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Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Stara Planina ski resorts of Serbia on the map

gornolyzhnye kurorty Serbii

Ski tourism in Serbia is a great way to spend a memorable holiday on the most beautiful and enchanting slopes of the Balkan Peninsula, reminiscent of a magical winter Wonderland.

On the beauty of the local mountains are not inferior to the French Alps, allowing tourists to rest the body and soul while enjoying European service and attractive prices, and thanks to the local instructors, beginners will not have problems with learning.

Ski resorts of Serbia on the map

Located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, this country in a short time became the pearl ski holidays, annually attracting more and more visitors with its unique landscapes and convenient way to reach from every corner of the country.

karta Serbii

The geographical position

One of the most attractive advantages of ski resorts of Serbia – geographical position, which provides travellers short flights, allowing you to save valuable vacation time.

The country is located on the mountain ranges:

  1. The Dinaric Alps;
  2. Eastern Serbian mountains;
  3. Of the Rila-Rhodope system;
  4. Stara Planina Mountain.

Top-class mountain captured most of the Serbian territory, for this reason ski resorts in the country deservedly popular among lovers of this sport.

The ski slopes in the resorts a variety of different length and complexity, fit for both beginner skiing, and skilled professionals.

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All ski slopes are located near national parks or directly on their territory, so a winter vacation in one of these places is accompanied by a mild climate, pure air, absence of steep cliffs and heavy snowfall and fabulous scenery.

The average winter temperature ranges from -1°C to -5°C, -8°C and -15°C at night, so the snow stays for about 160 days, which is optimized for the desired consistency of the snow cover and perfect slip.

Almost all the ski resorts the high season starts in November and ends in March. In these months the perfect snow creates maximum conditions for good rest.

Resort Kopaonik

The best place for ski holidays in winter – Kopaonik – deserved popularity due to its convenient location, perfect conditions and breathtaking views.

Gornolyzhnyj Kopaonik

Where and how to get there?

Located only 290 km South of Belgrade, the largest mountain range in Serbia is located in the eponymous national Park.

Due to the topography here creates a unique microclimate that allows you to experiment with skiing up to 200 days.

A great chance to be in Kopaonik is to go by plane to the capital of the country, then proceed to ski resort by bus, which runs from the station. The road is about 5-6 hours. It is also possible to transfer in advance while booking the hotel, but this method is a bit expensive.

A plane ticket can be purchased using this booking service. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date, the number of passengers.

Attractions & sightseeing

Close to the ski slopes of Kopaonik find several incredibly famous scenic attractions:

  • The ancient monastery of Zica is a building, a painting which takes talented Byzantine artists;
  • The old Cathedral of Studenica is the most important Shrine of the Serbs, the people called "Royal monastery".

The main attraction of the resort remain the magnificent viewsthat open up of the mountain peaks.

Holidays in Kopaonik includes a visit to various sightseeing programs, which are organized in hotels and hotels. Near the resort you can visit ancient monasteries and the massive fortress of Serbia. Pretty interesting routes on trails located near the hills that lead to mountains of Containers, Gocha and Brezovica.

What to do?

On the territory of Kopaonik work modern bars, entertainment venuesthat will keep you busy at night, subsides when the main wave riding.

chem zanyatsya v Kopaonike?

For kids works kind of kindergarten, organized in order to guys could provide parents with more free time, and there are rides.

Holidaymakers have the opportunity to visit swimming pools and gyms.


The active length of the ski slopes, presented at Kopaonik, – 64 kilometers, drops are around 480-500 meters. The length of the longest route is 3.5 kilometers.

There is a small training slopes, where beginners learn the basics of skill, and a lot of challenging slopes for fans of racing on the ski slopes.

For those wishing to ride in the dark, laid fully lit routes, which is particularly popular among the "Little lake".

Number of tracks:

  1. Blue (light) – 11 tracks;
  2. Red (medium) – 7 routes;
  3. Black (advanced) – 4 tracks.

To each of the slopes vacationers reached by modern lifts.

Tourists have the possibility to buy ski pass, rent ski, snowboard and all the necessary equipment, or to do training with an instructor.

See what the slopes in Kopaonik:

Where to stay?

Due to the special demand of the resort on Kopaonik organized an extensive number of options for a comfortable sleep – luxury or cheap hotels, cozy guest houses, small cottages for family or youth recreation.

Cozy and comfortable rooms offer hotels 4* "Grand Hotel& SPA", "Club A Putnik" and hotel complex "Konaci".


Unexpected emotions and only positive impressions with fans of ski resorts of Zlatibor, with a unique topography and climate.

kurort Zlatibor

Where is and how to get there?

After only 210 km from Belgrade you can easily get to the ski resort – a place, part of the National Park of Serbia. The territory has a health pensions, but the winter here offers a perfect place for skiing.

Getting there is quite simple – to go first by plane to the airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade, and from there continue by bus or train directly to the place of the resort.

The railway station Zlatibor is located 10 km from the ski slopes, it will be easier to go to užice and then drive from the station by bus.

How to have fun and what excursions to visit?

An essential attribute of the infrastructure of Zlatibor – cafes with incredibly delicious, hearty and flavorful cuisine, disco and clubs, numerous sports fields and, of course, pools.

Travelers have the opportunity to not only go skiing or snowboarding, but also skating on the frozen lake or on sleds pulled by horses along the beautiful landscapes.

Numerous tour agencies located at hotels in Zlatibor offer to know Serbia closer going:

  • A day trip at the distinctive Belgrade with city sightseeing – palaces, cathedrals and historic areas;
  • On examination of the unique Smarzewski fortress, located in the former capital of Serbia;
  • On a visit to the Drvengrad – the residence of Grandfilm Director Emir Kusturica.

Excursions can be booked in advance or booked during your holiday.

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What to see?

Near the ski resort Zlatibor is one of the most attractive entertainment Serbia – "Sarganska Osmica" – old narrow-gauge railway on which the train rolls past centuries travelers along the route, reminiscent of the figure "eight", which runs between the small towns.

chto posmotret na kurorte?

The slopes

Absolutely everyone, regardless of experience, will get unforgettable pleasure from a variety of trails of various degrees of complexity. Thanks to the mild climate, holidaymakers do not need acclimatization.

Just Zlatibor 7 tracks, which are located at an altitude of 1150 metres:

  • 3 blue tracks;
  • 3 red;
  • one black.

The high quality of the tracks is the fact that in this place often come the famous professionals to train quality made slopes.

Features Zlatiborski slopes are such that their total length is 8 kilometers, the maximum vertical drop is 370 meters. To the top of the descent of tourists take the lifts.

Where to stay overnight?

In Zlatibor there are hotels, luxurious hotels and cottages, designed for organized recreation.

The most attractive for tourists are the hotels:

  1. Olimp 4*;
  2. Jugopetrol 4*;
  3. Institut Cigota 3*.

This resort town is famous for low prices on hotels, so the rooms are not cause difficulties.

Stara Planina

Very young but already quite promising resort rapidly developing ski tourism destination, offering mountains for a variety of riding.

otdyh v Stara Planina

The location and ways to get

Stara Planina is located in Eastern Serbia, near the cozy and cute town Knjazevac in 330 km from Belgrade. The resort is part of the Carpathian massif and is a natural border with Bulgaria.

Travelers go to the ski slopes of Stara Planina from Belgrade, Podgorica or Niche on a Shuttle bus straight to the resort that bring tourists to the place in 4 hours.

Entertainment and excursion tourism

Dynamically developing ski resort provides vacationers a lot of traditional entertainment that you can diversify the winter holidays:

  • Skates and sled;
  • Hiking along the snowy paths;
  • Restaurants with the national cuisine;
  • Pools and saunas;
  • Boring night life in clubs and bars.

Fans of mountaineering, hunting and winter fishing also will not remain idle.

Fans of historical Serbia can use the services of tour agencies are at the hotels to explore the ancient monasteries, ancient abbeys and archaeological sites located in the surrounding Knyazeva and in nearby settlements.

Commemorative objects

In Knyazeva and close to it is located a few ethnic monuments and iconic landmarks, which will be of interest to tourists:

  • The Church of the blessed virgin Mary – the oldest temple, Dating back to XIV century, is a Prime example of Moravian architecture;
  • Holy Trinity monastery is a modest complex, built in the Serbian Moravian style.
  • The wine Museum "Ethno house" – the real pride of local winemakers.


spusk v gorah

The ski slopes here are particularly suitable for athletes who are fond of extreme skiing, but will also appeal to those who are just learning to ski. The longest slope is equipped to delight with a length of 1275 meters, the maximum elevation of 229 metres and the overall length is 13 km away.

The tracks are distributed as follows:

  1. Light – 4;
  2. Average – 3;
  3. Complex – 2.

Fans of night of the descent have a great opportunity to ski on lit routes are equipped with lifts.

Place of residence

There are some lovely places to stay:

  • Hotel Stara Planina;
  • The hotelBed and breakfast Crystal Lights;
  • The Hotel Tiha Noc Motel.

And the most prestigious option – Falkensteiner Stara Planina 4*. This hotel is suitable for stays with children: provided special furniture and menus, and also operates a school for children with responsible instructors.

And book the right hotel you can easily for this service. Complete the following information: city, date of arrival and departure and number of guests.