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Electronic visa to Mexico for Russians: whether it is necessary to citizens of Russia?

nuzhna li viza v Meksiku?

Trip to Mexico – an unforgettable journey to a country rich in culture and traditions, ancient history and exotic cuisine. This state is famous for its excellent climate, well-developed beach infrastructure and an interesting excursion programs, so bored here is not necessary.

Before the trip to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the visa regime in the country and find out whether you need a visa to Mexico.

Do I need a visa to Mexico?

trebuetsya li razreshenie?

For those who want to visit Mexico, an important question is whether you need an entry document for her visit. Currently required, but there are simple ways of getting.

Visa-free regime

In some cases, permission is not required, one of them an American visa. If the passport has a valid stamp, it is allowed the official border crossing for reasons of tourism, transit, business.

This kind of entry document is relevant, if you plan on crossing the border by land.

The period of stay on us visa – six months. The number of entries is not standardized, but nevertheless last word remains for border officials. They determine the duration of stay in the country.

Mexican visa is not required if in the passport there is a mark that the citizen of the Russian Federation legally residing long-term document in the UK, Japan, Canada, Northern Ireland or in the countries where the Schengen. For crossing the border should be shown a document, the appropriate visa or residence permit.

The entrance to the Russians via resolution

proezd dlya grazhdan RF

In other cases, residents of the Russian Federation is available the electronic authorization. But this type of visa is relevant only if the trip is planned through the plane. It is important to abide by the terms to have Russian citizenship and a valid passport. It is worth noting that the boundaries can be crossed once.

The purpose of the visit to the recipients of the e-visa is very broad:

  • tourist visit;
  • transit trip;
  • training or courses;
  • business trip;
  • participation in major events;
  • obtaining medical care;
  • a visit with a religious purpose;
  • journalism.

Immediately after will be determined by the purpose of the trip, you can begin to design this type of entry document.

This can be done directly on the portal of the Mexican Embassy, filling out the online form and received an almost instant response.

The benefits of obtaining this type of permit is extensive and attractive. These include the absence of necessity to collect documents or to visit the visa section, high-speed response to the request, a large number of approved visas. Moreover, this procedure will not have to pay money.

How to apply for and receive a permit in the country?

kak sdelat i oformit dokument?

An independent visa is a fairly simple process that doesn't take much time. To make it, no need to visit the Embassy or contact your travel agent.

The design of the virtual document

Receive e-visas available for residents of Russia and Ukraine, as well as for Turkish citizens. Belarusians do notwill be able to use this service, but an entry permit can be done directly at the Embassy of Mexico.

To start e-visa (SAE), you must visit the official site at the link. The portal has a form-questionnaire that can be filled out online. Each of the fields to be completed. It is important to do it as carefully as possible, otherwise, even a small error will result in refusal of entry.

In the specified form are entered important data, among them:

  1. the purpose of the trip;
  2. date of entry;
  3. the duration of stay.

Next you must click "Save" and wait until the system will display the result.

Usually, this procedure takes no more than 15 minutes and in 99% you can expect a positive response.

Cracks – a very rare case. Often such trouble occurs if you previously had a criminal record (even insignificant, such as an accident). Also a negative answer awaits those who is a Russian citizen, but not born in the country. Often the reason for the refusal – the presence of common names (Volkov, Ivanov, Sergeev, Makarov, Sokolov).

In case of positive response, the permit must be printed out and to carry while boarding the flight, as well as on border control. If your visa is lost or forgotten by the passenger, we can expect a waiver of customs officers.

poluchenie virtualnogo propuska

All the forms are maximally exposed to protect – they have a barcode. Approved and printed document valid only thirty days. If during this time failed to travel, then you can re-apply for a visa via the Internet.

Getting at the Embassy

The entry permit through the Embassy prefer to do tourists who need to access multiwatt. Paying a small fee, will have the opportunity to be in the state 180 days, thus having an unlimited number of entries and exits.

One of the indisputable advantages is the chance to get to the resorts by any convenient mode of transport (not only air).

To submit all the documents to obtain a Mexican visa, you must first register on the portal of the Embassy, and then submit an online request. E-mail address the applicant will receive a password to access the online form you need to fill in and print (on both sides of one sheet). Clearance is given only 10 minutes.

The second stage of obtaining a visa at the Embassy – visit of the consular Department and the transfer of documents.

Best to call in advance to the consular Department and find out whether the questionnaire in the system.

Finally, the last step is the scanning of the fingerprints.

oformlenie v posolstve

Minimum package of documents for visa at the Embassy:

  • pre-filled application form;
  • passport and copies of the main pages.
  • two photos from 32*26 mm to 39*31 mm;
  • documents proving financial solvency.

If the Mexican Embassy, visa denied, can try to arrange it with the help of travel companies.

Cost and time

If the electronic version of the visa attracts tourists because it is completely free, it is for making reusable permission to enter will need to pay $ 36. This amount can be transfer by cash to the Embassy, then get a receipt and provide it to the representative of the immigration service.

The deadline for receipt of electronic permits minimal – to 15 minutes. The same procedure through the Embassy will take from 5 to 10 days. Date of appointment appointed in 2-3 days after registration e-application, and the visa is about three business days, sometimes longer.

Other types of visas

The most common and popular Mexican visa – tourist, but can also be other types of entry permits. Their difference lies in the permissible length of stay, cost, and submitted the documents.

Long travel

Observing certain conditions it is possible to obtain a long term visa for a period up to 10 years.

Such benefits is possible under the following conditions:

  1. high salary (from$ 800) with supporting reference;
  2. solvency of the applicant with the Bank statement;
  3. the official marriage or the presence of relatives in the country;
  4. the status of "permanent traveler".

turisticheskaya mnogorazovaya

Also a long-term visa give to those who travels extensively throughout the year and has 2-3 passport visa othercountries.


This kind of document allows you to legally live and work. To obtain will have to provide certain documents certified by apostille. The list includes the original and copy of diploma, CV in English or Spanish, as well as a document describing future job duties, salary.

The potential employer is also required to contact the Embassy to get permission for the invitation of the foreign worker and his employment. After the documents have been collected, they are sent to the consular Department. The review period is quite long – on their review can take up to two weeks.

Residence permit without the right to work

This kind of visa is usually issued to students. But at the same time, it is important to understand that violation of the conditions of the visa will lead to deportation.

Travel conditions

Despite the fact that to get into the country easily enough, it is important to understand that the final decision to stay with border officials. They indicate the time.

Traveling with children

otpusk s detmi

Getting a Mexican visa for the child practically does not differ from the process for adults. The electronic version also requires filling in all the fields, but this should be done separately. The finished document also print out and present wherever it is needed.

In order to obtain multiple-entry permit through the Embassy of Mexico, it is necessary to provide the child's profile. Children up to 18 years, this document assure parents or legal guardians, but only in the presence of representatives of the consular Department.

Migration card

Before passing passport control you want to fill in a migration card. In order not to waste time, this can be done during the flight. Flight attendants will help correctly execute all the items. The document should be kept with you during your entire stay in the country. Its loss threatens substantial fine.

Should carefully approach to the rules of populating:

  • use a pen with blue or black ink;
  • filling in block letters and in Latin letters.

If the tourists have children, then they need to fill in a migration card separately.

Entry tax

All travelers crossing the border to Mexico by airare exempt from tax, since this figure is already included in the ticket price. In other cases, tourists will have to pay 300 Mexican pesos.

See video instructions on obtaining an electronic authorization to Mexico: