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From Russia to Canada: how to get a tourist visa for Russians online?

kak poluchit vizu v Kanadu?

The trip to Canada is a fascinating insight into the beautiful architecture and picturesque scenery, as well as the opportunity to combine mountain-skiing tourism and a rich sightseeing program.

Before the trip in the first place the tourists are faced with the paperwork for crossing the border. And the main question: how to obtain a visa to Canada?

Do I need a visa to Canada to Russians and Ukrainians?

nuzhno li razreshenie dlya grazhdan Rossii i Ukrainy?

Whatever the journey, whether it is transit, tourism, long stay, study or business visa to Canada to Russians and Ukrainians is required. To make it is not difficult, if you pre-prepare a package of documents and then apply with it to the Embassy or visa application centre.

To obtain from the representative a positive response, will have to try hard, giving personal information and accurately completing all forms.

Also basic rulesthat satisfy the conditions of the visa are:

  • a valid passport;
  • excellent health;
  • the lack of restrictions on entry;
  • the presence of a proper amount of money;
  • evidence that will leave the country in the specified period.

To comply with such requirements will have to strictly, otherwise, refusal to follow or long trips to the Embassy.

Immigration requirements Canada quite severe specialists perform a thorough inspection of each document. This is done in order to exclude the possibility that the alien will continue to live illegally.

The types of visa permits

tipy propuskov

The country provides tourists with immigrant and non-immigrant visa. The first need for a long stay (work, study, business), and the second implying a short-term visit for the purpose of tourism, transit and visiting relatives.

Temporary resident - tourist or guest

The most popular type of conversion is temporary resident visa. This type of permit is designed for repeated visits. It is issued to tourists for a period of 180 days to stay on the territory of the state can only 90.

To accommodate this number, you need to visit the portal of the Embassy where it can be noted on the calculator the number of remaining days.

This type of need for those who come with the following purpose:

  1. excursion programs;
  2. ski tourism;
  3. visiting close people (friends, relatives);
  4. program Work and Travel;
  5. short-term business visit.

Thanks to it, you can make the journey to Canada alone or accompanied by a tour group.


dlya delovyh ludej

If planning a business visit, you need to prepare main packagedocuments for obtaining business visas and add to it a letter of invitation from the concerned company in Canada.

This type of permit is classified as "by invitation", therefore, issued on the basis of business correspondence for a month or three years.


A great option for those who have close relatives – children and grandchildren. Traditionally, this visa is issued to parents, grandparents or grandparents of canadian citizens. Thanks to her, you can not leave the country for two years without worrying about re-application.

To get it, you will need an invitation from the party concerned and an impressive list of evidence that indicate the degree of kinship. The period of stay is limited to the dates given in the invitation letter.


In that case, if transit passes through the territory of the country, but even planned the exit of the airport, will have to do this sort of visa. These are the rules of immigration law.

An entry document is done in advance and issued for a period up to 48 hours. During this time, you can make one or several visits. For receiving you need a small list of documents, and it is done absolutely for free.


Those who are planning long-term training in Canada, you must obtain a student visa. It is issued in the case that a prospective student will receive an education in an accredited higher institution.

First have to go to College, and then submit the documents to the Embassy and prove to the inspector that a further residence in the state on a permanent basis is not planned.

Temporary working


Anyone planning even a short time to stay in the country, but at the same time, and to work under an employment contract, is obliged to obtain a work visa. It is issued immediately after the provision of the basic package of documents and invitations from the employer.

It is important that the immigrant possessed a high level of knowledge of a foreign language and can speak and understand the country.

How to get my own?

Was recently abolished the possibility of applying for a visa directly through the Embassy. Along with this has come the opportunity to contact one of the accredited visa centersby providing necessary materials in electronic form.

What documents are needed and what are the photo requirements?

For obtaining a visa requires a list of documents. But depending on the type of permit, the applicant may require additional help.

A basic list includes:

  • Foreign passport with an expiration date of six months. In its filing requested a copy and, if approved, is passed to the original. Thus, the stamp of refusal does not appear in the document;
  • Completed and signed application form. This document is filled in separate for each applicant, even if there are children. All information is entered in English or French;

  • kakie bumagi trebuutsya?

  • Copies of previous visas and stamps about crossing of borders.
  • Photos. 2 pieces of size 35 by 45 mm. To the photo there are special requirements:

    1. All photos must be identical, colour or black and white, taken within the last 6 months;
    2. The image must be clear, made on a white or light background. The person must be at the center of the photo;
    3. Facial expression must be neutral. Do not smile and do not frown. The mouth should be closed;
    4. Allowed to appear in the darkened points, but if the eyes are clearly visible, and the socket does not close any part of the eye. Sunglasses to be photographed is prohibited;
    5. Wigs or other cosmetics are allowedonly if they do not distort the appearance;
    6. The photos, which depicted the applicant in the hat or his head covered for religious reasons, are allowed if they are clearly visible to all.
  • Statement of account in the Bank. The standard must provide information for the past 3-4 months;
  • The information from the employer. The letter should be information about salary, length of service and consent to the vacation;
  • Warranty return. These include anything that may indicate a return to the homeland – documents about marriage and having children or a certificate of ownership;
  • Receipt about payment of fees.

Additionally at the visa application centers may require reservations (especially electronic return ticket) or rooms inhotel.

It is better to collect a full package of documents to secure a positive response.

In other cases for obtaining different types of visas you will need to add documents:

  1. transit – tickets to a third country;
  2. business visa , copies of contracts, confirmation of positions in the company, contacts of business partners;
  3. supervise of invitation, proof of relationship, proof of solvency of canadian citizenship and legality of residence (hotel, house or apartment);
  4. training invitation from the educational institution and refusing to find work in the country;
  5. working – all available documents on education, recommendations from former job proof and material well-being.

kakie usloviya dlya foto i nuzhny li dopolnitelnye dokumenty?

It is worth noting that visa application centres are only copies of all documents, but in some cases, require translation of various certificates in English or French. This rule is constantly changing, so before treatment it is necessary to clarify actual conditions.

How to design online instruction manual

Applying for a canadian visa involves filing an online request on the official website and filling out a detailed questionnaire. The whole process is only in English/French. Before you begin this procedure, you must decide the purpose of the trip, since this will depend on clarifying questions.

The algorithm for online filing is simple:

  • to pass the test on the portal;
  • to obtain a personal identification number;
  • to fill in the questionnaire and keep it;
  • to GCKey;
  • to create a security question and answer;
  • log in to personal account;
  • download all documents (docx format, pdf and jpeg);
  • to pay the cost of document processing.

In the end, will be formed by an individual code. It must be saved and submitted at the visa application centre because it will be necessary to fill the form IMM 5257.

Data valid for 30 days, and if the term expires, you have to go questioning again.

Receiving in Embassy or Consulate

After verification of documents visa centres submit them to the Embassy or Consulate. Under the rules, applicants are rarely allowed to meet with immigration. Sometimes in the course of consideration of the application may require additional meeting and interview, the representatives of the Consulate will inform in advance.

oformlenie v posolstve

If you do not want to create such a situation, it is necessary to pay attention to the rules:

  1. to prevent negligence in the documents;
  2. to submit the documents in advance;
  3. to carry documents financial guarantees;
  4. in the interview to behave naturally.

When performing these items, the chances of a visa increase several times despite the fact that it is much more complicated than the Schengen visa or to the UK.

The addresses of the visa centers in Russia and Ukraine

If you need to apply through the visa center, you can use the services of the portal onlinevc.ru. The questionnaire is available around the clock, but in addition will need to attach documents, pay registration directly through the Internet (by Bank card or transfer) and get an electronic authorization in the mail.

If you want to submit the documents personally, you can visit the Consulate at:

  • Moscow – Starokonyushenny pereulok, 23;
  • Kiev – street, 13.

Working time official representatives begins at 8:30 and continues until 17:00.

Frequently asked questions

No less important is the visa application nuances and subtleties in obtaining a visa for a child or document for immigration into the country.

What are the rules of entry for children?

If many countries have exemptions for young tourists, in Canada the rules for their entry quite simply. Applications are not considered if the child is included in the passport of parents.

All minors are required to have their own document, and the questionnaire they filled in separately.

Children who are sent to only one of the parents needs to have the consent from the other parent.

trebovaniya dlya detej

If you plan an independenton a trip, it is important to provide the"parental Consent to care" document is an official paper stating that in a foreign country will look for the child.

If you plan on immigration?

For those who want to live in Canada permanently, it is possible to implement this wish, especially if the applicant member state and have family ties (husband/wife) and you want a family reunion. Importantly, the host could act as a sponsor, and collect documents, coordinate issues with the migration service and to pay all fees.

The applicant is required to pass a special test on the website of the Embassy of Canada. The findings will help to understand whether a person has a chance to get into the country and stay there for a long time.

The same opportunity is available to other categories of people – valuable employees who work in canadian companies.

Is it possible to get into the country of the maple leaf with a pass from the US?

The people of Ukraine and Russia having access to US territory, are unable to cross the border between the two countries. To do this, you must apply at the visa application center to receive a separate online entry.

The only chance you have those who are long lived in America and has an American green card.

Important details

vazhnye nuansy

Once the documents are collected and placed in the hands of representatives we can expect the solution to specialists, tracking a willingness on the portal.

Many do not recommend to purchase tickets in advance, because the result is not always positive.

Status tracking

Immediately after the documents submitted, and the representative of the Embassy received them in the mail comes a unique identification number. Knowing these data, it is easy to track the readiness online, the contact phone number of the visa center or directly at the office.

What is the term give?

Recently, the duration of visas was increased. Now the term multiple-entry visa is 5 to 10 years, single – up to six months. In each situation the decision will be taken individually.

How much and how many times?

The cost of a tourist visa is 100 CAD (about 4680 RUB). To this sum you also add a fee for processing the documents (except transit) for each kind has its own value. If the service is paid for through the visa center, to the total amount added of 33.3 CAD (1560 rbl.).

A clear time frame for receipt is not provided. The procedure takes from 15 to 30 days, but in reality it can take anywhere from 10 days to several months.


The most popular causes of failure is lack of physical condition, a violation of the rules of entry, forgery or incorrect mentioned data, as well as the lack of marriage and children. A second request can be served in case the situation changes.

See this video tips on getting a visa to Canada: