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What to see in Serbia - sightseeing with photos and description

chto posmotret v Serbii?

Serbia is a beautiful and very exciting destination for travel, a noteworthy tourist destination, dreaming of a unforgettable trip in one of the most attractive countries of the Balkan Peninsula.

The country is on the map

Karta Serbii

Serbia is a pretty attractive destinationbecause of its proximity, lack of visa regime, as well as the possibility to quickly reach the most interesting places, making travel to the country easy and simple.

Geography and climate

Situated on the South-East of Europe, in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, Serbia, in contrast to most neighboring countries, has no outlet to the sea, but has beautiful nature, especially the unique mountainous terrain, which allows for inexpensive skiing in the winter.

Next to Serbia is:

  • In the South of Macedonia;
  • In the East, Romania and Bulgaria;
  • In the North of Hungary;
  • In the West Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • In the South-West Montenegro and Albania.

Because of its geographical position and the fact that this state has always been in the midst of military events, his story "is full of" battles and conquests.

Military conflicts of the past have led to the emergence of a strong national traditions, cheerfulness and friendliness of the Serbian people.

Many tourists Serbia attracts not only rich excursion program, but also a moderate continental climate with warm summers (up to +30°C) and mild snowy winters (-5-10°C).

This weather makes it possible to visit regardless of the season, but still the best period to travel – from may to October, if you are not planning a trip to the ski resort.

How to get there?

There are several options to get to Serbia. Most often in this country by plane, namely direct flights from Moscow.

Regular flights is the fastest and most convenient method because the entire journey takes only three hours. Tourists get to the airport Nikola Tesla, which is located 12 km from Belgrade.

A number of Charter airlines has the ability to deliver travelers to Serbia, but only with stopovers in the cities of Europe or with connections in Turkey, but this method can take quite a lot of time from a day longer.

kak dobratsya do Belgrada?

Finally, about two days goes the train "Moscow – Belgrade", which the path crosses the territory of Hungary. For this reason, travelers who choose this route will need a transit Hungarian visa.

To be on the territory of Serbia and to spend the time up to 30 days, residents of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus do not need to have a visa.

To reach the country will help you search form of plane tickets. You only need to enter the date, city of departure and arrival and the number of passengers.

Useful information

When it comes to comfortable, rich and fascinating resort for a small price, Serbia will give odds to many other countries.

Major resort city

Despite the fact that tourism in Serbia is at the stage of development in this country, a lot of places and settlements, which are able to surprise and please guests.

First and foremost, the main town is a picturesque Belgrade – the Serbian capital, which destroyed about 40 times, but always successfully recovered.

A lot of fun, visit other emblematic cities:

  • Novi Sad – the financial and spiritual center of Serbia;
  • Subotica is the gastronomical capital of the country;
  • href="http://tour.liketourist.com/serbiya/gornolyzhnye-kurorty-4/">Kopaonik , a famous ski resort;
  • Niches – the former gate between East and West;
  • Zlatibor is a national hospital;
  • Soko Banja is a resort with hot springs and pure mountain air.

Gorod Novi-Sad

Only in Serbia there are about 40 resort towns, each of which deserves separate attention. Most of those places are relatively inexpensive to improve your health, is easy to learn the word "bath" in the title, for example, Vrnjacka Banja or Niska Banja.

National cuisine

Local Serbian dishes will be a real Paradise for gourmets, because they are based on naturalness, as well as convey the best traditions. All the national dishes are incredibly juicy, rich and flavorful, and the portions have an impressive size.

Once in Serbia, worth a try:

  1. Prot – dried pork;
  2. Corbu soup veal;
  3. Burek is a layered pie with cheese or meat;
  4. Duvets – meat Patty with vegetables;
  5. Cevapcici is a meat dish.

As the traditional drink of the Serbian people delights guests with delicious coffeeserved along with mineral water.


All the major cities of Serbia such as Belgrade, NIS, Novi Sad and Subotica, are connected by a railway, which offers four types of trains:

  • Express;
  • Speed;
  • Emergency;
  • Passenger.

Train transport is quite often, especially in the summer, but the tickets are better to purchase in advance.

There is no internal air service, but well-developed intercity bus transportation, making a great opportunity to get on the buses not only in different parts of the country, but in neighboring States.

Where to stay?

ostanovitsya v otele Holiday inn

Serbian hotels are on the rise, continuing to actively develop its services, updating services and improving infrastructure. For this reason, travelers should have no trouble finding great places to stay.

Incredible demand by tourists in Serbia are hostels and rental apartments. Also in any resort town there are 3-4 star hotels, but in the Serbian capital available to tourists the highest service hotels , Holiday Inn, Ritz and Continental.

To find a suitable hotel, considering all your wishes, you can use this search form. It is sufficient to enter data on city of stay, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.

Sights with pictures and description

In Serbia, despite the ongoing military battle of the past centuries, perfectly preserved monuments of history and culture, and unique architectural structures.


arhitekturnyj dvorec

First place in popularity among the architectural structures occupy Serbian castles and fortress – unique structures for every taste and size. Once there, you can make a real Palace tour iconic locations:

  • Royal and White Palaceand the Palace of Princess Ljubica in Belgrade – luxury buildings, which the inhabitants of the city from the first dynasty of the rulers;
  • The Bishop's Palace in Novi Sad – the most valuable and beautiful architectural building of the city, made in a combination of Byzantine and Oriental decorative elements;
  • Palace Raichle in Subotica – the exquisite creation of the great master in the style of art Nouveau is impressive in its grace and brightness, resembling the architectural style of Gaudi.

Royal chic Serbia noticeable in every major tourist town, but particularly the architecture of buildings built in Subotica talented architect Ferenc Rahim.

In Serbia more than a hundred ancient castles scattered throughout the country, but the main defensive buildings are still considered:

  1. The Belgrade fortress is a unique building in the old part of Belgrade;
  2. Move Smederevo fortress – a defensive structure, guarding the former capital;
  3. Petrovaradin fortress – an impregnable building, a former warehouse of treasures of the Habsburg dynasty;
  4. NIS fortress – the oldest construction, Dating from the II century BC.

The most powerful city of the citadel is well preserved to our days.

All the most impressive monuments of Serbia are associated with a grim military history of the country.

arhitektura Kosovo

These include:

  1. Gazimestan monumentthe battle at Kosovo field;
  2. Niš – a terrible reminder about the suppression of the Serbian uprising in the form of a tower of skulls;
  3. Memorial Circini Cross – the first concentration camp on the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

So far the country has preserved monuments from the Roman Empire, stretching back 7,000 years – Lepenski VIR, Mediana, Gamzigrad and the Ancient city of Justiniana prima – the place where is still being excavated.

The religious heritage of Serbia – is a fine and touching churches, sumptuous cathedrals and humble monasteries of incredible beauty that are found in large numbers throughout the country.

  • The temple of Saint Savais located in Belgrade, adorns the Central square and the most important and the largest Church of the country;
  • St. Teresa of Avila, which can be found in Subotica, is one of two temples on the territory of Serbia, built in the Baroque style;
  • The monastery of Studenica, situated on the banks of the river, the complex, the decoration of which had a hand with the most talented architects and painters of the time;
  • The oldest Church Ruzica,adjacent to the walls of the Belgrade fortress, the inside is decorated with chandeliers made of empty shells, cannon balls and cold arms;
  • The oldest complex Manasseh near Despotovac town more resembles a large ancient city with fortified walls, 11 towers and a private library, where he copied books.

Of course, to get acquainted with all the bright buildings in one trip is not possible, but seeing that the main of them, you can get a General idea of their beauty.

The most interesting Museum, which will impress both adults and children – Nikola Tesla Museum – a unique place where you can not only see their personal belongings, drawings and inventions of a brilliant scientist, but also to try them in.

No less attractive Drvengrad – a Museum under the open sky, which was brought to life by Serbian film Director Emir Kusturica. The idea of the Emir was the idea to realize a childhood dream – to create the ideal village.


Mystical and frightening is the main natural attractions of Serbia Devil's town – a complex of soil pyramids, which are located opposite each other on opposite sides of the cliff.

Incredibly beautiful and the best natural healing resort is rightly considered the lake Palić, where with the help of the healing springs and silt can significantly improve their health.

Impressive largest the resavska cave is a popular attraction in Serbia, due to its location inside the numerous halls, narrow channels, the cave and the galleries of stalactites and stalagmites and underground waterfalls.

Serbia belongs to the second largest number of national parks – most beautiful places with the most spectacular scenery, among which worth mentioning:

  • Shar Planina – a huge picturesque territory, where there are churches, monasteries and fortresses;
  • Tara – part of the mountain, which is decorated with canyons, coves, sinkholes and caves;
  • Fruska Gora – a real fount of the unique Balkan nature and the local healing springs.

We should also mention the national Park Djerdap is a natural miracle on the Danube river, where placer ancient churches and majestic castles – blue and Smerdovo.

prirodnyj park

Commemorative objects of Belgrade

In addition to the above places tourists should visit in Belgrade:

  • Kalemegdan Park is one of the main symbols of the capital adorning the old city center. Here offers the best views of Belgrade.
  • The Bohemian area of Skadarlija is a small but picturesque quarter, which in appearance resembles Montmartre in Paris. There are often going artistic elite of Serbia, to show their work.
  • Authentic place of Zemun – the former ancient city of Serbia, which is part of Belgrade, attracts all the intricate curves of the cobblestone streets and the feeling that you get in the past.

The rest of the time you can ride the bus, convertible or visit a few interesting museums like the national Museum or the Museum of frescoes.

To get acquainted with the sights of Belgrade, watch this video:

What else to see and do?

In addition to historical iconic landmarks in Serbia travelers from other countries can find a lot of entertainment.

In the summer it is recommended to visit a fun place – Sharganska Osmica – old railway, passing by several villages and following the route in the form of eight.

Those who wish to please themselves and friends gifts, you should look at the local theme shopsto buy Souvenirs, delicious gifts and quality leather goods and columbaria lace.

For the active night life is to go to one of the 400 night clubs Belgrade – there is always a reason for joy.

Travelers who have decidedimprove your health, have the opportunity to visit year-round health resorts of Serbia offers treatment using muds and mineral waters and the cleanest air. This can be done both in summer and winter, combining the treatment with ski tourism in Kopaonik.

For couples with children in Belgrade there is a lot of fun: zoo, children's theatre and theme parks where you can ride bicycles, roller skates, or watch a Serbian flora and fauna. In Novi Sad for a family vacation and a water Park "Petrolend".

CHem zanyatsya v akvaparke?

For holidays and festivals you should go to Serbia in July, when the city of Novi Sad is a musical celebration EXIT.

If on a visit to Serbia there is only one day, these days it is best to devote to acquaintance with the capital of the country on this route:

  1. Zeleznicka the village;
  2. Slavia Square;
  3. The Church of Saint Sava;
  4. Tasmajdan Park;
  5. The national Assembly;
  6. Knez Mihailova Street;
  7. Kalemegdan Fortress;
  8. The Republic Square.
  9. To finish the day with dinner in the Skadarlija district.

The oldest monuments and attractions, symbolizing the historical and cultural values of the country, as well as fascinating scenery and mild climate, any traveler will be satisfied with the acquaintance with Serbia.