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A trip to Armenia for the Russians: do we need a passport and visa citizens?

nuzhen li zagranpasport v Armeniu?

Armenia – an ancient country, the cradle of Christianity. The abundance of sights and monuments of architecture here is impressive, so the country is constantly visited by many tourists. However, to get to Armenia without problems, it is necessary to consider rules of crossing the border with her.

Particular entry

Nuansy pri vezde

Regardless of what transportation you will use when entering Armenia – air or ground – should find out in advance all the subtleties of entry into the country. Otherwise, instead of a business trip or long-awaited vacation you can expect some problems.

Do I need a visa for Russian citizens?

In 2000, between Armenia and Russia had concluded a special agreement guaranteeing visa-free regime.

For this reason, travelers arriving into the country as tourists, will not need a visa.

However, this rule only applies if the period of stay of Russians in Armenia will not exceed 180 days. People who are planing to enter for a longer period, you should purchase one of the following types of visas:

  • Guest. It happens both single and multiple entry and is valid for 1 year. This is a good option for a long-term business negotiations and the establishment of economic ties, leisurely travel and treatment in specialized medical centers;
  • Official visa, which is valid for 1-3 years. It is obtained exclusively by the members of diplomatic embassies and consular missions;
  • Diplomatic. She is also specialized and is only opened for foreign diplomats. Its validity is 3 months;
  • Transit. Issued, if one follows through the territory of Armenia to another state, and gives the right to stay in the country for three days;
  • Working. The strict terms of the action it has: this is determined by the duration of the employment contract concluded between the employer and the foreign employee.

trebuetsya li viza dlya rossiyan?

Diplomatic or official visa is solely through the foreign Ministry of Armenia. So you were a transit or visitor visa at the Embassy you will be asked to present:

  1. The invitation to Armenia.
  2. Internal passport of the country in which you reside, together with a copy;
  3. Valid passport;
  4. A properly executed statement;
  5. Receipt about payment of obligatory visa fee.

Applicants on a work visa should take care of the following documents:

  • An invitation from the employer;
  • Passport, expiry date of which has not expired;
  • A work permit on the territory of Armenia;
  • Completed questionnaire, giving a right to cross the borders of the country;
  • 4 photos of standard passport size;
  • Documentationsupporting the authenticity of the proposal of the Armenian company or a private entrepreneur about work.

The visa processing takes place within 3 days. In the state the visa extension is possible, but it is necessary to prevent delinquency. In this case, you may have trouble with state authorities.

Also, due to the delay by the guest countries will be forced to pay the fine: 500 AMD for each day of delay.

The visa will cost you 20 – 30 dollars. Citizens of CIS countries and the Baltic States to enter the country you must apply for a visa at the Embassy or diplomatic representation of Armenia in their homeland, in Zvartnots airport (you need to pass in a hall of customs control and to pay 7 Euro) or in another border checkpoint or to apply for a visa online and then get after your arrival.

Do I need a passport?

Many tourists believe that Armenia has a boundary regime, similar to Abkhazian, and that it is possible to fly only on Russian passport. But to visit Armenia a passport is vitally necessary.

Be prepared for the fact that the guardscheck its validity: the document should remain valid for three months after your return date from the country.

If the passport is lost in the country, to leave her without this document it is possible: for this purpose, the customs office shall be presented the certificate of entry.

Rules of entry and stay

Be prepared for the fact that for a closer acquaintance with the country you will have to undergo inspection at the border, so please be patient and necessary documents.

How to cross the border?

kak popast v stranu?

At border control people entering Armenia will be required to provide such documentation:

  1. The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  2. Foreign passport with an unexpired shelf life;
  3. Customs Declaration, allowing the import to the territory of foreign currency.

If you are accompanying a child, to the border officers will be required to show a valid passport on each of the children, their birth certificates and notarized permission of the child traveling only with mother only with the father or with third parties from one or both absent parents.

Customs officers can also ask you questions about your purpose of travel and the intended stay in the territory of Armenia.

Those who go to the country by car, be prepared to pay fees for the use of local trails. Also on the car at the border are issued special insurance policy, he stands from 2500 to 4600 drum (1 drum of 0.12 rubles) depending on the engine size of the car. Don't forget to bring your driver's licence and documents on the vehicle.

Diplomats, civil servants, military, air force pilots and sailors at verification of documents at customs should be in possession of a seaman's certificate, the appropriate diplomatic or service identity card.

The length of stay

The Russian citizens can travel within the country without a visa for six months. At the end of this period it is allowed to extend the stay, and the decision is made individually in each case.

If a person receives a visa and planning a long trip, he is allowed to remain in Armenia for the period from 3 months to several years and more: it depends on the type of the issued visa document.

Important details

vazhnye osobennosti poezdki

To make your trip memorable and hassle-free, it is worth considering some features of his visit to the country regardless of its duration.

The order of visiting neighboring countries

Nagorno-Karabakh is a small Republic, which declared itself independent from the Armenian government. However, it is accessible only through Armenian territory. A visa is not required for this (only need passport), and entry is through checkpoints of vehicles.

Customs officers often do not put a stampdocumenting your visit to this Republic, as Karabakh and Azerbaijan are in a constant state of conflict.

Azerbaijani border guards can deny you entry into the territory of the state, seeing in the passport a mark about visiting the unrecognized Republic.

Foreign nationals get a visa to the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh in its offices in Armenia, upon payment of the fee for issuing short-term tourist visa for 21 day costs 3000 AMD. Application for a visa normally takes 5 days. After arriving in the territory of the Republic must register with the local Ministry of foreign Affairs.

If you want from Armenia go to Turkeyand then to go back, you will need a multiple-entry Armenian visa. The same goes for Iran and Georgia, also bordering the state.

Customs rules

In order to avoid trouble and fines when crossing the Armenian border, the following guidelines apply:

  • Foreign currency can be imported and exported from the country in any quantity, provided filling of the customs Declaration (don't throw it away before departure).

    If you have an amount exceeding 10 thousand dollars or equivalent amount in another currency, it is impossible to carry cash:need a Bank card. To import and export of the Armenian drama is prohibited;

  • The import of personal belongings and goods worth not more than $ 500, does not require payment of a fee;
  • Allowable duty-free transportation to the country of alcohol with a volume not exceeding 2 litres and tobacco products not more than 50 packs;
  • Transportation of Antiques (vintage jewelry, manuscripts, commemorative coins, works of art) without a license from the appropriate Armenian government agencies are not allowed as in the case of import and export;
  • Carriage of weapons and ammunition (excluding shotguns for which you must obtain permission in the Armenian Ministry of foreign Affairs), drugs, toxic substances and explosives is strictly prohibited;

  • To bring into the country family pet only if combined with a standard veterinary certificate with marks about vaccination and a microchip, which is implanted in the subcutaneous layer in dogs.

    Pets are weighed and their transportation is paid for as baggage. Small dogs or cats you take with you into the cabin of the aircraft, representatives of the larger dog breeds shipped in the Luggage compartment;

  • For personal use in Armenia can bring up to 10 items of medicines (up to 3 packages of each product).

Rules of entry to Armenia is fairly simple, so after careful consideration you are unlikely to experience problems during a trip.

Watch the video on the visa regime in Armenia: