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What kind of visa to Bulgaria for Russians: do I need Schengen and how much?

nuzhna li viza v Bolgariu?

Bulgaria – the perfect destination for any type of holiday. In this country you can find the most ancient sights, recuperate, and relax on the most beautiful seaside resorts. But before the trip is to find out whether you need a visa to Bulgaria.

Entry into Bulgaria

For some time now Bulgaria is part of the countries of the Schengen Union. For this reason, the entry into this country requires compliance with bureaucratic rules.

Do I need a visa for Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians - what can go?

trebuetsya li razreshenie rossiyanam, ukraincam i belorusam?

Check-in Bulgaria implies the presence of national or tourist visa. At the same time, starting in September, all citizens who choose to visit this country must undergo a procedure such as fingerprinting – to submit biometric data.

Fingerprinting means, the fingerprinting, and also provide electronic photos for the employees of the Consulate.

To become a proud owner of visa stickers, making it on your own or through a travel company, for Russian, Ukrainians and Belarusians will need to perform two simple steps – collect is an important and integral set of documents, and then provide them to the consular section in the respective city. Such a procedure will have to do for both adults and young tourists.

It should be noted that Bulgaria is still only in the process of obtaining permission for participation in the Schengen Union. For this reason most of the tourists prefer to collect the documents necessary for a national visa. At the Embassy, you can choose one from several provided by the clearances, and some of them are quite simple in design and do not require additional documents.

If Schengen?

dejstvuet li SHengen?

Tourists who already have a Schengen visa in the passport, you can safely enter the territory of Bulgaria. Despite the fact that Bulgaria is still only receives the status of the Schengen agreement, on its resorts you can visit those who have in their passport entry permit category C or D.

Who doesn't need a permit?

From having to make a visa to Bulgaria are exempted EU citizens, as well as those who are registered and living in United States, Canada, Israel and Australia.

You can also access the resorts of this country can not only travelers who have Schengen, but those who got the visa in such countries as Cyprus, Croatia and Romania. National stamps allowing these States apply to Bulgaria.


For tourists who decided to visit Bulgaria, there are several types of permits to enter, allowing you to freely cross borders of this country.

Each visa has its own nuances in design, so you should read the important information.


pravo na vezd v turisticheskih celyah

The most simple and convenient type of visa – tourist. Approval happens very often, so tourists should have no problems with the design. The permit allows applicant to enter the territory of the country and stay at its resorts for a specific time period.

Tourist visa is issued on the basis that the applicant is in possession of documents proving that he can to ensure his stay on the basis of a specific amount. Thus, the validity of this visa does not exceed 90days.


A very convenient way to open a visa to Bulgaria is to assemble a team of a certain number of people who have decided to organize to go on a tour of the country. For this it is important that the group consisted of 5 people and more, they must have a common goal of travel, and the list of documents required.

This visa is a single entrythat involves only one visit to this country. The period of stay for such permission document should not exceed 30 days. If there are reasons, USCIS may issue a double entry visa for group of stay on the territory of Bulgaria.


There are times when you just need to enter the territory of Bulgaria for a short time, and their goal is to transit through this country. If the waiting time of the next flight exceeds a period of 8 hours, before you leave the airport, will have to make a transit entry permit. It gives the opportunity to be in the country within a specified time.

Visa D

In the case where it is necessary to obtain a residence permit while staying in this state for obtaining the necessary documents for applicants under the immigrant visa – a permit that is issued for a period up to 1 year.

It should be noted that for retireeswho wish to obtain a residence permit are loyal conditions. They must first obtain a visa "D" and then to issue a residence permit. In Bulgaria, the law "On foreigners", according to which consent to long-term residence granted to those who are entitled to pension contributions sufficient to stay the amount of money, health insurance and housing.

kategoriya D

Also this visa is issued to citizens of the Russian Federation, which plan:

  • Conduct research;
  • To undergo training;
  • To education;
  • To follow a business trip.

This visa is single entry, and time consideration, very long – up to 30 days.

For receiving you have to collect a package of additional documents to justify the purpose of his visit.

How to get?

Obtaining permission to enter Bulgaria implies the presence of a specific set of documents. It is important to prepare in advance for their filing, checking each item for the presence and the absence of errors, otherwise, refusal to follow.

Where can I apply?

After got to work out which visa is needed to visit Bulgaria, you should determine the place of filing.

All of the collected package of documents required to convey to the visa center, the consular Department or accredited Agency as directly at the Consulate General from individuals not taking them. You should do this for 15-30 days prior to the trip.

Total in Russia at the moment there are 19 visa centers, and you should choose one that is closer to their own locality. They can be found in such cities as Kazan, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara and many other cities. The exact address can be found on the portal of the Bulgarian Visa center.

gde poluchit?

Addresses and contacts of the centres for issuing visas in major cities:

  1. Moscow – Suschevsky Val, 31, p. 2 (walking distance from metro "Maryina Roshcha" or "Savelovsky");
  2. Saint Petersburg – Chkalovsky prospect, building 7 (metro station "Chkalovskaya", the landmark shopping center Chkalovsky, 2 floor);
  3. Ekaterinburg – St. Kuibyshev, d. 44 (reference 2 floor business-hotel Panorama);
  4. Krasnodar – Komsomolskaya str., 6;
  5. Nizhny Novgorod – Osharskaya street, 16.;
  6. Samara – Sadovaya str., 263.

Acceptance of documents takes place from 9 am to 16:00, and their results from 10 am to 16:00. Typically, the receiving state, appoint the employees of the visa centre.

It is important to remember that pre-filing documents online (via the Internet) at the visa application centres is not provided and they are provided directly in person. To start the process, you must gather the specified documents, make an appointment at the visa application centre, pay the visa fee, and then submit the documents to the appropriate box and receive the permit.

If you need a tourist visa, it is recommended to contact by telephone with the staff of the visa center to confirm the time of admission.

If a visa is required D, it would require pre-registration at the Embassy or Consulate of Bulgaria. At the visa centres this category of visa will not be issued. But on the Embassy website is a useful button "readiness check visa D", clicking on which youto know the status of registration.

Required documents

podacha dokumentov

Depending on which visa is required for travel to Bulgaria, tourists need to have a complete set of documents. For every traveler who wants to get into this country, including children, need to collect the following standard package:

  • A completed and thoroughly checked the new form "application questionnaire", signed by the applicant;
  • The photomeets the requirements for Schengen visa;
  • Passport, the validity of which shall be not less than 90 days;
  • A valid passport with copies of all filled pages;
  • Health insurance policycalculated on the amount of insurance of EUR 30 000;
  • Tickets with the exact dates of the trip or print reservation/railway, air, bus;
  • Certificate of employmentstating the position, seniority and salary;
  • Certificate from pension Fund about the amount of the pension for 3 months (for seniors).

The list of these documents can be added required for different types of visas. For example, a tourist visa will need to make hotel reservation, printed on a printer or Fax. The form should be provided information such as payment, surname, name and patronymic of the applicant, details of the hotel. Will also need a tourist voucher is the most important document confirming the ability to support yourself for the entire trip across the country.

For the following types of visas also require additional documents:

  1. Individual tourists – hotel booking and cheque card (or account statement);
  2. By private invitation – the invitation and cheque card (statement of account);
  3. Business visa – invitation letter from company and letter of sponsorship;
  4. Transit visa – hotel reservation and tickets to a third country.

In order to obtain an immigrant visa category "D", tourists need to carry documents confirming the validity of stay in the country for such a long period.

Photo requirements and submission of documents

parametry foto

Easy enough to apply yourselfby following correct algorithm design. To do this, go to the portal of the Embassy and find it a "form to fill", there are sample.

The questionnaire should be careful to make all your data in print or by hand after printing the document.

Requirements to the application form the following:

  • Name should be filled in capital Latin characters;
  • Dates are filled with numbers in the format DD.MM.YYYY;
  • Gender is in the format: female – F, male – M;
  • Passport data are written without number and spaces;
  • The voucher number is written as digits and the points;
  • The names of the tour operators, hotels and resorts fit Russian letters.

If you responsibly approach to execution of documents, when applying for a visa should have no problems.

It is especially important to approach with all responsibility to the photos. In order to avoid mistakes, they can be made at the visa application center or directly on site. For the questionnaire, the required color format 35*45 mm without the white corners. The face should not be points or strands of hair, and it is important that the photograph was relevant, consistent with the real image.

Particulars of child

Regardless of age, children will also need to obtain a visa to enter Bulgaria. To do this, parents need to submit at the visa application center standard set of documentssuch as birth certificate, passport, application form with photo and a letter from the sponsor and a letter from the school.

The nuances of visas for young tourists are:

  1. For children under 14 years of age served birth certificate;
  2. For those who are traveling without parents – the certified agreement;
  3. To travel with only one parent – the resolution of the second;
  4. For kids under guardianship – letter from the guardian.

If a child does not own a foreign passport, the visa stamped in the passport of the parent, and if there is, then the visa is placed directly in the document of the baby. While the price of such entry permits will cost the same as for an adult.

Important points

vazhnye detali

Visa options to Bulgaria quite a lot, so tourists can easily choose the suitable. But it is necessary to know some points that in this case an important no less.


A must-have item to enter Bulgariais having health insurance.

It must be obtained from an accredited company with the specified amount of not less than 30 000 euros.

The validity of this document should fully cover the entire stay in the country. In order to choose the best insurance, you should tell the agent about the destination, and that journey will take place in Bulgaria.

The cost

The question of the cost of the visa to Bulgaria is always relevant, so you should give it due consideration. Because this country is party to the Schengen agreement, the price for the visa is a standard – 35 euros. It should be noted that this amount is not refundable in case of failure, therefore careful attention to the submission of the documents minimizes costs.

In addition to the principal amount of, tourists will be charged a consular fee of EUR 19. Payment may be made in rubles at the exchange rate at the time of filing, and the European currency. The money for the visa and for the collection handed to a representative of the immigration service in the same "window".

From payment shall be exempt as follows:

  • Children up to 6 years;
  • Persons with disabilities;
  • Relatives of the inhabitants of Bulgaria;
  • Students in educational institutions of the country;
  • Members of international delegations;
  • Participants of exchange programs;
  • Residents of the Russian Federation entering with humanitarian purpose.

In the list of visa service companies includes urgent visa. It is done in 1 day and cost 70 euros. In this case a service charge of EUR 19 remains the same.

When applying through a travel Agency, the amount for obtaining entry permits can cost 10-20 euros more, because the agents charge for their services a certain interest. But throughout the process staff will accompany and suggest that significantly reduces the number of errors. Overall, this service is justified, particularly where lives the applicant, not the visa application center or no ability to independently gather the documents.

The timing of the approval

Standard terms of the visa to Bulgaria – from four working days, urgent – 1 to 2 days, excluding the date of submission. The regional visa centres such terms may vary.

We encourage you to watch a video about the design of Bulgarian visa: