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Do I need a visa in the UAE: how to get, how much is done and is for the Russians?

viza v OAE dlya rossiyan

UAE are attracted by the unique sights and culture. Before the trip, many travellers are wondering whether you need a visa to get into United Arab Emirates. To understand it it is necessary immediately to avoid any unpleasant situations.

Do I need a visa to UAE?

nuzhen li vizovyj dokument v Emiraty?

The tourists traveling for the first time, puzzled by the questions, do I need a visa in UAE, what is required to obtain, and generally what she looks like. In this article you can find answers to these and other questions.

The process of obtaining the visa document must not be called simple, so it should see.

  • Russians need a visa, but we must remember that it is made at the visa centre. To her in this case, it is possible within a few days.
  • Ukrainians. Ukrainian citizens also need a visa. Without it, a foreigner will not be allowed. To obtain it going the usual package of documents.
  • The Belarusians. The citizens of this state also can not avoid visa. She executed several days. The documents specified. It varies depending on the type of visa.

The types of visa documents

There are several types of visas, which citizens will be able to cross the border of the UAE. They vary depending on the purpose of the trip.


Need if to visit the country the applicant wants as a tourist. You will need a sponsor who may be a carrier, hotel or travel company. The hotel should have four or five stars. This type of visa gives the right to stay in the state not more than 30 days.

Guest and invitation

Is necessary, if on the territory of the state legally residing relatives. Necessary to provide a reference who can attest to this fact, applying them to a standard package of documents. This type of visa is 60 days.

At the invitation of visa is also suitable if you need to visit relatives in the Emirates. For this we must have an official invitation and attach it to the documents. This visa can be prolonged to be necessary in the UAE. It operates for 60 days.

Working and resident

Working visa is needed for business trips, for solving questions in business. If it's a business trip, it is necessary to have a document issued by the employer, has the stamp of the company signature of Director. With this document you can stay in the country for 60 days.

The residency visa will also work, if the trip is work-related. An employment contract can be applied to standard documents. The term has this visa is very long: 3 years.

Allowed to have a residence visa and for those who have in UAE has its own property.


studencheskoe razreshenie

As the name implies, you need this visa in order to study. You will need documents from the educational institution confirming the admission of the foreigner. You may need receipts for paid training. The visa validity is different from 3 months to 1 year. If necessary, may be extended.


Is necessary if the flights have to through the UAE. Foreigners are allowed to stay only in the airport, its limits, he has no right to leave. The length of stay is 96 hours.


Is issued to a foreigner if he travels working on a cruise shipthat stops in the port state. It gives the right to the city, but spending a lot of time in this state is impossible. Stay in the Emirates - 4 days.

Where and how can I get one?

The applicant can obtain a visa at specialized centers.

Visa application centres

There are a large number of visa centers. Here, take the documents to the visa officers consult for tourists, I can tell you how to properly fill out the questionnaire. These centers have their own websites where you can apply online. In Russia there are three such centers:

  1. Visa application center Abu Dhabi in Moscow. Address: Bolshaya Molchanovka, 30/7. The documents are here: www.ttsuaevisas.com. If you can not come to the capital, you should go to the website and complete the questionnaire. Skype does not work, but the applicants have the ability to track the process of registration online. When the form is filled, the documents are attached, they are sent to the center.
  2. On the website you can track information about verified documents or not. Response to the visa and the document will be sent to your personal account on the site, or postal address.

  3. Visa Central Asia in Moscow. Address: Pyatnitskaya str., 43, building 3, office 5. Official website will help tourists: asiavc.ru/uae/. Center staff can help in the design of all types of visas. Forms, paper will be checked several times. If admitted applicant error, the experts will help to fix it. If documents are sent via the Internet, to contact you on Skype, which speeds up the process of registration.
  4. vizovyj centr stran Azii

  5. Visa application centre UAE in Saint-Petersburg. Address: Nevsky prospect, 55. Submit an application and documents in the office and on the website www.dubaivisa.net. The advantage is that you can contact the center. Their contacts are listed on the website.

    The visa processing takes place very quickly, within 5-8 days. You can get it both in the office and via e-mail. If the user sends documents via the Internet, you need to provide an email. After a few days the visa will be sent to this email address.

In Ukraine there is a center called "Visa Kiev". Address: city Kyiv, Yevhen Konovalets, 36/D. can be Contacted by e-mail: office@visa-ua.kiev.ua. It is possible to issue different types of visas, send documents via the Internet. The period of registration does not exceed 10-12 days.

In Belarus the visa application centre with the same name is located at the address: Minsk, Komsomolskaya str., 18, office 210. Questions you can ask at the address below: infovizacenter@gmail.com. Documents can be sent via the Internet, the questionnaire is also completed online. Issue a visa within 8 to 10 days.


The Embassy address only diplomats and dignitaries. Visas for tourists and travellers in the UAE Embassy is impossible. Go there only in more important issues, and the purpose of travel serve events at the state level.

Ambassadors, diplomats can contact the Embassy, on the Internet documents to send in this case will not work. This is even more serious process, so appear with the collected papers have personally. The Trustee will also be able to bring the papers to the office. Possible interview which should be prepared in advance.

  • In Russia the Embassy located in Moscow to the address: the street, 4. Contact by E-mail: uae@col.ru.
  • Embassy in Ukraine: Kiev, St Novoselytsya 3. Email: itlc@ukr.net.
  • Belarus Embassy is located at the address: Minsk, street of Kuibyshev, 12. Website: uaeembassy.by.


The airline Emirates (aircraft landed in Dubai) and Etihad Airways (staying in the capital of the country - Abu Dhabi) can give you a visa. These airlines also have visa application centres in Moscow and official sites where you can also apply for registration of the document. Prerequisite - ticket purchase in these carriers.

The order of registration

poryadok dejstvij

To read the documents of tourists it is necessary very carefully. If you can not provide all the papers, you might face rejection. In this case it is necessary to correct the error and to contact the experts again.

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The algorithm of actions

What do you need to get a visa to the Emirates? First, it is necessary to familiarize with the list of documents, then to each of them. It's better to check all official documents. Further, the documents submitted at the visa application centre or travel company.

Thus it is necessary to read the rules of submission of papers. In some cases there are changes.

When the documents are submitted, it remains only to wait for an answer. It comes in a few days. Document obtained at the visa application center or print, if the order was submitted online.

The documents

For a standard tourist visa in the UAE are the following documents:

  1. Passport. You need one scanned copy of the page with photo and signature of passport in color;
  2. Plane tickets round trip;
  3. Your booking of hotel or the invitation. If the trip will take place on the invitation, you will need a scan of the passport of the inviter;
  4. Photos. You need to have one color photograph and scan;
  5. The form-questionnaire;
  6. Certificate from the Bank for confirmation of income on form 2-NDFL for last 6 months.

Women under 30 years of ageif they are traveling alone, you may need permission from the legal representatives. Emirates authorities thus protect the state from the ladies who illegally remain in the country and earn a living by prostitution.

Girls can additionally arrange the insurance from not departure abroad, in the event that it was possible to cover the costs.

Documents for minors:

  • The passport of the child. If not, all data will be recorded in the passport of the parent;
  • Medical insurance;
  • The power of attorney. If a child is traveling without parents, and with a companion or with one of the parents. The power of attorney must be notarized.

Photo requirements

parametry fotografii

Photos must be in color. Size 3*4. The face must be visible well, a minimum of make-up, and you do not want to be photographed in a headdress.

When online registration also can not forget about the photo. Requirements for online registration are similar: the photo must be in colour, and the size of 350×350 1000×1000 pixels. Photo scanned and sent with the documents.

How to obtain permission to enter without a tour?

The visa can be open without the help of travel agencies. In order to independently obtain a UAE visa, you must go to the visa application centre and provide the standard package of documents. An obligatory condition should be the hotel booking, it may be cause for the issuance of a visa.

For women travelling alone must be booked in a higher category hotel.

Other details of the confirmation

You should familiarize yourself with other features that are equally important when you visit this country.

How much is it?

The cost of visas for Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russian citizens about the same. The price of this document may insignificantly vary depending on where it is asked the tourist to the visa center or Consulate:

  1. Tourist visa - about $ 90;
  2. Guest and by invitation - from 250 to $ 500;
  3. Working and resident - from 350 to 450 dollars;
  4. Student - $400;
  5. Transit - $65;
  6. Cruise - $95.

You need to remember that is additional and official visa fee. Price official - $ 65. And additional is paid if the visa is running out and the document is issued at an accelerated rate. The cost of the extra collection - $ 130. If the fed documents to a few people, it could rise to $ 170.

How long done?

skolko delaetsya?

To receive this document does not require a lot of time. On average, this period varies from two to ten days. All depends on the workload of the visa center, travel company. Also the term will be minimal if you pay the fee for expedited processing.

How to extend the validity period?

Extended document at the Embassy, but it must be serious reasons:training, work, activities in the field of business, arts, sports.

The package of documents for renewal will not be different from that which is provided for trips to the country.


When crossing the border, there are certain customs rules and rules of stay in the Emirates that should be followed in order to avoid trouble, and in the worst case deportation.

Can not be imported:

  • Drugs;
  • Products of Israel;
  • Machines for gambling;
  • Used tires;
  • Homemade food;
  • Counterfeit banknotes;
  • Publications, books that contradict the norms of Islam;
  • Goods from the States which declared a boycott;
  • The importation of alcohol is limited to two liters per person.

The rules of being in the country:

  1. Women are forbidden to appear on the street with an open abdomen, back, decollete, shoulders. Clothing should be modest, not causing. The skirt should be long;
  2. Men are not encouraged to wear football shorts. You should wear pants and a shirt;
  3. Public romance is banned. Not hugging and kissing in public;
  4. With local residents it is recommended not to flirt. A foreigner can make comments;
  5. Alcohol is almost banned. For drinking alcohol on the street is fine;
  6. Do not take pictures of Arab women, mosques and temples. This is tantamount to espionage;
  7. It is impossible to use foul language and showing obscene gestures;
  8. It is forbidden to talk loudly on the phone. This can lead to a fine;
  9. To strip down to a swimsuit is allowed on all beaches. To study this question in advance, to pay attention to the signs, otherwise you'll have to pay a fine.

Despite the above rules, in the UAE you can spend holidays in the best way. The state provides a comfortable environment for guests, so there will be only positive memories. A bored traveler certainly will not.

Recommend you watch the video, where there is detailed information about visa procedures in the UAE: