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Holiday in Hungary: what is the weather and temperatures in January in Heviz?

pogoda v Vengrii v yanvare

Hungary is surrounded by mountains, and it is through this natural terrain in the country offers a mild, comfortable climate with minimal temperature fluctuations during the day. Weather in Hungary in January is quite comfortable, but a little cool.

What weather and temperatures in January in Hungary?

kakie klimaticheskie usloviya i pokazateli gradusnika v nachale goda?

Despite the lack of severe cold, January is considered the coldest month of the year.

The average temperature across the country ranges from -1 to +1 degrees Celsius.

  • In Budapest in the afternoon the air warms up to +2 to 4 degrees and at night drops to -2 degrees.
  • In Debrecen the day temperature is +2-3 degrees, and at night -1 degree.
  • In Szeged , the air warms up to 4 degrees during the day and at night drops to 0 degrees.
  • In hévíz the day temperature of air is +2-4 degrees and the night drops -1-0 degrees.
  • In lake Balaton the day temperature is kept at around +4-6 degrees, and at night -4 degrees.

pogodnyj i temperaturnyj rezhim v seredine zimy

Precipitation at this time of year you have a bit, so to catch a snowy Hungary is almost impossible. A lot of what manages to fall out over night, melts during the day, creating small puddles on the sidewalks. The monthly average falls to 40 mm of rain.

In January in Hungary, almost 100% humidity. The wind at this time of year slightly, not more than 3 m/s.

Stay in the middle of winter

Going in the winter vacation do not have to choose exotic destinations for their holidays, you can pay attention to an unfamiliar but enchanting Hungary.

The advantages and disadvantages of travel

plusy i minusy poezdki

Going on a trip, it is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons of such a trip.

The benefits of the January holidays in Hungary:

  1. comfortable weather for walking and guided tours;
  2. the opportunity to visit picturesque places, to get acquainted with the palaces and museums of the country, as well as skiing;
  3. a small number of tourists;
  4. healing thermal springs, which you can use to treat health and improve health;
  5. the opportunity to meet with the national Hungarian dishes and drinks.

Of the shortcomings can be noted that night of the indicators can fall below zero, and high prices for services in the New year and Christmas.

In fact, vacation in Hungary in January, there are practically no drawbacks - impressions of the trip will be exclusively positive.

Where to relax?

A popular resort in Hungary is lake Balaton on a coast is a large number of thermal and mineral springs, near which are also monuments and all kinds of hotels and restaurants.

Next to Balaton is lake Heviz, a unique thermal lake in the crater of the volcano.

From the point of view of cultural ways is the most suitable the capital of Hungary - Budapest.

How to dress?

For the January vacation in Hungary you will need warm clothes - demistani jackets and boots, hats and scarves, jeans and warm sweaters. You should also bring a bathing suit for possible swimming in the thermal lake.

What to do in the winter?

CHto delat v zimnee vremya goda?

Even in the midst of winter life in Hungary abounds in scenic views, varied entertainment and new year holidays will allow the travelerbored.

Excursions and entertainment

Most cultural and historical attractions located in Budapest, for example, the Vajdahunyad castle, Buda castle, Fisherman's Bastion, Matthias Church and other objects.

Here is the széchenyi bath, the water remains hot even this time of year. In General to visit Hungary and take a dip in the thermal source is bad manners.

Fans of active rest will enjoy the ski pistes of Hungary - though the mountains here are low, but many come to the country to go skiing or tobogganing.

Popular ski resorts are Matra, Nograd and the Magas-hill.

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Holidays and festivals

In January in Hungary, as throughout Europe, continue to celebrate New year and Christmas. The country is still festively decorated, especially the beautiful views from the banks of the Danube. All the January open rinks in the fresh air, where you can safely ride even for the youngest travelers.

To see the January weather in Hungary you can in this video clip: