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Weather in Turkey in January: the temperature of the air and water, what to do on vacation?

pogoda v yanvare v Turcii

Those who prefer to spend a holiday abroad, certainly have been in Turkey: beautiful sea, beaches and sun. Impressions enough for a whole year, until next summer.

And if you visit this country in January? Will stay so memorable? And anyway, what is winter in Turkish? Is it worth it for her to leave the Russian snowdrifts and blizzards? Is this questionable exchange "sewed on soap"?

Weather conditions this month

January is here, of course, little resemblance to the real Russian winter, but it will satisfy those who like a mild, equable climate. To celebrate the New year at a temperature of +10 or + 15 degrees is a good idea. You can spend a lot of time outdoors without fear, as, for example, in Central Russia, earn angina or freeze cheeks.

However, rainfall is quite a lot: according to statistics, in the first month of the year accounted for a dozen rainy days. So don't forget to bring a umbrella.

pogodnye usloviya v Turcii v yanvare

In addition, at the beginning of the year it is windy here, especially on the coast, so it would be wise to choose this hotel, located at some distance from the sea.

Sometimes in January the weather brings not the most pleasant of surprises. For example, in 2013, Turkey was hit by heavy snowfalls and even the airport in Istanbul has ceased to accept planes, and schools canceled classes. However, this force majeure, it is not insured by any one country in the world. But know that this is possible, even theoretically, every tourist needs.

The climate

A great influence on the climate of Turkey have mountains – the Pontic and Caucasian. They protect the country from cold winds from the North and East. Warmest on the Mediterranean coast, but the humidity was very high. Most precipitation falls in the share of the Northern territories, but in the West of the country is quite dry.

And still the main weather occurrence is that sea water in January a few degrees warmer than the air.

The temperature of the air and water

January – the coldest month in these parts, but it is quite predictable - the air temperature remains virtually unchanged from the first to the last day of the month. Average daily ranges between ten and fifteen degrees of heat, night temperatures are also usually positive, from three to eight degrees.

The water temperature in the sea is 16 - 18 degrees Celsius.

Bathe in it, though, few dare. Moreover, January is a time of rain and storms, so the sea is not only cool, but also dangerous.

temperatura vozduha i vody v Turcii v yanvare

If for you a question of principle: to be at sea so, swim, select in advance a hotel with a pool. Their Turkey is usually filled with heated sea water, so can be in the winter to swim at their own pleasure.

Holiday in Turkey at this time

The January climate determines the nature of leisure tourists. This month the focus is on:

What clothes to bring?

Shorts and pinafores, unfortunately, in January will not get off. Going into the first month of the year in Turkey, need to stock up on warm clothing (windproof and waterproof), comfortable shoes.

Also take with you things that you will feel comfortable at the party in a restaurant or some entertainment event.

Swimsuit will come in handy if you plan to visit the pool. If you plan on playing sports, provide clothes, and in this case.

Seasonal fruit

At any time of the yearcountry delights its guests with a fruit. That's what is offered to tourists in January:

  • avocado;
  • grenade;
  • oranges;
  • strawberries;
  • grapes;
  • apples.

frukty v Turcii v eto vremya

Fun fact: here grown about five hundred varieties of apples. Be sure that you will certainly have to try something new, never before presented on the Russian shelves.

The first strawberries appear in Turkey in January. And here begin the collection of the most delicious oranges Washington. The pomegranate season ends, but they are in January the most delicious – tart and sweet, the color and aroma reminiscent of wine.

Another nice thing: the price of avocados (if you go for the fruit at the Bazaar, then they see it) will surprise you with its affordability – at the beginning of year their cost is reduced about two times.

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What to do and what to do in the vacation?

The country is actively developing recreation. Winter is a worthy alternative to the beach and the sea. The most perspective is considered to be the thermal Spa of Pamukkale, with its hot springs is saturated with calcium oxide, it is very useful for healing the body.

For various healing procedures tourists come to the resort Kangal. Water at its sources rich in selenium and zinc. A lot of people come with dermatological problems.

But the traditional Turkish baths or hammams will benefit both the patient and healthy man, a bath used the healing water of hot springs.

In the East, successfully cultivated the sport of skiing. There built tourist centers with a beautiful, well-equipped routes. And the January weather for skiing – just perfect.

Be sure to spend a couple of days on the tour. You can visit the capital of Turkey is Istanbul, you can go to the Bosphorus Strait – a kind of sea gate, between the Mediterranean and Black sea. And still tour the country in the ancient cities of Olympus and the ancient city of Kaunos, the cave of Zeus, St. Peter's castle and many other interesting places.

Where it is warm: the warmest place in the country

The warmest Turkish resort – Alanya. The day temperature reaches 17 degrees, and at night only four degrees less.

Literally "breathe in the neck" it is Bodrum(16 and 14 degrees, respectively), Marmaris, Belek, Kemer . But in Erzurum you will find a lot of similarities with Russian winter hell, however, is quite soft, and such in Russia falls infrequently.

samoe teploe mesto v Turcii v yanvare

How many degrees in Antalya and other popular resorts?

Although Antalya is not included in the list of the "hottest" January resorts (14 degrees during the day and 5 at night), but the sun is very active, and if you do not use a protective cream, even in January can be burnt.

About the treachery of the sun have to remember and come to Turkey skiers: the resort Saklikent near Antalya – great slopes for skiers and snowboarders, and beautiful Sunny weather.

The same clear weather greeted "winter resorts" Sarikamish, Palandoken, Uludag.

Popular in the peak tourist season in Marmaris and in January offers: its geographical location is such that is typical for this time of year strong winds and storms leave his side. But in Kemer, on the contrary, very windy, and because of this, it seems that the weather there is colder than it really is.

Weather in Istanbul in January 2015 in the following video: