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The issue of the passport of the new sample on the Internet through public services

oformit zagranpasport novogo obrazca cherez internet gosuslugi

Today to arrange many papers and documents without leaving the house, only turning on the computer.

This was made possible thanks to the emergence of the State services portal, which became the real rescue for the citizens and helps to relieve state authorities of unnecessary moves and bursts of citizens.

Despite the fact that the resource is firmly in our lives, many people still have not learned to use it.

The most popular service on the portal of state services is a passport. There are two sample of the given document – ID. In this article we will talk about how using the Internet to obtain the passport of the new sample.

The order of receipt and date of manufacture on the website

poryadok polucheniya zagranichnogo pasporta cherez gosuslugi


In this article we're talking about getting new passports, but not everyone realizes what distinguishes this document from our usual old model:

  1. The new passport is called biometric.
  2. On the first page of the document is applied to a special chip.
  3. Chip-the chip in the biometric passport has a digital photo of its owner.
  4. The validity of the document is not familiar to us five and ten years.
  5. Blanks of the document have a high degree of protection is marked "Goznaka".

Obtaining a passport a few years earlier were possible only in person with relevant documents to the office of the Federal migration service in your area.

But in order to save time and not stand in line for hours, you must have the registration on the portal of State services.

Account online is not difficult to obtain. To do this you need to click on the main link site and register on it. For this you need to make your personal information related to passport information, as well as the number SNILS.

osnovnye momenty pri oformlenii zagranpasporta

Don't be afraid to leave such important information in the portal the fact that this site is governed by the law on information protection No. 149, and it means that you are protected.

After the registration procedure is passed, you will not be able to use this resource. You need to obtain the appropriate password, which was sent in two ways.

  • The first is by Russian post to the address you specify. The deadline for receipt may be up to one month.
  • If you have time to spare, you can get the password in the office of the company "Rostelecom" already after a couple of days after registration. To receive, you must contact the Manager of the company and provide your identity document.

Now to use the site you are not restricted.

Requirements for photos in electronic form

For you to be able to issue a passport through the portal of Public services, you need to provide your photo. Like other data, it should be submitted in electronic form. But not every photograph will fit to send. You must fulfill some necessary requirements.

  • The first and most important requirement refers to the file format. The photograph must have a resolution of jpeg.
  • In addition, the size of the photo should not exceed 300 KB, so a professional photo Studio should be customized for these parameters.
  • The photo must be taken full face.
  • The person must enter into a frame completely.
  • razmer i drugie trebovaniya k fotografii v elektronnom vide

  • You need to take pictures in a bright room, so the facial features are not distorted.
  • Get rid of the effect of so-called "red-eye".
  • The background of the photo should be light, without pictures and outsiders.
  • In the photo you should be presented in its normaleveryday that you can be easily recognized. But from attributes such as glasses, hats, pictures are not allowed. However, in exceptional cases, when to remove a headdress do not allow religious beliefs, employees of the passport office turning a blind eye.
  • The photo is not retouched, apply it effects, change the face and the outline of a man. You can edit the sharpness and brightness of the selected photo to send, but nothing more.

If the photo would be contrary to at least one of the above paragraphs, employees on FMS have full authority to reject your application and your time will be wasted.

When and in what amount to pay the stamp duty?

Many people, even before starting the registration and application for the portal, in a hurry to pay the government fee.

To hurry this step is not necessary, so as to present a document proving that you have paid for a government service in the prescribed amount, you only need a personal appearance in the office of the Federal migration service with a full package of documents and not during the passage of the electronic submission of the application.

After you sent the application , within a few days it will be reviewed and you will be invited to the Department of the Federal migration service of documents by SMS or email. Only in this situation rush to the nearest Bank with the necessary details.

To date, the registration fee is 3500 rubles per adult and 1,500 rubles for children up to 14 years.

How many times?

After your appearance at the office of the Federal migration service and filing of relevant documents, the staff of the authority begin the production of your passport. Usually, the time of receipt of the document varies from 20 to 30 calendar days.

However, sometimes these terms can be increased. For example, if you registered in another region of our country, get your passport, where there are at the moment, the deadline for receipt could double. It was provoked by the fact that the UFMS will be sent requests in the subject of your official registration, and to check the data and getting answers takes much more time.

skolko delaetsya biometricheskij zagranpasport v internete?

Passport for minors

As a minor citizen is a person under 18 years of age, and therefore not fully capable, then to get a passport it can only with the assistance of parents.

Rules for filing documents and sending the application is virtually indistinguishable from the standard procedure, however, the author of the application is one of the legal representatives of the minors in the form of parents, guardians, and Trustees.

When taken on the FMS, along with a minor to apply must one of the parents, they also filled statement. Second parent may not be on clearance, however, must file a written consent to receive this document with his child.

Another consideration is that to apply through the portal of Public services and to be in body of the Federal migration service for the submission of documents have the same parent.

Also, citizens under the age of majority, on the Public services portal has a separate tab for a service called "Passport of the new sample for persons under 14 years" and "the new passports for persons from 14 to 18 years."

Creating requests online: how to fill the form correctly?

  1. Once you have passed the registration procedure and have obtained the password, log in to your personal account.
  2. Set in the upper-right corner of the site, subject and city of residence. After that, select in the tabs popular services the one that is called "the new passports for persons over 18 years."
  3. You will open a tab where will be demonstrated a description of the service.
  4. Be sure to read it and also read additional information regarding documents that should be attached to the electronic application.

  5. Only in the case if you are completely satisfied, click the blue button in the right part of the page is "Get service".
  6. Be sure to note which Department of the Federal migration service operates in your area. For the execution of a document proposed on the map, select the nearest.
  7. The next stage is description of information about a person wishing to obtain the service. Fill in data based on your passport and other official documents.
  8. sozdanie zayavki onlajn na portale gosuslug

  9. Further, to provide information about previous passports. If you receive such a document first, then click on the "Primary".
  10. If your passport was lost, damaged or expired, then note this in the relevant paragraphs.
  11. Check the type of yourtreatment. This can be an appeal at the place of residence or stay.
  12. Recall that the residence is the place where you registered, and stay where you are residing temporarily.

  13. The fifth step suggests to drop you additional information about your accesses to secrecy, convictions, lifetime, and so on.
  14. The sixth step site offers you to leave information about your employment for the last 10 years. If you have time when you are officially not working, it is also necessary to specify. When leaving data focus on your school certificate, diploma of education and employment history.
  15. zapolneniya ankety dlya zagranpasporta na 10 let onlajn

  16. The seventh step is submitting photos in electronic format. Remember that it must meet certain requirements. The size of the photo must be 35 by 45 cm, and weight not to exceed 300 KB.
  17. If the photo has flaws (dark circles under the eyes, uneven skin), then you can use the editor on the website of Public services. Photoshop is unacceptable.

  18. Then carefully check all data provided, cross-check them with the official documents. If you are sure that everything is done right, click on the button in the lower right corner "Apply".
  19. Your application went in moderation, and if you did everything right, for one day she will go to the maintenance of FMS.

Step by step instructions for completing the questionnaire online in the following video:

Submission of documents to the office of the Federal migration service

The next stage is the personal appearance in the office of the Federal migration service. It becomes possible only after the electronic application is considered in the proper order, checked and had no complaints. The status of your application on the portal will show the message "Accepted" instead of "Sent".

In the form of SMS messages or e-mail you will be invited to the nearest branch of the Federal migration service. The turnout is required to submit the originals of certain documents, and in order to make a digital photo.

The turnout is possible in a strictly allotted time in the message text.

Now you need to understand what documents need to bring the citizen to successfully complete the second stage of obtaining new passports.

Such documents include:

  • the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, as well as de a photocopy of it;
  • receipt of payment of the state fee in the prescribed amount by the stated details in your name;
  • for men in the age from 18 till 27 years the identity card and its photocopy. The ticket must be the mark of completion of military service or a mark of unfitness;
  • poryadok podachi dokumentov v otdelenii UFMS

  • men need to bring a certificate from the military Commissariat of the fact that the citizen is not called for service at the time of filing;
  • help with work or study. Get this document in the personnel Department or the Dean of the educational institution;
  • 2 photos of the established sample.

But do not think that this list is exhaustive. The office of the Federal migration service in different regions require the same documents, but it can be added for more paper. For example, information about criminal records.

After you have submitted all the necessary paperwork, the status of your application on the website of public services will change to "Processing". This means that in a short time you will receive the coveted document.

How to?

To obtain a passport you can in 20 days. In some cases, the time may be slightly increased. That document is made, you will be notified by SMS or email.

Taking with him the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, report to the Department of the Federal migration service, go to the office of issue. You will sign the necessary documents, and will stamp it in a civil document about the fact of obtaining a new biometric passport.

Now you are a happy owner of the passport of the new sample.

a kak poluchat zagranpasport cherez gosuslugi?

The advantages of this method

The main advantage of this method is the fact of saving time. The main actions you perform at home on the computer and spending on it is only about thirty minutes.

Also, if you have not been registering on the portal of public services, now, when it appears, you will have the opportunity to obtain other services from government agencies with substantial comfort and convenience.

Those who submit applications by applying through the portal, have the advantage over other citizens. For filing of documents they are specifically appointed time, and thus avoid long queues.

The portal allows 24 hours a day to monitor the status of your application, which means to be confident that your document is issued.

Don't be afraid to use the innovation, because they greatly facilitate our lives and lead us to progress.