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Visa to India for Russians - do in Goa: the requirements and how much?

nuzhna li viza na Goa?

Luckily, travelers there are countries in which you can get without a visa, but, unfortunately, India is not included in the list of such States, if you are not a citizen of Bhutan, Nepal or Maldives.

Moreover, this country is quite serious about the issue of the visa regime. And since Goa is a state of India, then you need to approach the problem of obtaining a visa.

Do I need a visa to India?

neobhodim li dokument dlya poezdki na Goa?

For the East Slavic peoples (Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians) for entry into the territory of India and, accordingly, Goa visa is necessary mandatory.

The good news is that in 2014, for residents of Russia was to simplify the visa formalities for travel to the Motherland of yoga.

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Document types in Goa

There are several types of visas for crossing the border of this country, which are determined by the purpose of travel: tourist, student, business, transit, special. Almost from their names it is clear what kind of visa is issued for.

  • Popular in the first place – tourist. Anyone can draw her to relax on the beaches of Goa.
  • Tip viz - turisticheskaya

  • Student give to those who are willing to study in school of India. You need to choose a school that is accredited and has no budget places. The compulsory condition is payment for one year of study. Receipt of payment must be submitted together with the documents for visa.

    Also need an original letter confirming the acceptance of foreign students for education, a photocopy of the license of the educational institution and the Bank account statement, which is $1,000 (the amount depends on the period of study).

  • The business receives the one who travels to the country for business.
  • Transit assumes that the tourist simply crosses the border of India to travel to another state. This is a short term visa up to 15 days.

Should pay attention to what type of visa shall not be altered. You can open another type of visa by submitting the documents again.

More visas are divided into three types depending on the number of entries into the territory of the state.

  • Once crossing the border quite a Single visa. The main thing is not to violate the permissible time limits of stay in the country. This is the case, if you want to repeat the journey in India.
  • For the double border crossing can be issued a visa Double. A temporary corridor that allows stay in the country, in this case more. Currently, citizens of the Russian Federation cancelled the condition of a two-month break between the two entrances to the territory of India. However, in each specific case it is necessary to check with the Embassy of the terms of use of this visa.
  • For unlimited border crossing ideal multivisa (Multiple). It can be open for five years.

The rules of registration and receive

To apply for a visa to India there are some rules and requirements, following which you can easily get the desired document.

Required documents

Bumagi dlya polucheniya

There is a certain list of needs for the visa application papers.

  1. Valid for another six months (considered from the scheduled date of return from the intended trip) passport with photocopy of the first page. This document must be at least two blank pages, which will be bear the visa.
  2. If you have multiple passports, you should provideit's a Xerox of copies of pages that have stamped visa.

  3. Populated double-sided questionnaire. Nothing complicated, but should be attributed with the utmost attention, in order not to lose time.
  4. Need a color photo with certain requirements:
    • face on a white background;
    • size 35mm to 45mm.
  5. Include copies of pages of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, where there are any marks.

Desirable documentsthat may facilitate the visa:

  • Airline tickets (their authenticity is not checked!);
  • Something confirming booking of accommodation (also not checked).

Watch the video on how to properly fill out the application form and what documents are needed for visa to Goa:

The rules for obtaining

  • About exactly how many days is the visa you need to know at the Embassy when submitting documents.
  • A visa to India can not be extended or replaced. At the end of the period of stay specified in the visa from the country you want to travel. For re-entry need to issue a new visa.

  • Help and any statements of banks are required.
  • There is a possibility to apply for a visa relatives if the power of attorney even without notarization. But a third person may make the submission of your documents for a visa only with the notarized power of attorney.

Algorithm design

Algoritm oformleniya elektronno

You should start with filling out the questionnaire, which can be printed from the official website of the Embassy of the country. There are also samples of filling it out.

Then there are three ways:

  1. Simple – to give prepared documents for visa in any travel Agency and quietly wait the result.
  2. Troublesome – to go to the Embassy of India (Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Vladivostok) and submit the documents along with a crowd of afflicted visitors.
  3. E – through the world wide web of the Internet. However, this visa is issued for not more than 30 days to stay in India. While obtained from the Embassy gives you the right to travel across the country for 180 days.

The questionnaire is completed online, there using a special form attach the necessary documents. You can pay by credit card. Within ten days after the payment you will receive a visa. Required to download, print and go.

Electronic visa is issued for not more than 30 days, and you can get it only twice a year.

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Visa for a child

To take the child out of the country to one of the parents need a written notarized permission of the other parentand the child's photo and a copy of the certificate of his birth.

Other methods of getting

  • A visa is possible and at the airport on arrival in Goa. This gives special permission under the following conditions:

    1. You have a document about the death or serious illness of a relative;
    2. You transit through the airport of Goa (includes 72 hours);
    3. You are a member of a tour group of 4 or more people. In this case, the movement in India is impossible.
  • Visa at the invitation of relatives or friends. The invitation should be notarized. It is served in the appropriate organization when applying for a visa together with copies of initial pages of passport of the inviting party.

Features get

In visa there are many nuances, which should be communicated to each traveler.

How much is it?

All travelers will need to pay the visa (consular) collect a minimum of $60. The cost for citizens of Russia and other States of the FSU depends on the type of visa temporary visas corridor open. For example, today a tourist visa Single for three months worth 1880 rubles. If you need to issue an urgent visa, you will have to pay around $30.

Payment is made in rubles at the exchange rate at the time of payment before the documents will be submitted to the Embassy.

The timing of the receipt

The visa can be up to fourteen days, keep this in mind when applying. However, this is the limit.

An urgent visa can be obtained in three days. Electronic visa is issued within 24 hours.

Why can deny.

Otkaz v poluchenii v strane

Failures happen very rarely, but this may be because:

  • The discrepancy between the data provided in the documents and the application form;
  • Damage of the passport;
  • The presence of a mark about refusal of a visa previously;
  • If you suspect illegal migration;
  • Unpaid fines;
  • Banal subjective evaluation of an employee of the Embassy, which is something you do not like.


With 2013 considered the idea of abolishing the visa documents for travel to India. In 2014, for the 43 States in India have introduced the simplified system of visa, the so-called electronic version. Such a visa can be issued upon arrival at one of the 9 airports in India per day.

Travel tips

  • A confirmation email must necessarily print for presentation at the airport.
  • Simple and cheap method of obtaining a visa is to apply at the visa application centre. In 1880 rubles, you can obtain a single entry visa for 3 months. It's cheaper than the electronic version.

  • If you need to extend your visa, you can leave India at least for 5 days, to neighboring countries (e.g., Sri Lanka or Nepal). There to issue a new visa.
  • A visa can be issued directly at the airport upon arrival, but need access to the Internet, relevant documents and a willingness to spend 24 hours at the airport. Serves for registration in electronic form and wait. Usually during the day give you the confirmation for a visa.
  • The easiest way to get a tourist visa for 3 months.
  • For tourist visa you need to show a return ticket. You can use the reservation. Show the Embassy the booking for the tickets, but then fail to buy.
  • Going to India, should do some vaccinations. But if you don't want, then follow the rules of hygiene, do not take chances with street food and water from doubtful source.

Without leaving your cozy sofa, you can not only apply for e-visa for 30 days for travel to India, but also order tickets using this form of search. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.