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Visa in Bali: do we need the Russians, as you can be and live without?

nuzhna li viza na Bali?

Exotic destinations beckon tourists from all over the world primarily for its climate. Deciding to go to Indonesia for vacation on the Islands, before the man integral, the question arises - do I need a visa for Bali?

What are the conditions for obtaining a visa provided by the country for Russians and for how long? To answer these questions this article will help you.

Entry to Bali

vezd na ostrov

In connection with the new law entry into the territory of Indonesia for Russian citizens visa-free.

This project has many nuances and important details that everyone should know the tourist who wants to visit this exotic island.

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Do I need a visa for Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians?

  • For Russians entering the territory of Indonesia does not need to apply for a visa - simply on arrival to present the necessary documents: a passport, valid for at least six months, and a completed application form which can be obtained on the plane or at the airport.

    But this rule is valid only if the citizen staying in Indonesia not more than 30 days. Otherwise the visa for the country can be extended for a specified period.

  • For Ukrainian citizens also require visas, but while in the country for more than 30 days to extend your visa in the country will have to leave Indonesia.
  • Belarusian citizens will have when entering a visa for both children and adults. For citizens of Belarus is required to have a passport and a completed immigration questionnaire, and for the immediate processing of visa you have to pay 35 dollars.

Visa-free visit, and how long can you be on the island?

bezvizovoe razreshenie, i na kakoj srok mozhno ostatsya?

Visa-free regime for Russians only works at some airports in Indonesia, especially from Denpasar airport.

A permission to stay can get easily and quickly, and, most importantly, free of charge at the airport, but you can leave the country only from this airport.

To be in this case, in the territory of Indonesia allowed for a period not exceeding 30 days. And to extend this visa inside the country will not work, so plan your escort in Bali will advance.

Other types of permits and

There are several types of visas for visiting Bali, which differ in purpose and design. Each individual case requires a specific type of visa.

Registration on arrival

poluchenie po pribytii

To apply for a visa in other airports in Indonesia. You need to have the same list of documents plus a cheque for the visa fee - 35 $ (about 2000 RUB). The validity of this visa is 30 days, and renew such a visa is only possible for 30 days.

For visa purposes, it is sufficient to apply to the special window and the airport staff will gladly suggest further action.

For long-termstay

The so-called social visa for long term stay in the country issued for six months with the condition of quadruple extension - that is, in a certain period of time a citizen must contact the Embassy to confirm the visa. Each time the passport will be pasted a mark of "60 days".

The cost of such services is $ 50 (about 3000 rubles). The visa processing takes place in the Indonesian Embassy in their country.

You need to remember that this visa does not entitle a person to entrepreneurial and labor activities.

Documentsrequired for registration:

  1. a passport with validity of more than 6 months;
  2. plane tickets round trip;
  3. copies of your passport;
  4. the four pictures;
  5. completed immigration questionnaire;
  6. receipt of payment of the visa fee;
  7. Bank statement of account and proof of residence;
  8. invitation letter from an Indonesian citizen.

Business visa

A business visa allows a citizen to conduct business, business, but not employment in the country. If necessary the visa can last for the partners of the citizen. Registration is required for the same set of documents as for social visa.

There are also multiple-entry business visa - it is issued for a year, and he has the right to leave and to come to Bali whenever you want. To extend such a visa is impossible and it costs 100 dollars (about 6000 rubles). Waiting visas from one to five days.

Residence permit KITAS and KITAP

prozhivanie s KITAP

KITAS is a residency permit, which is issued within a month at the Embassy of Indonesia. Depending on the purpose of registration of such visa KITAS is divided into the following types: family, education, retirement, working and working (associated with a specific place of work).

The cost of obtaining a visa 1200 dollars (about 71 000 RUB.), and you can live on the island exactly one year. KITAS is issued for those traveling to Bali to study or to work and not rest. Obtaining a visa is long and difficult, requires a large number of documents.

KITAP is a visa to stay in the country for a period of 5 years. This is issued to a small number of citizens:

  • those who have lived in the country for more than 5 years;
  • four years and more marriage with the Balinese;
  • one of the parents is a citizen of Bali;
  • a very rare and valuable staffwho have already worked in Bali for over 3 years.


This visa is issued for one year and then just extended for the same period. Conditions of registration are directly linked to a specific educational institution. Less troublesome to arrange a social visa and renew it every six months.

Family Visa

This visa is for those married to a citizen (or a citizen) in Bali, or is the child of the citizen. Family visa is issued for a year and allows four annual renewals. Family visa doesn't grant the right to work.

The list of documents for visa is very extensive and has variations depending on the individual case.

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For seniors

dlya pozhilyh grazhdan

To obtain a retirement visa is possible for citizens older than 55 years, with a great character and a solid Bank account. To apply for a visa, the following documents:

  1. extract from Bank about the account status;
  2. medical certificate about state of health;
  3. a completed application form;
  4. medical insurance;
  5. a lease accommodation in Bali;
  6. copies of all pages of the passport;
  7. six photos on a red background.

Helpful information

In addition to the above-mentioned conditions and nuances of registration of the visa, there is still useful information for those planning to visit the wonderful island of Bali.

Features for border-crossing children

Children under 9 years of agewho are inscribed in the passport of parents, do not need a visa and entrance to the resorts on the island free.

But children older than 9 years will have to pay the same fee as an adult.

How long is the document?

Each visa sooner or later ends and requires renewal. Long-term visas and residence permits, typically issued by a special Agency for an additional fee.

But tourist and social visas are often extended yourself. To do this, you should contact the immigration service, which has Bali's three offices. The extension of the visa takes some time, and the penalty for eachday overdue is $ 20, so think about the extension beforehand.

First, submit all the necessary documents (same as when you first receive a visa), then the fee should be paid, and thereafter, subject to the conditions issued a passport with the extended visa.

Addresses of the offices of Indonesia in Russia

  • Moscow, Novokuznetskaya street, 12;
  • Saint Petersburg, Prospekt Kamennoostrovskiy, building 15.

The conditions for obtaining different types of visas in Bali you can also learn from this video: