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How to dress in tel Aviv in January: weather and temperature

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As a cultural and economic center of Israel, tel Aviv attracts the attention of those who wish to plunge into the fascinating world of attractions and visit some of the best beaches in the country.

Weather forecast for January in tel Aviv

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The climate of tel Aviv is different pleasant temperature conditions, which do not fall below the level of +17 degrees.

The average temperature of air and water

January in tel Aviv is one of the coolest months, but it is only for those who are accustomed to hot weather in Israel. In the midst of a winter day averages temperatures reach the figure of 18 degrees. Often there are Sunny days when the air warms up to +25°C.

At night, it gets much colder. After dark, the air is cooled to +9-12 degrees.

January is the rainiest month. On average, it drops to 127 mm of rain, but these indicators are not always stable. Precipitation falls predominantly in the late afternoon, and in recent years many holidaymakers have noted that the rains occur less frequently and to be here is getting nicer. It should be noted that increased humidity often triggers the fog.

Sea water in the Mediterranean sea is not suitable for a beach holiday. Though its temperature is +17°C, but to bathe in this water uncomfortably cool and pretty strong winds.

In the Dead sea the temperature a few degrees higher, at about 22°C. it Is not so far away from tel Aviv so if you want to dive, you can go there. But this temperature is suitable only for seasoned swimmers.

Instead of relaxing on the coast comes a wonderful alternative, such as a swimming pool with heating in hotels and health resorts with mineral springs.

The particular weather conditions

Most cool days in tel Aviv are observed in the first half of January. During this period the temperature here varies from +17 degrees, but sometimes the values reach 19 degrees. At the end of January becomes less rainy and cloudy days, the temperature rises by 2-3 degrees.


yanvarskij otdyh

The lack of hot weather and the beach season does not prevent tourists to enjoy the stay on the territory of tel Aviv.

The city has many interesting places to go here in January.

How to dress?

Since the weather in January in tel Aviv unstable, will have to take many things, especially warm. For walking around town in the daytime will fit easy enough, but windproof clothing, such as pants or jeans and a light sweater and of course comfortable shoes.

If the city is planned for the evening, you will have to pack in the suitcase warmer clothes. For such a case will need:

  • Sweater;
  • Jacket;
  • Sometimes even gloves;
  • Headpiece;
  • Scarf.

In a seaside town is quite chilly during this period.

The pros and cons

preimushestva i nedostatki

Despite not resort weather, tourists choose tel Aviv as the January place to stay to spend a fabulous New year and other holidays bright. The country has also taken note of this date, accompanying holidays colorful processions and gifts.

In January, tours in tel Aviv are much cheaper than in other months. In particular, tourists have the opportunity to book hotel and tickets to the aircraft at prices 30% below normal.

None of the precipitation will not ruin the stay in tel Aviv, since the city has a very impressive set of legendary attractions,the tour, which also will cost less. The museums, exhibitions and other places of work as usual.

Finally, this month across the country ripe citrus, so tourists have a great opportunity to try fresh oranges are a special kind of proud of the residents. Also during this period continue to ripen apples, pears, pomegranates, jackfruit and tamarind.

A powerful vitamin charge in January provided to those who have chosen tel Aviv for vacation.

The only disadvantage is the unfavorable weather, the resort, which is absolutely not suitable for a beach holiday. Fans of the high temperature chosen for these purposes other resorts.

What to do this month?

Tel Aviv attracts attention regardless of the season. In this town is always interesting, even if not lucky with the weather. Every tourist who decided to go here on vacation, you will find in the resort all that matters to a full stop.

Beach vacation

Tel Aviv is on the Mediterranean coast and the local beaches are considered among the most prestigious not only in the country but in the whole of the Mediterranean coast. In January due to cloudy and windy weather hardly swim, for this reason, many fans of a beach holiday choose the Red sea and warmer in Eilat.

The temperature of the red sea is the highest at 23°C, so the bravest go there. No wonder this body of water is considered the warmest in the world.

In Sunny weather, tourists have a great opportunity to walk along the coast on one of the most popular beaches of the city:

  1. Alma is the most secluded and romantic beach;
  2. Banana beach is a popular coast for young families;
  3. The Dolphinarium beach is the place where you can surf;
  4. Hilton beach is the well maintained beach at the eponymous hotel.

plyazhnaya zona

The entire coastal area in tel Aviv is a continuous coastline, consisting of fine white sand.

What to do?

In January in tel Aviv are available a large selection of tour programs. Popular trails, such as Hiking in the Old city of Jaffaand visit the National Park "Caesarea" and a nearby historically important places of acre.

To see the whole city from a bird's eye view, climbing to the observation deck of the Azrieli center.

Tel Aviv is famous as the city that never sleeps, so it is often compared with new York. Thanks to these interesting features, here preferred to gather young people, to do shopping or light until morning in one of the many Nightclubs.

Popular clubs of tel Aviv:

  • A-Oman 17;
  • Cats and dogs.

Shopping in tel Aviv is as special as the city itself. Local flea market islocated in Jaffa and SHUK-and-think Carmel attractions. A noisy atmosphere you can find rare items that will remind you of your trip.

Holidays and festivals

Cultural life in tel Aviv in January is also varied. This month is celebrated two major holiday – Christmas and European New year.

Sometimes falls in January a national holiday Tu-Bishvat – New year of the trees. In addition, the city hosts concerts dancing and a jazz festival.

In tel Aviv a pleasure to be in any time of the year and even the rain will not interfere with the tourists in January to visit this city.

See this video, what the weather is in tel Aviv in winter: