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The entry in Belarus: do I need a visa and a passport to travel to the Russians?

nuzhen li zagranpasport v Belorussiu?

The Republic of Belarus (Belarus) is loved by many tourists for friendliness of local people, natural beauty, a lot of architectural attractions and humane prices.

Before the first trip abroad the question arises about the rules of entry to a foreign country. As between Russia and Belarus there is a visa-free regime, the Russians another question arises - do I need a passport to Belarus?

Belarus visa requirements for foreigners

vizovyj dokument v Belarus

Most foreigners can freely enter the Republic of Belarus, if they think to stay in the state to five days.

Other categories of foreigners entitled to stay without visa document up to ninety days.

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Who needs?

The Republic of Belarus is quite loyal to its own visa regime, allowing the majority of foreigners reside on its territory up to 5, 30 or 90 days without a visa.

Russians and Ukrainians can stay in Belarus without a visa for up to ninety days. The only thing they have to register after 30 days. The same rule applies when visiting Belarus Russia.

kakim grazhdanam nuzhno razreshenie?

Visa is required for most foreign nationals, with some exceptions. So the document is not required foreign citizens who have decided to stay in Belarus for up to five, thirty or ninety days. Visas are also not needed:

  • residents of the CIS, apart from Turkmenistan;
  • residents of Israel and Venezuela (up to ninety days);
  • citizens of Cuba, Greece, Serbia (up to thirty days);
  • citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan etc.

Citizens of China visa is not required provided that the Chinese will stay in the country up to 3 days and will arrive the flights from China, and if they have visas of countries-members of EU or Schengen States. Such trips have to be a group travel.

Visa should also not take place while walking across the national Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" for a period of not more than 3 days and if you have a special permit.

The same visa-free rule applies to a walk in the Park "August channel", and the city of Grodno.


razdelenie po tipam

Distinguish between short-term and long-term types of visas.

  1. Short-term granted for a period of up to ninety days. They may be for single, double or multiple visits to the country.
  2. Long-term visa documents preserved in the sequel of the year, and they are designed for repeated visits to Belarus.

There is also the option of a transit visa, which provides the ability to pass through the territory of Belarus within 2 days. This visa remained valid during the year.

Registration document

To register the document, you should contact the consular office or diplomatic mission with the following documents:

  • filled application form;
  • photos;
  • invitation documents from a receiving party (e.g. from an employer inviting you to a job on free position);
  • passport.

Paper can be sent personally, or through postal communication. The deadline for issuance of the visa document is up to five working days from the date of acceptance of the application.

Price visa forone person is 60 Euro, group – 10 euros per person. For citizens of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia there are reduced rates of payment. But for the residents of these countries who are less than 6 years are not charged at all.

When visiting Belarus consular fee is not required to pay to the citizens of Japan and Serbia.

For foreign citizens are elevated rates upon issuing the visa if the visa request is examined in urgency (two working days) and if the state of residence or citizenship there are no diplomatic and consular missions of Belarus or apply for a visa is considered in the main consular office for the visa application centres.

Rules of entry

usloviya vezda

Most foreigners are required to enter the country by presenting a visa if they stay in Belarus for more than about five, thirty or ninety days.

Do I need a passport for Russians and Ukrainians to travel to Belarus?

For the fraternal countries such as Russia and Ukraine, do not need to show visa and passport. For them it is enough to show the all-Russian or all-Ukrainian passport. When you visit the country in transit does not require a transit visa.

For the citizens of Belarus at the entrance to Russia also do not need a passport. To enter the territory of the Russian Federation with internal passports of citizens of countries that are members of the Customs Union (Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan).

Stay in the country with a child

If children up to fourteen years recorded in the passport of parents, the entrance is made on the basis of the birth certificate. Children from the age of fourteen must have their identity document, to enter into brotherly country.

If the child goes or flies only with one parent or when it is third person, then the child is obliged to keep a power of attorney from the parent or parents.

If during the holidays lost passport?

You need to contact the local police and tell them all the circumstances of loss of passport. Here must issue a certificate of loss of document.

If the lost passport of a Russian citizen, then you must contact the Russian Consulate in the Republic of Belarus. Here you will need to provide any evidence, for example photocopies of the passport, any other identity documents such as driver's license.

If there are no documents, the Consulate will have to send the appropriate requests to the bodies of internal Affairs at the place of residence.

Journey by car

poezdka na mashine

Individual citizens can enter the country on his personal car. Then you have to abide by certain rules.

You need to provide certain documents confirming the right to manage the transport and to purchase insurance on the Green card.

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What it takes to travel by car?

Upon arrival to the country by car Russians and Ukrainians will be required to provide documents confirming the right to drive vehicles, including:

  1. driver's license;
  2. the certificate of registration of a motor vehicle;
  3. insurance policy.

We must remember that in Belarus allowed to drive a car with 18 yearsand a scooter and a moped – 16 years.

Green card

The green card is issued when the entry to Belarus is carried out on the vehicle. Green card is a kind of analogy to insurance policy for insurance.

A green card allows you to obtain compensation for damage to health or property. A document can take when entering the country and prior to entry.

If no Green card, the car owner will have to pay a penalty of $ 200. And the cost of the card for a car for 2 weeks is about 1000 rubles, at registration of the insurance for a year – 5000 rubles. Better to issue a Green card in advance, before entering the country.

From this video you will learn some of the features of entrance on the territory of Belarus: