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Do I need a visa and passport for the Russians when travelling to Azerbaijan?

nuzhna li viza v Azerbajdzhan dlya rossiyan?

Azerbaijan attracts tourists throughout the planet's unique culture, attractions and developed infrastructure. However, it is understood that when crossing the border of this state may require additional documents. Primarily a logical question arises - do I need a visa to Azerbaijan for the Russians.

Entry into Azerbaijan for the Russians

vezd dlya grazhdan RF

To avoid awkward situations, it is recommended to read the rules of entry into the state.

Do I need a visa and a passport?

To visit Azerbaijan Russians visa is not required. Up to 90 days they can be in this country without a visa.

If a foreigner is going to study or work in the state to get a visa is necessary.

To travel from Russia to Azerbaijan needed just a passport, only the Russian passport to cross the border is impossible. Confirmation of hotel booking, medical insurance is not needed.

Border crossing with children

za granicu s rebenkom

If a child is over 14 years old, he enters the territory of the country on his own passport. The younger children are recorded in the documents of the parents. To take also need the birth certificate of the child. In this case, the passport of a parent must be the child's name and his picture.

A little harder to cross the border, if the child travels without parents. Third parties must have a notarized power of attorney, which States that the parents have consented to the journey of a child with the person.

Dates of stay in the country and how to extend them?

To stay in the country without a visa for 90 days, but if you want to stay in this country for a longer period, it is necessary to write the application. Will have to contact the Embassy or Consulate of the country during your stay.

For the first time can extend the trip by one to two months, and if re-treatment for one year. In this case, is issued a residence permit.


pochemu mogut ne propustit?

Due to political differences with some countries, at the entrance to Azerbaijan is possible restrictions:

  • When crossing the border, a man with Armenian appearance, or if the person born in Armenia, problems may occur, a foreigner may be asked to answer a few additional questions or not let on the territory of the country;
  • If you have previously visited Nagorno-Karabakhfor political reasons from entering the country may be banned.

Better not to raise the subject of conflicts with neighbouring countries. Also, do not even just talking about the trip to Nagorno-Karabakh or Armenia.

Visa to Azerbaijan

In some cases, a visa to this country might need. The question before the journey should be reviewed.

Who needs a permit?

Need a visa to persons who do not have Russian citizenship, but reside in the territory of the Russian Federation. A visa is required and the Russians, who are going to be in the country more than 90 days. However, it is possible in this case to do without a visaupon application for extension of stay in the Embassy. The second method is the most simple.

To study and work in this country does not need a visa and special permission. Visa for citizens of Russia is issued very rarely, because their stay in Azerbaijan is possible without this document.

The types and design rules

vidy i pravila vydachi

Experts distinguish a few types of visas:

  1. Training. Student visa will be needed if a foreigner is going to study in this country. You must provide the Embassy in addition to passport photos and health insurance receipt of payment of the training and an invitation from the educational institution. The visa can be extended if the training will last;
  2. The document is issued within a week, the cost varies from two to four thousand rubles depending on the study period.

  3. Business. A business visa is required during the working trip, as well as in employment in this country. The Embassy must provide:

    • Passport;
    • Two colour pictures;
    • Statement;
    • The invitation to work, or the prisoner between the two parties to the contract.

    The visa can be renewed up to one year and more often if necessary. The cost depends on the length of stay in the country, in the middle reaches two thousand roubles. To document within 8-10 days. If the workload of the Embassy is small, you can get a visa faster;

  4. Travel. A tourist visa is only required if duration of stay exceeds 90 days. For this Embassy to submit documents confirming your booking at the hotel. We must not forget the passport, two color photos 3*4, health insurance. To receive the document in hand within weeks, the cost ranges from two to five thousand rubles depending on the period of stay on the territory of the state;
  5. tipy razreshenij i normy oformleniya

  6. Guest. Visitor visa required to visit relatives living in this country. The Embassy provided documents that prove family ties. You must also provide:

    • The invitation, it must be notarized;
    • A valid passport;
    • Two color photos 3*4;
    • Medical insurance.

    The document is issued 8-10 days, the cost varies from three to four thousand rubles. The visa can be renewed up to one year, for this foreigner reiterates to the Embassy;

  7. Transit. Needed only if the journey involves a transfer in an airport of Azerbaijan. In this case, to leave the territory of the airport does not allow foreigners. Operates a transit visa for a few days, the cost usually does not exceed 1500 thousand rubles. The foreigner will have to provide to receive hotel reservation, tickets, passport, medical insurance and two color photos 3*4. The visa is issued quickly, within a few days.

To apply for a visa at the Embassy is necessary. The documents must be submitted personallyor by a notarized power of attorney.

The Embassy of Azerbaijan in Moscow: Leontievsky per, 16. Contact phone: (495) 629-43-32. Additional information is available on the official website www.azembassy.ru.

Customs regulations

As in any other country, Azerbaijan has its own requirements and rules of import and export. Forbidden to import:

  • Weapons and ammunition;
  • Drugs;
  • Species listed in the Red book;
  • Religious literature.

Border crossing Russia-Azerbaijan will be able to perform without problems if you decide to take out some forbidden thingssuch as:

  1. Caviar of sturgeon fishes;
  2. Valuable breeds of a tree;
  3. Rare plantslisted in the Red book.

As strange as it may sound, but without special permission can not be exported from the state of the carpet.

Thus, the entry to Azerbaijan has defined rules. If a tourist with them will learn, he will avoid unpleasant and embarrassing situations. A visit to this country is incredibly interesting and will bring only positive emotions.

See a video of the border crossing point in Azerbaijan: