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Dominican Republic: whether or not the visa to the Republic for Russians and Belarusians?

nuzhna li viza v Dominikanu?

Dominican Republic - a Paradise where everyone wants to be. But not so simple - a trip to this exotic region will depend on whether you need a visa to the Dominican Republic, and, if necessary, how to get it.

Entry in Dominican Republic

proezd v respubliku

The Dominican Republic is a popular and affordable resort, of the power which all forces make it easier for tourists to enter the island.

Whether or not permission for Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians and citizens of Armenia?

For the Russian and Ukrainians at the entrance to the Dominican Republic tourist visa is required - issued on arrival, a special tourist card.

The term of the citizen in the country should not exceed 30 days.

But the citizens of Armenia and Belarus need a visa in advance at the Consulate. With the approval of the visa can be ready within one to two weeks and will cost from 120 to 350 $ (from 7000 to 20500 RUB.).

Visa-free regime and how much is it?

stoimost bezvizovogo posesheniya

In the case of a visa-free regime for the special tourist card is issued at the arrival building of the airport. To obtain a card you must have a passport that is valid until the end of time stay, tickets to both sides, and the completed travel questionnaire.

Design a travel card will cost $ 10 (about 600 rubles).

The period of stay in the country without a visa must not exceed 30 days. For longer presence on the island for another 90 days must present a passport and a tourist card. The cost of this extension will cost $ 2 (about 120 rubles).

Other types of visas and their obtaining

poluchenie drugih vidov razreshenij

The Dominican Republic is attractive not only from the point of view of recreation on the sandy beaches, but also from the point of view of training, employment or business trip. Also in the Dominican Republic often hosts international symposia, conferences and scientific meetings. For a longer stay in the country appropriate for each specific case visa.

Single or multiple

Single entry visa is suitable for those who plans to remain on the island for a long time without leaving. The visa is valid for two months and after this time you can extend your visa at the nearest police station.

To register you need to have the following documents:

  • the statement with the request to issue a visa;
  • a questionnairefilled in English and Spanish;
  • two color photos;
  • copy and original of passport;
  • certificate of Bank account (it should be not less than one thousand dollars);
  • certificate or other document proving the necessity of human presence in the Dominican Republic;
  • information about the exact place of residence of a citizen;
  • copies of tickets in both directions.

The cost of this visa will be $ 115 (about 6700 RUB.). For urgency will have to add another 50-70 dollars (2900-4090 RUB).

Perhaps the Embassy would require to translate all documents into Spanish.

Multiple entry visa means leaving the boundaries of the state with subsequent return. The visa is valid for six months, thus continually be on the island only four months.

As for the documents, then submitted the list to check a single entry visa you need to make changeda questionnaire with a request to issue a multiple entry visa and the statement the head of foreign Affairs of Republic with the request to issue a visa. All documents must be translated into Spanish and English.

odnorazovaya i mnogorazovaya

Visa is issued within 5-14 days, and its value is equal to $ 150 (approximately 8800 RUB.).

If you have any questions, it is best to communicate directly with representatives of the country. Embassy of Dominican Republic in Russia, located at the following address: Moscow, Rublevsky highway, the house 26, building 1, office 211.


Such visa is granted to citizens who are on duty have to stay in the Dominican Republic. Often these people are under contract and invitation from the organization or service of the Republic. Visa is issued for one year with the right of a citizen to open a Bank account, use social services, to drive.

For registration of this visa you will need:

  1. filled in English and Spanish questionnaire;
  2. two colour pictures;
  3. copy and original of passport, validity of which expires during the year;
  4. the original invitation of the person from the organization-employer of the Spanish language, where will be listed the enterprise data and personal data of the citizen;
  5. the original employment contract , indicating the exact period of operation and details of the organization;
  6. certificate of good conduct;
  7. information about the state of health.

The period of registration of such a visa varies from 6 to 15 days. The price of this visa will be $ 190 (about 11000 rubles).

Business visa


Business visa for Dominican Republic are divided into single and multiple. It's created for business or entering into any contracts. The list of documents for this visa is very small: the necessary copy and original passport, completed in English or Spanish application form with two color photos and a letter to the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic with the request to issue a visa.

The cost of a single entry business visa is $ 165 (about 9650 rubles), and repeated - about $ 250 (about 14500 RUB.).

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Students will need a broader package of documents:

  • original and copy of the passport;
  • the petition to the Consul of the Dominican Republic;
  • medical certificate about state of health;
  • a completed application form with two color photos;
  • an invitation from the University of the Dominican Republic;
  • certificate of availability of funds for living and learning;
  • minors need written permission from their parents.

The cost of a student visa is 150-170 dollars (8750-9950 RUB).

Helpful information

poleznye svedeniya

Going to the Dominican Republic, you must not forget the issue of health insurance.

Insurance is not a mandatory document, but just in case, better to bring.

Features travel for kids

If the child travels accompanied by a guardian or one parent, you need to have an officially notarized permission to travel out of the country from the other parent or guardian.

Dominican customs

Each traveler before the trip should know what can and cannot be imported into a particular country. To carry in the Dominican Republic can be the following things:

  1. up to 200 cigarettes;
  2. to 500 g of coffee;
  3. no more than two bottles of spirits (despite the fact that packaging must be opened);
  4. not more than one liter of strong (over 22 degrees) alcohol and not more than two liters less strong (less than 22 degrees) of alcohol;
  5. the personal items and gifts - the cost of each item must not exceed the sum of $ 100.

But to bring the following things to the Dominican Republic is strictly prohibited:

  • drugs;
  • some medications;
  • the items of the animal, agricultural and horticultural origin.

As for export, the country can not be exported cigars more than 50 pieces, art objects and certain types of orchids.

Watch video about the rules of visa-freeenter to the Dominican Republic for citizens of different countries: