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Weather in January in Vietnam: what temperature and where better to relax?

pogoda v yanvare v Vetname

As you know, Vietnam in terms of weather – the country is very diverse. If one part of the country may occur at the beginning of the rainy season, the other part may remain suitable conditions for swimming and even a beach holiday. In this regard, should be distinguished: the southern, Central and Northern part of the country.

The greatest number of resorts located on the South coast. In the Central part there is an interesting city and there's usually colder, but there are opportunities for sightseeing tourism. The North of Vietnam is the coldest region, but there is an interesting resorts, for example, with mineral springs or something like that.

The temperature of the air and water in the beginning of the year

In the early years of Vietnam differs quite pleasant, warm but cloudy weather. Of the features of this period we must note the continuing rains, which is much smaller compared to previous months. At night the air is not heated and the temperature is significantly reduced.

Depending on the region there is a different temperature. If in the South the average temperature can range from 24 degrees or more in the Northern regions the daytime temperature hardly exceeds 20 at night and reduced to 8 degrees.

Anyway, with each day gradually getting warmer, although a relatively low rate.

temperatura vozduha i vody v techenii mesyaca

In many resorts the water warms up to normal temperature for swimming. For example, in Thaty January, the water can warm up to 25 degrees, and in da Nang to 23 degrees.

Beach holiday and not only

In order to enjoy a beach holidayshould head to the South of the country. Consider such resorts as:

  • Nha Trang;
  • Phan Thiet;
  • Vung Tau;
  • Vinpearl;
  • Phu Quoc island;
  • The ne;
  • Dao.

All these resorts are daytime temperatures approaching (and sometimes exceeding) 30 degrees, and the water temperature good for swimming.

Of course, you may experience cloudy and rainy days, but the availability depends on the particular year and in any case is relatively small.

Where it's warmer?

These resorts are the warmest. Others are not so pleased with the weather. If we talk about Central and Northern parts of the country, for example about Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city, where you hardly ever be able to sunbathe in this period, while these resorts in January may well acquire a solid tan.

gde teplee v Vetname v yanvare?

Seasonal fruit

During this period, the shelves abound with a variety of fruits. Depending on the year range may vary slightly, but generally you can always enjoy fresh:

  • bananas;
  • grapes;
  • pitahaya (dragon fruit);
  • longan;
  • lime;
  • papaya;
  • different varieties of oranges;
  • tangerines;
  • Sapodilla;
  • pineapples;
  • watermelons;
  • melon;
  • pomelo;
  • coconuts;
  • caimito (starapple, star Apple);

Of course, in order to enjoy the best and fresh fruits, should go closer to the South of the country and the Delta of the river Mikohn, where it is always optimal conditions for growing tropical plants.

What clothes to bring?

During this period, the day is rather warm and there are days when you can swim and sunbathe, but at night it gets much cooler.

If you go to a resort, you should get some swimwear and light clothing for day trips, but to complement the changing set of waterproof jacket and a pair of warm sweaters and boots.

kakuu odezhdu vzyat s soboj na otdyh v eto vremya?

If you go to Central or Northern part and plan to have more excursion, take plenty of warm clothes. Consider the presence of South-westerly winds, which are observed in Viet Nam in January in abundance. Consequently, take some windproof clothingfor walking.

The climate in Nha Trang and Phan Thiet

Of all the resorts should be singled out Nha Trang and Phan Thiet since it is here that the beginning of the year pleases more than the warm weather and the opportunity at the holidays to enjoy the wonderful recreation.

While in Nha Trang , the average temperature is about 27 degrees, and more than thirty in Phan Thiet, the difference of heating water at these resorts is insignificant. At every water in January warmer than 22 degrees. In combination with the normal air heating, this fact allows you perfectly to swim and sunbathe in the cloudless days.

Where better to relax - choose a resort

Here the choice is entirely up to you, everyone is better in a certain region of Vietnam.

Of course, if you do not pursue a specific travel goal (specific places or health resorts), you should not choose the Northern part of the country, there is still quite cold, especially in mountainous regions.

Choose the South or the centre should be based on your intentions.

If you want:

  • to learn more about the history and culture of the country;
  • to travel around the attractions and excursions;
  • to devote some time to exploring the city and in nature.

It is best to choose the Central part of the country, particularly the capital or major cities. There is a rich cultural program, and the weather is quite acceptable for the marked tasks.

gde luchshe otdohnut - karta kurortov Vetnama

If you want:

  • to go with the kids to the Park or beach;
  • surf on the perfect waves;
  • swim and sunbathe;
  • take a walk on the beach and enjoy fresh fruits;
  • enjoy the warmth.

Then, of course, you should choose the South. Try to choose resorts, which are located over a mountain range or rocks are separated and are located in bays, in General, those where not felt the wind. For this note on the South-Western resorts.

Things to do on holiday in that time?

The answer to this point smoothly follows from the previous one. The choice of leisure depends from the region in which you went. Somewhere should be close to somewhere most relevant option activities are parties and beach holidays.

As a rule, the period is characterized by the abundance of tourists that spend in a warm country their new year holidays. Choose the Vietnamese celebrate Tet, the New year, closer to February and sometimes in early February. The exact date is calculated according to the lunar calendar.

Features the January weather in Vietnam - see the following video: