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A Cyprus visa is whether or not: how much for the Russians and Belarusians?

nuzhna li viza na Kipr?

To visit the fabulous island of Cyprus tourists need a visa. Without this document, the traveler will not be able to visit this state. Before gathering the documents, you must be familiar with all the features of the visa.

Need a visa to Cyprus or not?

Nuzhna viza dlya rossiyan ili net?

The Cyprus is a member of the European Union. However, in the Schengen area the country do not yet include. This means that Russians do need a visa, but a different kind.

You can get it pretty quickly. 1-2 days a tourist will get the desired document and go on vacation.

For Ukrainian citizens when visiting Cyprus also cannot do without a visa. This document is issued within two to three days. National visa does not require a large number of documents. Ukrainians get a visa without much difficulty.

When you visit Cyprus for Belarusians must first obtain a visa. The package of documents is virtually identical to what collect Russians and Ukrainians. The process takes a minimal amount of time.

But in this matter there is an exception: the citizens of Russia and the CIS is not required to obtain a national visa of the Republic of Cyprus, if they have a valid Schengen visa category C, and they drove them to the Schengen area.


The registration process always causes difficulties. If the visa problems can not be avoided.

Watch the video about getting a visa to Cyprus:

What visa is required?

There are four types of visa:

  • Transit. Needed for individuals who follow through Cyprus in other countries;
  • Working. Gives the right to employment in this state. In the process of obtaining a visa participating employer;
  • Guest. For registration you need the invitation of a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus;
  • Travel. Is issued for the purpose of tourism.

The most popular is a travel document. This visa is valid usually for two to three months. This time is enough to spend a vacation, a vacation on the island.


Proviza v respubliku

Proviso (provisional visa) for Cyprus provides for independent registration of the document. This is done usually via the Internet.

Need for registration the following documents:

  1. Copy of the domestic passport;
  2. Passport;
  3. Profile;
  4. Two color photos;
  5. Help with work and the Bank;
  6. Confirmation of hotel booking, ticketing.

Medical insurance is optional, but to make it recommended. It is a guarantee of free medical care abroad.

The algorithm of actions

To cope with the visa, you must follow this algorithm:

  • Downloaded application form. It can be found on the official website of the Consulate.
  • Prepared statement. It should be in English. The spelling of the surname, name, patronymic must match the information in the passport.
  • Sent the questionnaire. After filling the questionnaire it is necessary to check carefully. Then she goes to the Consulate.
  • Issued proviso. The answer comes from the Consulate after two or three days. Received a letter in the file, you need to print out and take with you on your trip. It is this document that confirms that a visa tourist will be issued on arrival.

Visa for child

Persons under the age of 18 without adult supervision to go to Cyprus can't. Children can have their own passport or they fit in the passport of the parent. Children visa is also required. The visa is issued according to the same rules as for an adultof the applicant.

If a child is accompanied by a third party, you must have consent to enter Cyprus from both parents.

Consent must be confirmed by a notary. A list of applicable documents is generally the same package of documents of age of the applicant. The only difference is that instead of a passport, children must present a copy of birth certificate. If the child already has a passport, then a copy of this document.

Methods visa

sposob oformleniya cherez intrenet

To apply for a visa in two ways:

Features get

Depending on the nationality of the tourist visa application process may vary. With its features you need to meet in advance.

How much is it?

The price of a visa for travel to the island different. Russians tourist visa is free. Belarusians are required to make a payment of 15 euros, Ukrainians - 11 Euro, citizens of Kazakhstan from 10 to 35 euros (depending on the type of visa and duration of travel).

The timing of the receipt

If the design is carried out via the Internet, you can get a visa within one or two days. Registration through the Consulate takes more time.

When applying through the Consulate of Cyprus in one of the above cities the document is issued within 5-14 working days.

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Failures are rare. Reasons for refusal can be the following:

  • The alien is wanted;
  • The applicant may be threat to residents of Cyprus;
  • The consular officer is not sure that the tourist will return Home after the expiration of visa;
  • Provided false documentsor untrue information;
  • During the last visit to Cyprus is a tourist broke the law of the state;
  • Incorrectly completed documents, provided incomplete information.

North Cyprus

Severnyj Kipr na karte

To get to the territory of Northern Cyprus and not to violate the laws of the Republic of Cyprus, you first enter the Republic of Cyprus. If you first cross the border of Northern Cyprus, arriving from Russia, you can violate the laws of the Republic of Cyprus, which would entail unpleasant consequences.

Tourists are forbidden to export from Northern Cyprus archaeological finds. Found fragments of ancient buildings in any case can not be exported.

When crossing the border to stamp better not in the passportbut on a separate piece of paper. The fact is that with the stamp of the state to visit in the future Greece tourist is unlikely. The Greek authorities still consider Northern Cyprus as occupied by Turkey. Customs officials usually are understanding, so can not put a stamp in the passport.

Travel tips

  • If you are going to Cyprus, you must remember that to bring into the territory of this country it is impossible:

    1. Parrots;
    2. Fruits;
    3. Fresh flowers;
    4. Weapons;
    5. Drugs.

    Dogs and cats you can bring, but for them there is a quarantine, which lasts 6 months. To take their Pets tourist will be able only in my next trip. The hotel to live with a dog, a cat, tourists will not be allowed.

  • Water from the tap is better not to drink. Can get sick the stomach, need medical help. Water is better to buy in supermarkets.
  • Along for the ride need to be sure to take warm clothes, because the nights in Cyprus are cool, especially in winter. Apartments, hotels may not be heated. To take the pajamas, sweater, warm pants is definitely worth it.
  • If the tourist wants to rent a car, you need to plan well in advance. Need cars may not be to the same will have to pay for too expensive brand.

    Experts advise to go to the official website of the company providing cars for hire, so to speak, to book the right model. Then on arrival at the Cyprus tourist will only come to the office to pay the rent.

  • The traveler will get any car. Usually inexpensive machinethe middle class dismantled quickly.

  • Tourists who prefer to travel on public transport should remember that to enter the bus must always through the front door. In this part of the bus paid fare. Through the back door to go out.

Residents of Cyprus are very friendly. If the tourist will abide by the rules, show respect for the culture of the country, it will be welcomed with special warmth. Holiday in Cyprus will bring only positive emotions.