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Souvenirs in the gift: what can I buy and bring back from Serbia and Belgrade?

chto privezti iz Serbii?

Serbia is a unique and incredibly interesting direction, significantly different from other European countries, their identity, history and culture, a special Slavic mentality and friendliness.

Travelers who have decided to get acquainted with this country closer, will be delighted by the ski tourism and Wellness holidays, rich historical excursions in the ancient cities and iconic attractions, and shopping.

What to bring from Serbia?

kakie suveniry privezti?

Serbia has always been a great destination for shopping – luxury European boutiques sit side by side with private booths where you can buy everything from beautiful handmade products to farm products, which is so famous in this country.


If you want to buy inexpensive but memorable and touching gift, you can find them at flea markets, in souvenir shops or artisan workshops of Belgrade or any other city.

Unlike other countries, in Serbia, the products has a low price and a stunning appearance.

A standard set of inexpensive Souvenirs:

  1. Magnets with a picture of Kalemegdan, St. Sava temple, the House of government and of characteristic landscapes;
  2. Ceramic products – whistles, figurines, plates and flasks.

Inland, the traveler who are in search of inexpensive gifts, will be able to discover unique and antiquethat also can be purchased at a low price.


In the souvenir shops of Serbia are a unique product accompanied by Serbian symbols – cute dolls in national costumes, decorative flasks on a string, traditional national headgear.

Simvolichnye veshi

Sajkaca – funny beanie-Patty in dark colors, which even after centuries demanded from the Serbs as casual wear.

Originally shikaku wore soldiers who served in the river fleet, and later it became part of the uniform of the Serbian army.

Special attention is given a symbolic gift from Serbia – set of dishes for the Glory – a traditional set of glasses, wine glasses and decanter, designed for the religious family celebration in honor of the patron Saint of the family of Glory.


Serbia has always been well developed handicraft – embroidery, knitting, scomagent and cutting wood. These crafts are still popular, so tourists have a unique opportunity to bring this country functional things that will become an integral part of everyday life:

  • Dexerity – Serbian knitwear is of excellent quality;
  • Woolen products hand-knitted socks, scarves, vests;
  • National candy syringesdesigned to create tulumba;
  • Wooden kitchen utensils – rolling pin, spatula, knives and spoons;
  • Potterymade by hand according to centuries-old technology – jugs, plates and mugs, pots for baking.

Thanks to the leather case, which is highly developed in Serbia, travelers have the opportunity to become happy owners of high quality and durable clothing, footwear and leather goods, made of natural durable material.


Guests of Serbia never cease to delight the master, every day literally creates works of art, perfectly fitting into the interior. However, every year these talented artists is becoming less, so the cost of traditional products is growing.

Tradicionnaya svistulka

It is impossible to ignore the traditional Serbian Souvenirs:

  1. Mess. Decorative ceramics, which is a cross between a jar and a decanter. A souvenir will be profitable to look at the holiday table and impress guests with its view;
  2. Frula, Ocarina and tin whistle. Traditional musical instruments of Serbia,which give their owners the opportunity to extract sounds, entertaining all around.
  3. Finally, in Serbia, very popular in opanci – shoes, reminiscent of Slippers with curved toes. Using only natural leather, local craftsmen create these products manually, making it a full size or making a miniature fun souvenir.


Serbia is a storehouse of delicious, aromatic and a variety of grocery Souvenirs. Here you will find everything from cheese and chocolate to award-winning, sweet and savory surprises.

Traditionally, all tourists bring from travel raki – classic Serbian alcoholic beverage, made from plums, pears, quince, walnuts or apples.

The most common and is considered to be fragrant drink made of plums, although other drinks are not inferior in originality. The most delicious folk heritage can be purchased in small villages and slightly less exclusive version in stores.

In addition, in Serbia, developed a wine industry, so you should pay attention to raspberry and BlackBerry wine, as well as to remember the popular names of drinks, like Prokupac, Rising, Aurelius, Bermet and Probus.

Sedobnye prezenty

Also from Serbia taking other national products:

  • Amazing natural coffee – Serbs are true fans of delicious drink;
  • Homemade cheese, which took first place at the international exhibitions – mladi, Stari, kachkaval, clotted cream;
  • Stanski herbal tea;
  • Vegetable caviar "Aivars";
  • Home pekmez of raspberries, blackberries, figs or cherries, taste like jam, but which is a useful natural product.

In Serbian stores there are certainly national souvenir giving joy to travellers – a jug of dried plums. Take some home embroidered pouch with Basil and honey, which is contained in clay pots.


Any trip to Serbia is accompanied by acquaintance with the picturesque and authentic churches and wonderful monasteries which sell religious Souvenirs – icons and images of Saint Sava and Saint Petka (Paraskeva).

According to tradition, the religious idea constitutes Bronica – a powerful amulet that protects against adversity. National beautiful bracelet made from various materials and special woven knots, sold in churches and other places.

Once Bronica used by Orthodox people to read the prayers – each knot had for one repetition.

Today this symbol of Serbia acquire for adults and children as a colorful souvenir. It is important to remember that according to legends, it is impossible to buy Bronica himself only as a gift, because it just won't benefit.

religioznaya broyanica

Souvenirs from Belgrade

The most popular place to go for gifts – Belgrade and its main street – Knez Mihailova. Here you will find everything from world famous brands to small shops with local brands, labeled as "Zemlja porekla: Srbija". Many ladies know that to be bought in these places profitable, since the cost of production is much lower.

It is not necessary to mention two popular local shop – Mona and Manual – two Serbian brand, located on the Boulevard of King Alexander, in the Mall, USCE on the street and Terazije. Tourists will find incredibly high-quality and stylish leather clothing, which is hard to come by in other countries.

Souvenirs sold at the flea markets of Belgrade, in the large-scale collapse in Kalemegdan and in a small tented stalls on Knez Mihailova St. Michael street.

In the area there is something authentic and nicethat will allow you to discover the history and culture of Belgrade.

What can you buy at present?

The most touching and incredibly nice gifts – products, imported from another country.

  • Girls will like ceramics, baked goods, sweets and spices. Especially on the soul will have the most delicious national souvenir is gingerbread cookies, which are made for about a hundred years in Serbia. The national symbol of the country in the shape of a heart will cause a real delight girls who designed this painted gift.
  • Not less touching surprise will Kolubarski lace. This is a great handmade gift, create a Serbian seamstress, is wielding the crochet. Tablecloths, curtains, napkins will provide the perfect products for home decoration.
  • Men, according to tradition, from Serbia taking alcohol (brandy orplum, Packed in original ceramic jar), and also incredibly stylish and durable leather belts or wallets. To add to the list of gifts a man can traditional dried meat "prot".
  • Finally, the perfect gifts for children will serve as funny dolls in national costumes and whistles.

You cannot return from a trip to this wonderful country without taking home a couple of inexpensive but exclusive Souvenirs or a simple but tasty gifts in memory of one of the best adventures.

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