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Tourist visa to USA: how can I stay, how to get a job?

kak poluchit turisticheskuu vizu v SSHA?

USA is one of the most developed countries of the world with different climatic zones and a variety of attractions ranging from majestic mountains and ending in the bustling metropolis. So many travel lovers always strive to go there. For this it is necessary to thoroughly examine the question of how to get a tourist visa to USA.

Tourist visa to USA

razreshenie v SHtaty

Of all the types of tourist visas is considered the most popular and that is about it often turn to the Embassy of the USA.

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Whether for the Russians?

Citizens of Russia before the trip to the American continent should be sure to contact US to obtain a tourist visa.

The goals of a tourist trip you will have to specify:

  • Classes extreme water sports;
  • Group tours or individual tours to the settlements of America;
  • The cruise liner across the Atlantic or the Pacific ocean with the sunset of the vessel into the United States;
  • Beach vacation American resorts, Hawaii or the Caribbean Islands;
  • Visits to nature reserves or national parks.

Visa for citizens of Russia is issued only after a personal interview with an employee of the U.S. Embassy.

Residents of the Crimea can get a visa at the U.S. Embassy on the territory of Ukraine and on the territory of the Russian Federation.

This is because the American government still did not recognize the legitimacy of the transition of the Peninsula under the Russian jurisdiction.

The visa itself is issued by the same rules as for citizens of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, however, the payment of the consular fee is only possible in Raiffeisen Bank, branches of which in the Crimea was left. So Crimeans for visa permission will be required to leave the Peninsula or use the services of special firms, sending your documents to the territory of Ukraine by the courier or go to the American Embassy in Moscow.

For CIS citizens the procedure for obtaining a tourist visa in the US practically does not differ from that for the Russians: they need to contact the official representation of this country at home.

Types of entry permits

tipy B1 i B2

If you are planning a short trip to America, the Embassy in case of positive consideration of your application will be given a visa permit for business or tourist trips of the type B1/B2. Their differencesbut as follows:

  1. Visa permission B1 is issued in the case, if you go to the country for business and networking or just want to relax and travel to USA;
  2. Visa resolution B2 is issued if you intend to cross the border for treatment in a medical facility.

Most Embassy staff combine these types of visas and issue a single visa permit type B1/B2.

How many are allowed to stay in the country?

Tourist visa is valid for 3 years, allowing the Russians to repeatedly enter and leave the country. However, the duration of each trip does not exceed 180 days.

The exact duration of stay in USA is determined individuallyofficer of the border guard at an American airport immediately after arrival.

The first time usually given permission to travel around the country for six months, in each successive arrivals length of stay may vary and will depend on such factors as the frequency and duration of the previous trips. Holders of a tourist visa is recommended to travel to the United States not more often 3-5 times a year and do not plan trips lasting longer than 50-60 days.

Visa application centres

oficialnye centry

To obtain visa permission for a trip to the United States in the Embassy of this country, which is located in Moscow or in one of the three consular centers located in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg or Vladivostok. They are located at the following addresses:

  • Moscow: Bolshoy devyatinskiy per., 8, tel +7 (495) 728 50 00;
  • Saint Petersburg: ul. Furshtatskaya, d. 15 tel: +7 (812) 331 26 00;
  • Vladivostok: ulitsa Pushkinskaya str., 32, phone: +7 (4232) 30 00 70;
  • Yekaterinburg: ulitsa Gogolya, 15A, 4th floor tel: +7 (343) 379 30 01.

The procedure of registration

To the staff of border service of the USA freely gave you permission to enter the country, you need to take care of flawless processing visa permission.

The collection of documents

According to U.S. immigration law, every person who applied for tourist visa, regarded as a potential illegal immigrant. To overcome this presumption of guilt can only giving complete information and all necessary documents proving your ties with the homeland and the desire to come back here. For this you need before applying for a visa should provide the following:

  1. Completed visa application form nonimmigrant DS-160, available in electronic form. It must be completed without errors (be sure to carefully read the instructions on the website) and sent via the Internet to the hearing at the Embassy. Each of the travelers, including minors, submit a separate form for themselves. Printed or filled in by hand in the questionnaire the staff of the Embassy will not consider;
  2. Record the barcode number that the system will give you confirmation when you submit the questionnaire form: it must show in the Embassy.

  3. A passport, valid for at least six months exceeds the intended period of stay in the U.S.;
  4. sbor nuzhnyh bumag

  5. One photo size 5x5 cm Digital photo that you upload when you submit the questionnaire, should be taken within the last 6 months, and must meet strict requirements. Among them:
    • head size (from top of hairline to chin) should be at least 2/3 of the pictures;
    • photos should be done without glasses, to have a square shape and resolution from 600x600 to 1200x1200 pixels;
    • eyes should be open;
    • the background image is allowed only to white or close to white color and it should not be foreign objects;
    • the face should be well lit – the presence of the shadow falling on it is unacceptable.
  6. Receipt on payment of consular fee that must be paid in the currency of your country. This money is not refundable;
  7. A letterconfirming that you are scheduled for an interview at the Embassy, which has a bar code. He testifies about sending your visa application online.

You might also need additional documents. These include:

  • Certificate from the banking institutionconfirming the presence of large amounts on your account;
  • The inquiry from tax inspection about payment of taxes for the past year;
  • The availability of tickets there and back;
  • Confirmation of booking the hotel rooms on certain dates;
  • Documents confirming the existence of property or business assets in the country of residence.

Also need a letter from your employer, which States your position, length of employment at this location, the salary, and the purpose of your trip, if it is connected with your employment. It is also important to provide a certificate of no criminal record or arrests.

Students can take certificates or diplomas, and have relatives in the US copies of their green cards or identity documents of the American sample.

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How to apply?

To apply for visa permission to travel to USA for tourism purposes viaelectronic visa application centre. It is necessary to take the following steps:

  1. To pay the visa fee solely in the branches of the Bank Raiffeisen;
  2. Fill out an online application for issuance of visa permits nonimmigrant DS-160. On the top right of the screen you will be able to choose Russian language by pressing the corresponding button. Correctly filled application form send to print and you should keep the document confirming the completing the request to enter the territory of the United States;
  3. podacha zayavleniya

  4. Complete the recording of the interview at the Embassy or Consulate by providing the receipt number of payment of visa fees, passport and barcode number that appears on the confirmation page after filling in all the fields of the questionnaire (consists of 10 characters);
  5. Come in for an interview at the Embassy or visa application centre in the United States exactly at the appointed time. Bring all the necessary documents, including a printed letter that contains an invitation for an interview, photos, a relevant visa standards, valid passport and all previous versions, a printed page from the Network where they explain the confirmation of your filled application (it contains the bar code).

To apply for the visa without filling out the form in the online mode, you can now pass an interview at the Consulate. If a positive decision on issuance of visas a passport with the relevant mark will be delivered to you by courier Pony Express.

Interview at the Embassy

In Russia to pass an interview, where you will be given a long-awaited visa permit or refuse it, in the Embassy in Moscow or consulates located in Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg or Vladivostok. You need to bring the greatest possible number of documentsdescribed above.

Because wanting to go on a trip around the US lacks, most likely, the interview will have to wait a couple of weeks, but you may be lucky and you will be invited to the reception faster. The consular officer will ask you questionsconcerning the purpose of your stay in the U.S., its duration and find out how close are your ties with the country of residence (availability of family, a permanent job or place of study) and what is your financial solvency.

During the interview you must act naturally and speak only the truth: the Embassy staff – experienced psychologists and is easy to suspect a lie. Excessive nervousness also does not speak in your favor.

Be sure to come to the interview on time and clearly answer all questions, including about the route. You will also remove fingerprints.

If all goes well, a passport is taken from you in order to retrieve it with the visa stamp.

How only you have taken away the passport, consider yourself lucky that very soon will see the beauty of America. The cost of visa permission for travel or business trip is $ 160 and the visa will be stamped in your passport in 2-3 days (in exceptional cases up to 5 days).

Important additions

vazhnye detali

In some situations, has its own nuances, so when applying for a visa to the United States may have their own peculiarities that must be considered.

Re the visa

If the applicant has previously entered the territory of the United States and seeks re visa, the procedure for its issuance will be somewhat simplified. You will not need again to be interviewed at the Embassy or visa application centre. To obtain a visa stamp will need to do the following:

  • Pay the consular fee for issuing visas;
  • Online fill in form DS-160 and upload a new photo, not larger than 200 KB;
  • After filling in all the fields of the questionnaire , print a notice with a bar code, a photograph and a special confirmation number;
  • Go to the website of the visa center and try to remember the email and password under which the registration was made during the first visa;
  • In the menu item labeled "Edit profile", check the number of your valid international passport and enter the confirmation number in the appropriate field;
  • Select "New case" and error-answer all questions by entering the number of the payment receipt. Print out the notification that you have correctly completed all the required items of the questionnaire;
  • Collect all the same documents you provided when you receive the initial visa, and printed from Internet notifications turn to the courier service Pony Express.Make a detailed inventory of the documents and sign it.

If your application for a visa at the Embassy will approve, you will receive the documents back the following documents to the address using the same courier service.

If you want to check some information about you, the consular officer will notify you by e-mail.

The admission of minor

The child can enter the territory of the USA together with my parents, and yourself, for example, to teach in a language school or camp. In obtaining their visas, have their peculiarities.

propusk dlya rebenka

If the child is under 14 years of age to enter the territory of the country in the tour group or with a parent who already has a visa permit, his personal presence at the Embassy is not required. You only need to pay a fee to carefully fill in all the fields in the standard form DS-160 online.

After these steps, you will receive a notification indicating the correctness of filling of documents and eliminating the interview.

Together with the printed notice in the office of the Pony Express you will need to bring on the inventory the following documents:

  1. Birth certificate or passport;
  2. A copy of the visa permission to enter the child's parents or other relatives or the program of stay of baby in America as a member of the children's group tours or educational programs (must include all children in the group);
  3. Phototaken not earlier than six months before the moment of contact the Embassy.

If the parents are recorded on the interview in the Embassy about the visa, the child also should be recorded, but to give it optional: mom or dad bring child's ID card and a printed notification received after filling out the questionnaire via the Internet. Children of 14 years must undergo at least one interview at the office of the United States.

Reasons for rejection

To ban entry to the territory of the States you can for the following reasons:

  • Insufficiently strong ties with the homeland: you do not have a good job with a decent salary, real estate, family – that is, you are a potential immigrant;
  • A "clean" passport: you will almost never been abroad before;
  • A suspicious invitation: for example, you go to the US to marry or to marry, or your family ties with relatives living in America, not supported by reliable evidence;
  • Material insecurity;
  • Unconvincing behavior for the interview: failure to clearly explain the purpose of the travel, over-excitement, etc.;
  • Violations of the laws of the United States during a previous stay in the country.

How to stay in the States?

Many of our compatriots who have received a tourist visa, ready to make every effort to stay in the country of developed capitalism forever. But in this way you will meet some difficulties.

Can I stay and work?

mozhno li ustroitsya na rabotu?

Legally work on a tourist visa after arrival in the United States is impossible: you can only get illegal work. In small firms do not like to open work visas, so even if you are lucky enough to get a job, the best that you can count on the expiry of the visa permission is a seasonal visa.

In a large company you just do not take without confirmed American diploma of education and ideal knowledge of English.

How to legalized in America?

Those who want to stay in the country of the statue of Liberty forever and move here to live, you must select one of the following options, once in the United States on a visa B1/B2:

  1. After arrival to the country border guard officer put in your passport a mark about the maximum period of stay on the territory of the country, which is usually from 3 months to a year. Not later than one month prior to date X, after which you can deport should submit the documents to the relevant authorities with a request to extend the visa.

    Within 14 days thereafter will notify you in writing that your application is received and will be considered. During the review period, even if your visa has expired, send you are not eligible. A visa extension can be done 2 times, the average extension period is 6 months. During this time, you need to find legitimate ways of legalization, that is, you win time;

  2. Proceed to study and walk at the same time to work (legally you will not get anywhere, but to make life possible). This method will allow you a year after graduation to work legally in America and try to find an employer whoagree to request a work visa for you. But remember, study all the time the road home is closed: to leave the US and return, you will not be able;
  3. Asking for political asylum. Such statements are considered long, and after 150 days of waiting, you can issue a social security number and a coveted work permit;
  4. Marry or marry a citizen (citizen) of the United States: it immediately legalize your stay in the country.


By following the recommendations listed below, you can significantly reduce the time spent on travel planning and to freely reside on the territory of the United States of America.

Trip planning

planirovanie puteshestviya

Journey through the ancient continent discovered by Columbus, will leave only pleasant impressions, if you think through it in advance. For this you need:

  • To determine the way to travel – by air or by sea. The latter method is much more expensive and to implement it more difficult, because a lot of companies just not presented in Russia. A trip on a cruise ship is more suitable for newlyweds or those who want to leisurely see the world.

    The most optimal option to quickly and cost effectively get into the U.S. this plane. So check in advance what airlines fly to America from the village from where you will go, and if the city in which you land;

  • Book your tickets in advance: even if you are denied a visa, you can always take them back, only marginally losing in price. Order them over the net, so they are significantly cheaper.

  • The cheapest options for flights to America airlines usually offer on a Saturday or from 10:00 am on Monday until 12.00 Tuesday. If you are on a budget, choose large airports in the States such as new York or Detroit: these flights will ultimately result in a smaller amount of tourists that travel to a small town. Don't forget that before the holidays the price of tickets increases substantially;
  • Consider the itinerary. USA is a very large country, so if you've been dreaming of Sunny California or a visit to Hollywood, is to focus on the Pacific coast and not to waste time on a visit to the shores of the Atlantic. Even within one state, for example, in Los Angeles or San Francisco, the weather conditions and nature can vary significantly.

    To understand what cities and attractions you are interested in by referring to relevant e-guides in the smartphone or on the computer, where everything is usually painted in great detail. Also from there you can often find out about discounts on popular tourist routes and directions to a particular place of interest to you;

  • Be sure to find out more about the hotels in the area where you are going and book suitable room of them: otherwise you need accommodation may simply not be available upon arrival.

    The most affordable option is youth hostels or sharing apartments, which is now very popular on the Internet. You register on the site, provide proof of your loyalty, agree with local resident, which is absolutely free ready to receive you and immediately find yourself in a native American environment. Online, you can also rent an apartment or part of a house to during a trip to enjoy total privacy;

  • Pre - order the car of necessary capacity and brand. Without it, travel in the States is almost impossible.

Useful tips for travelers

rekomendacii puteshestvennikam

To make your stay in the U.S. has remained in memory as one of the best times of your life, follow these tips:

  1. If you bring your child, you need permission of the other parent, confirmed by a notary (if he is not travelling with you);
  2. Tip hotel make up 18-20% of the total bill, and the porter, taxi driver or the Concierge will be very happy if you give them 10-15% of the service cost;
  3. Do not walk without the need for ethnic disadvantaged areas and in no case do not show that you have large sums of Bank cards, jewelry, etc.;
  4. If you are attacked by robbers, do not protest and do not run away: it is better to give them money and then to issue a report at the nearest police station.

  5. Tickets to any play or show, as well as in amusement parks and museums, it is convenient to buy through the Internet, but to take them inthe changed circumstances will fail;
  6. Smoking in many public places is prohibited, so that the presence of special zones for smokers ask in advance;
  7. ID always carry with you. It may be required not only, if you are stopped by a police patrol, but when you buy or rent something;
  8. In the hotel all documents and money store in a special safe and not carry them with you;
  9. Avoid offensive to many Americans of expressions like "Negro" or "black": it is better to replace a neutral "African American". The word "Garcon" instead of "waiter" is also prohibited;
  10. In the subway and on bridges in Metropolitan areas are forbidden to take pictures because of the terrorist threat;
  11. When you travel by bus you must either pre - purchase a Bank card and Deposit it in cash, or to give the required amount of cash chauffeurs (delivery you will).

We encourage you to watch a video with tips on how to obtain a visa denial in the US: