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Holidays in January in Thailand: what is the weather and temperature in Phuket and Pattaya?

pogoda v yanvare v Tajlande

Any vacation I want to be more productive. But what if saving days of freedom from the workplace has fallen to the winter time of the year?

Some prefer to enjoy the winter Wonderland at home with their children and loved ones, while others collect your bags and go to a hot country. The most affordable and attractive for tourists place is Thailand, because in the winter it is possible to observe the peak summer and tourist seasons.

The Thai climate - what is it?

Thai weather is warm and dry , together with a small amount of clouds. The sea in this period of calm and quiet. Thanks to the North-East monsoon winds water temperature and the air is sweet and perfect for the beach season. As an exception can be considered Islands and provinces in the South, because there is not excluded the short rains.

klimat Tajlanda v yanvare

The temperature of the air and water this month

The Northern province of Thailand will give you the temperature to 27 degrees, and at night, the decrease is not more than 4 degrees. Mountain air during the day can not exceed 18 degrees. At night can be short rains.

The Central area on the contrary is hot and dry, and the humidity does not exceed 50%. Warm air in the morning and evening is not much different — 29-25 degrees. Water temperature in the sea near the Pattaya and Hua hin can reach 26 degrees.

With promotion to the southern side the climate is changing in a warmer direction. Phuket and Koh Lanta will meet you temperature performance up to 32 degrees in the air and 28 in the sea. Rains in the South are more rare and have for that afternoon. Despite the humidity of 75%, it is easy enough to be due to the breeze from the sea.

On the Gulf of Siam , the probability of a storm greater than 50%, because there is enough wind. Although rains you will count no more than 5-6 days per month. The water is heated to 27 degrees.

Features guests at this time

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What to do?

Many tourists may attract the famous Thai show "Calypso Cabaret", the main feature of which is the representation of transgender people. It is held in the hotel "Asia" in Bangkok. Similar in nature is the least popular show of transvestites "Alcazar Show", which you can see in Pattaya.

These events will amaze you with its beauty and colorful design and costumes, as some compare them with the famous "Moulin Rouge" in Paris!

For a few baht you can have a souvenir photo with "the little theatre".

In addition to the active nightlife, you can enjoy the services of Thai masseuses or a good time on numerous excursions throughout the Thailand and neighbouring Cambodia, Singapore or Laos. In the past it is best to go from Pattaya.

What clothes to bring?

January — a warm and, most importantly, not critical hot time of the year. For this reason, all who wish to relax on the Andaman sea is to take in mostly lightweight summer clothing.

kakuu odezhdu vzyat s soboj na otdyh v eto vremya?

However, it is necessary to considerthat at night the thermometer column can fall to 15 degrees, and in combination with the wind it will be easy to catch a cold. So a couple of sweatshirts and windbreaker not hurt.

Seasonal fruit

  • Durian

    Is the most unusual fruit in Thailand because it has a barbed scales, and large size. Its fruit can weigh about 8 kg, and the length reaches 30 cm.

    The inner partis divided into a chamber filled with pulp, taste sweet with walnut-cheese notes.

    However, the smell, to put it mildly, not pleasant.

  • Rambutan

    Also one of the exotic fruits, the purchase of which must be treated carefully. Fruit normal fruit has a rich red color, and the "hairs" located on the scales greenish. Ripens in may to September, is stored in the cold not more than a week. Used for making marmalades, jellies and compotes.

  • frukty v Tajlande v eto vremya

  • Mangosteen

    The "Queen of fruits" , is sweet and sour refreshing taste. Ideal is the combination with durian.

    Mention of it is in the records of ancient travelers, and you can also mention the love of Queen Victoria for this fruit. She decrees his fruits were brought to England.

    Well suited for the preparation of sherbet.

  • Mango

    Is among the most expensive fruits. You will have to pay 100 baht, despite the fact that the average cost of a kilogram of Thai fruits does not exceed 30-40 baht.

Weather "painting" in the popular resorts


Winter time at the resort and at the same time the biggest island Phuket does not correspond to the usual presentation. Because of its geographical position accounts for the subtropical zone, the warm weather can be enjoyed year round.

Warm stuff here is nonsense, because the cold temperature does not fall below +22°C.

Many call the state of nature is idyllic, which is particularly attractive for foreign tourists. The day the indicator of the thermometer may rise to 30-31°C, in water up to 28°C. the Total moisture content of the air rises to 75%.

pogoda na kurortah Tajlanda - Phuket


This place will delight you with its clear weather, since, according to official figures, the number of cloudy days per month does not exceed seven days, cloudy generally not observed. The number of Sunny hours increases to 11-12 per day.

Despite the fact that many think the winter in Pattaya too hot, this place is ideal for relaxing on the beach.

Day the thermometer rises to +30°C, at night reduced to only 25°C. This phenomenon is due to the geographical location in the subequatorial area. The water in the Gulf warms up +26 — +27°C, so the beaches are always enough tourists.

Much better to go to relax?

Choose a place to stay you can with the help of specialists of the travel Agency or checking a few reviews of those who have been on the warm Islands.

If you are more attracted to the nightlife, the proximity to the capital, many excursions and even international casino — welcome to Pattaya. However, you have to put up with the pollution of the sea and yellow sand. In cities you will meet a sufficient number of trannies, and you can harass an unpleasant odor. And there is no exotic nature.

In Phuket you will be greeted by the picturesque nature, clean sea and abundance of attractions. Not deprived of this place and good infrastructure coupled with the nightlife and expensive hotels. Also please you cheap flights.

Among the disadvantages it is worth mentioning the large waves and the probability of tsunamis, and the lack of public transport and greater reference to the seasons. Unpleasant moment is also in a small number of hotels and inflated prices.

Weather in Thailand in January - in the following video: