techenii yanvarya

The average water temperature in January is 9.6 degrees Celsius. The highest day temperature in January 2016 has reached +17°C, low night temperature during the same period was -2°C.

In early January, the average water temperature is 11°C in the mid - 10°C, at the end of - 9°C.

How to dress on vacation at this time?

Intoxicated in Sochi in January, we must remember that in the resort town in winter and rainy weather. After about a day with precipitation. Cloudy days in the coldest month of the winter much more than clear. Of course, the snow in Sochi is extremely rare. He falls about once a decade. Large snowfalls were in Sochi, for example, in January 2012.

However, the lack of snow is not a reason to give up on the trip from warm things.

There are frequent strong, piercing wind. Essential: down jacket, wool sweater, gloves, sturdy waterproof shoes, warm socks, a raincoat. It is advisable to take hat and scarf. Swimsuit may also be necessary. Of course, swimming in the sea is not necessary, but some hotels have heated swimming pools.

What to do and what to see?

chem zanyatsya i chto posmotret na otdyhe v eto vremya?


Fans of excursions have something to watch in January. It is worth to visit the Museum of local lore. At the entrance is the oldest stone construction of the dolmen, a unique monument of the bronze age. A variety of exhibits, among them – cannonballs, vintage earring in the form of a horse's muzzle, household items, aboriginal, coins of the Byzantine Empire - will help to touch the mysteries of history.

Work in the winter period, all entertainment venues, museums and galleries. Exposure is available for review at any time of the year. A lot is wanting, especially among the older generation, just to see what has changed in Sochi since Soviet times.

Themselves residents recommend tourists to visit the ostrich farm (in the price included a delicious lunch – fried trout and ostrich eggs), the nursery of monkeys, a Dolphinarium in Adler's colorful performances on the weekends. The Dolphinarium (which, incidentally, are considered the best in the country) delight audiences with memorable programmes involving mammals and pinnipeds marine life.

Hardly anyone will refuse a visit to the trout breeding plant "Adler". This luxurious place located in the mountains, in reservoirs with artesian water grown "Royal" fish. Travelers have the opportunity not only to observe the process, but also "fishing", then tasting freshly prepared rainbow or amber trout.

chto posmotret v Sochi na ekskursiyah v yanvare?

Holidays and festivals

For tourists of all ages attractive international festival of KVN "kivin". The event lasts for 10-12the January days. The organization of the gala concert of the festival is the Winter theatre. There is a chance to see the performance of any star.

Many pleasant memories will remain after a visit to the famous Winter theatre, where at this time are the new year festive performances are musicals, plays. For lovers of a magical show on ice opens the doors of the Palace of sports "iceberg".

Should I go?

Of course, in January the flow of tourists in Sochi is not as high as in the warmer months.

However, every year it increases. Particularly favourable conditions for winter rest in Lazarevskiy district, on the ski bases of Krasnaya Polyana.

At 4 degrees above zero in the daytime, it is already possible to sunbathe, because the influence of ultraviolet rays is enhanced by the reflectivity of snow cover (we must not forget about using sunscreen).

Enough snow for smooth skiing.

As for sightseeing, the winter for these purposes the more favorable summer: no queues, you can easily buy tickets, prices for accommodation in hotels decreased (with the exception of the days of Christmas and new year holidays).

Either alone or with family and friends, the January vacation in Sochi, you can spend interesting and useful for health.

Weather in early January, the sea in Lazarevskoye - in the following video: