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Tourist visa to the Netherlands, Amsterdam: list of documents for the Russians

viza v Amsterdam dlya rossiyan

The Netherlands is a state in whose territory the Schengen agreement. But if the visa in Amsterdam for the Russians available Schengen, then other areas of the Netherlands outside Europe (Aruba, curaçao, Sint Maarten, Caribbean Netherlands), this agreement does not apply.

Check-in Amsterdam

poseshenie stolicy

If you are going to fly to the capital of the Netherlands, make sure that all documents were in order.

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Do I need a permit in the Netherlands for the Russians?

Visa in Amsterdam for the Russians is necessary for any citizen wishing to come to the capital of the Netherlands. The document is issued via the travel company or by yourself.

Citizens of Russia can make the necessary documents at the official representative offices of the European States and the visa application centre in the Russian capital and the Northern capital.

What kind of visa you will need: types, and for how long give?

kakoe razreshenie trebuetsya?

The Russians, gathering to visit in the Netherlands, requires a Schengen, national or transit visa.

  • The vast majority of visitors of Holland requesting a Schengen visaentitling to enter the country for various purposes. The Russians may be in the Netherlands for the purposes of tourism (tourist visa), business (business visa), an official or a private visit (and guest on the invitation), the latter type includes a visit to relatives.

    Short-stay visas in the Netherlands category with the purpose of tourism are issued for a period of 45 days (duration of stay in the country up to 30 days). Two-time permits are issued only for the personal visit for a period of 45 days (duration of stay in the country should also not exceed 30 days).

  • National visa, type MVV entitles its holder to live, work and get an education in the country. It allows you to stay in the Netherlands longer on the basis of issued residence permit (residence permit), and the validity dates also have limitations.
  • A national visa have to do to those who work in the Netherlands, plans to enroll in the educational institution, or those who live in the country close relatives.

  • The Russians should have a transit visawhen in the airport of Amsterdam is going to do the transplant in a non-Schengen country. This document allows you to cross the Dutch border, in addition, citizens of Russia need a visa of the state where they're going.

    Transit visa is issued for 45 days, but the period of stay in the Netherlands for one trip should not exceed 3 days.


It is important to know which organizations are engaged in the manufacture of visas officially, and what documents are required for this.

Where is issued?

Visa application centres in Moscow and Northern capital are at the following addresses:

  1. in Moscow - shchipok str, 11 bld. 1, 115054;
  2. in St. Petersburg - Bolshaya Raznochinnaya, 16/7 house, business centre "Chkalovsky", 2nd floor, 197110.

To make an appointment to Russian citizens in advance. A record of each applicant separately, including children who are minors.

Visa centers issued only short-term visas, and the Embassy is long – term. The Dutch Embassy is located at the address: 115127, Moscow, Kalashny pereulok, 6. At the reception you can enroll over the phone, or email.

A list of documents

Apply, fill out a special form and enclose the following package of documents:

  • A valid passportissued to the applicant not more than 10 years ago, you must have at least 2 blank pages;
  • Page fully otcherednogo passport;
  • Old passport, if any;
  • Photocopies of Russian passport, the pages onwhich includes personal data and registration information;
  • Application form for visa;
  • 2 photosmade in compliance with ICAO. Size - 35h40 mm. On a light background should be well visible appearance, namely the face, neck and shoulders. The presence in the frame of accessories that can distort the appearance, not allowed;
  • paket dokumentov

  • Medical insurance (30 thousand euros);
  • Your booking from the residence;
  • Booking tickets for all modes of transport with indication of the date of repatriation;
  • Documents proving financial solvency: Bank statement and sponsorship letter. It is important that from the moment of the currency purchase was not more than 1 month. Account should be a sufficient amount of money, at the rate of 34 Euro per person per day in addition to the reservation of accommodation;
  • The document confirming the social status of the citizen: students – a certificate from the University or language school, business – INN with documents that prove their legal activity, civil servants – reference from place of work.

For Russian citizens arriving in the Netherlands on the private, formal, official or business invitation, you will need to collect additional documents:

  1. A personal invitationissued in accordance with the established sample;
  2. A cover letter from the Russian company, it is necessary for travel related to the business;
  3. Help Garant-verklaring from the inviting party, the identity of the one who invites, the certificate of his income and proof of relationship need for private visits;
  4. Confirmation of membership for entering in the composition of delegations.

For childrenunder the age of majority, you need to prepare the following paper:

  • The questionnaire for each child certified by the parents or guardians;
  • 2 photos 3,5x4,5 cm;
  • A copy of the birth certificate of the child;
  • Copies of Russian passports of father and mother;
  • The invitation for the baby containing all the necessary data;
  • The consent, notarized, give it to the parents. When the law parental rights on the child belongs to his father or mother, you must submit the relevant document.

When children make later visa visa parents, require a valid copy of their Schengen visa.

spisok neobhodimyh bumag

In the design of national visas you will need another blank questionnaire forms, and must present original documents. For example: Russians going to work, you need an employment contract and the student agreement on admission to the University.

Applicants wishing to enter into a legal marriage with citizens of the Netherlands must take a special exam to prove knowledge of the Dutch language and culture.

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Traveling from Russia can not be interested in the size of the consular fee and other issues.

How much is it?


The Schengen area for adults and children 6-12 years old costs 2,500 rubles for a Schengen visa for children under 6 years the visa fee is not charged. Manufacturer national visas will cost 28-230 Euro (1900-15750 RUB).

Production time

In Moscow and SPB on the paperwork required up to 14 days. Urgent visa made within 3 days, excluding the day of submission.

Apply online, book an appointment, check the status of your visa online on the official website of the visa center.

The reasons for the refusal

A citizen can be refused if incorrectly completed the application form, the visa fee is not returned. The Russians don't issue the visa once the documents for any reason are not satisfied with the Consulate. A citizen has the right to request again.

Categories of visas in the Netherlands and required documents - in this video: