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Amenities: weather, temperature and what to see in January in Tbilisi?

pogoda v Tbilisi v yanvare

Georgia is a state located in the Caucasus. This is a very diverse country among the boundless space of the small square you can see the warm sea, majestic mountains, ancient temples and churches, ancient cities, caves, waterfalls, rivers and lakes.

The capital of Georgia is a popular tourist destination. If the weather in Tbilisi in January for a holiday? Things to do in Georgia in the winter time?

What weather and temperatures in Georgia and Tbilisi in January?

kakie temperaturnye pokazateli i klimaticheskie usloviya v stolice v nachale goda?

In General, cool, winter in Georgia is peculiar to the country's warm, mild climate.

In the mountainous regions of Georgia colderthan on the coast. So in Gudauri temperature occasionally as low as -30 degrees at night, average day - -5-6°C. And at seaside resorts, for example, in Poti, the average water temperature of the Black sea and air day with the same +10 degrees Celsius.

The average winter temperature in Tbilisi is +1-1,5°C. At the beginning of the month +2-6°C, in the middle of January the temperature falls below zero (-1–4°C).

In the beginning of the month in the capital, the humidity is normal (50%), the middle reaches 80-90%: becoming cloudy, cloudy, wet snow and dirty.

While rainfall is 10-12 mm of rain is extremely rare, there is practically no snow. Added to this is the volatility: the constant wind of 5 m/s often gives way to icy gusts with a speed of 25 m/s.

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In winter the sea does not swim, the weather conditions are far from ideal, so what is the reason?

Should I go?

In General, January is not the best month for vacation in Georgia due to weather conditions. The ride costs if the main goal is sightseeing, visits to ski resorts.

Relaxing holiday with walks with high probability will not allow weather conditions.

For travel by car need to be patient: lowest allowed speed, road (65 rubles), gasoline, possible frequent occurrence of conflicts with drivers.

Where to go?

kuda otpravitsya?

In winter you can visit ski resorts. The best is considered Gudauri and Bakuriani. The first is 120 km from Tbilisi, it is long (up to 7 km) of the route; the second, located near Borjomi, — steep slopes.

Despite the low temperature in Tbilisi will also find something to do.

How to dress?

Pick clothes based on the weather forecast and private recreation programs. For normal trips it is better to take warm fall and winter clothing: outerwear, jackets, hoodies, scarves, hats, etc. If you plan visit ski resorts and take a ski jacket, warm pants, warm comfortable shoes.

What to do this month?

Of course, the warm sun and sea is not the only reason to visit Georgia.

What to see?

In Tbilisi there are many interesting attractions that can be visited in the winter:

  • Temples. Georgia is known for the beauty of the ancient Orthodox churches, cathedrals, temples. Use special popularity the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Jvari monastery, Kashveti, Metekhi;
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  • Tbilisi funicular. The cable car takes you from city centre to the Park of the mountain of Mtatsminda. The funicular was mentioned in the movie "the Twelve chairs";
  • At the stations of the funicular are also amusement parks, restaurants and cafes.

  • Museums. Other popular Georgian national Museum, a caravanserai Artsruni, Tbilisi ethnographic Museum.

If you wantrelax and have fun, as an option, consider the following places:

  1. Cinema "Rustaveli Cinema", which often reveal the sessions in the Russian language;
  2. Tbilisi zoo, thanks to a huge aquarium with hundreds of species of fish;
  3. Flea marketwhere you can buy unusual Souvenirs, Georgian people's items and sometimes unique items from personal and family collections;
  4. Old Tbilisi with narrow streets and architecture reminiscent of the Italian suburbs;
  5. Bars, for example, the "Creator" and "Generator";
  6. Water space - Tbilisi sea, Lisi lake, Turtle lake and Aqua Park "Gino Paradise Tbilisi".

Can also visit bridge of Peace, Freedom square, theatres them. Shota Rustaveli and RDT them. Griboyedov, the Tbilisi Botanical garden. In good weather, a good walk in the Park Rica to visit the observation deck of Narikala.

In addition, resting in Tbilisi, one should certainly visit the famous sulfur baths, to try a variety of Georgian dishes and the best Georgian wines.


Towards the end of January, in Georgia observed religious holidays. In addition to the New year and Christmas, also celebrated the Epiphany (19 January) and the Day of St. Nino (January 27). On this day, Orthodox Georgians visit the temple and pray to the cross of Nino.

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