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List of Schengen countries: what is a Schengen visa and the rules of the agreement

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After the emergence of the European economic community between cooperating countries were confronted with the necessity of free movement of people across their joint border. This resulted in the creation of the Schengen Union, which aimed at phasing out the standard customs procedures required when moving between States.

The main international document, allowing you to take advantage of the agreement, became a Schengen visa.

Schengen visa - what is it?

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This document, introduced in several European countries after the signing of the Schengen agreement in 1995.

Originally it was attended by five countries, after which the Schengen area was increased due to the future accession of other States. As of 2016, the Union contains 26 countries.

The advantages of the agreement

The introduction of Schengen visas are allowed to cancel the customs and passport control on the borders of the countries of the agreement. As a result, simplifies the movement of tourists between the countries - members of the customs Union, which allows you to move within areas of agreement as well as within the same country.

For arrival in the state that have accepted the agreement, there is no need to apply for a visa is strictly in the required representation.


First of all, these visas allow for one, two or more visits to the Union.

Among them are the following types:

  • "A" – with this type of visa, the traveler has the opportunity to spend the necessary time at the airport of the country is only a place of transit. But you cannot leave the airport area.
  • "In" – allow passing movement in any country within 5 days.
  • "C" – it tourist can live for a certain period of time in the place where he is going, and to move freely in the allied countries.
  • "D" visa long-term, allowed only in the country where it is implied a long stay, are allowed to transit through other EU countries.

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Special types of visas:

  1. FTD and FRTD – is purely to move on the route connecting Russia and Kaliningrad oblast. Selects the shortest path of movement.
  2. LTV – visa shortened term, allows you to visit only the country whose Embassy received the document. Transit through other Schengen countries is impossible.

Among tourist visas has its own division:

  • C1 – are allowed to stay in the country up to 30 days;
  • C2 – term is increased from 31 to 90 days;
  • C3 is calculated on the year, a large number of entries and a stay up to 90 days;
  • S4 : similar to S3, but the validity period is increased to 5 years.

It is important to clarify that the visa is limited to not only the validity, but staying in the country!

The rules of the agreement

The possession of a Schengen visa implies not only certain rights but also imposes a number of restrictions on use.

  • The rule of first entry – there are some nuances depending on the type of visa. But in General assumes that the first entry is put only in the country, which received a visa. Holders of single entry visa, it is important most of the time spent in the Schengen area to carry out in the country in which the document was received.

    If multivisa is used, then this rule is true when it is planned about the same duration of the visits to several countries.

    Especially worth considering this constraint while making road trips, since time on the road in the territory of the transit country may be longer time of stay at the destination of travel.

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  • The main rule of the country – this limit applies only to short-term visas. In this case it is useful to determine which country, by the way, it is possible to calculate the primary and order a document should be in the Embassy of this country. Whether such calculations can be performed if there is a reservation in hotels. With cruise travel, when you stay in countries, again, about the same, you should use the rule of first entry.
  • Holders of multiple-entry visas need to count the number of entries in each intended country and apply for a visa in the Consulate, whosethe state will be able to visit more.

  • The term limit – 2016, the rule asserting that for any 180 days in the amount should not exceed 90 days of stay on the territory of the Schengen agreement.

Despite the illusion of complete freedom of movement, on the borders there is strict control on compliance of the above rules.

State of the Union on the map

Currently, the Schengen area includes: Austria, Canary Islands, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Greece, Germany, Holland, Slovakia, France, Lithuania, Finland, Switzerland, Portugal, Sweden, Iceland, Czech Republic, Crete, Latvia, Romania, Belgium, Norway, Malta.

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Important points when crossing zone

  1. If there is a Schengen visa, in addition to the core area countries, it is possible to get to Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus. To cross the boundaries of these States is possible in the presence of the visa agreement, but to go by their visa in the territory of the agreement impossible.
  2. After entering one of these countries is a mark of departure from the Schengen area, so a visa for one trip to use in this case will not work.

  3. In fact, in the Schengen area, including Monaco, San Marino and Andorra. However, they are not among the signatories to the agreement. It is worth considering that the entry into Andorra is counted as the exit from the territory of the agreement.
  4. The Schengen area consists of those States that have signed the agreement, but also satisfied all requirements of the contract. While the UK and Irelandthat have signed the agreement, left for its borders of strict customs control. Also in these countries need to apply for their visa. For these reasons, they are not registered in the Schengen area.

The Schengen visa in the following video: