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The passport of the new sample documents, a sample application, how to fill?

zagranpasport novogo obrazca: dokumenty i obrazec zapolneniya

Since 2010, Russian citizens can apply for the biometric passport with a validity of 10 years – the passport of the new sample. What are its advantages? And what are the disadvantages? And how to properly execute the documents? All about it in our article.

How does he look?

To distinguish a new passport from the old snap – on the cover of a biometric passport at the bottom is the logo of the chip. It is now 46 pages instead of the previous 38, and the second page is a plastic insert with an extra layer of protection. The penultimate page is stitched with a metal band on the right edge.

kak vyglyadit zagranichnyj pasport novogo obrazca?

The advantages of the passport of the new generation:

  • Period of validity – 10 years, and will have to change soon;
  • In connection with the increased shelf life it has more pages for visas and stamps of border services;

  • The biometric passport has a reliable protection against fakes – a microchip with colour picture and info of the owner. From 2016 it also contains a fingerprint card of the owner of the passport, if the issuing office is equipped with dactyloscopus;
  • On the border reading information from the chip is instantaneous, and passport control you go faster;
  • In some countries the entry of foreign passport of the old sample (without chip) impossible (e.g. in the USA).

But there are disadvantages:

  • Increased stamp duty for the issuance;
  • The biometric passport you cannot enter the child. Accordingly, he will have to make a separate passport and to issue a separate visa, and that's extra money;
  • For newborns also have to make a separate passport. But in a few years the child grows up, and his face can change beyond recognition. This can cause difficulties at passport control, and will have to make a new passport before the expiry date of the old;
  • The microchip is fragile and to handle with a biometric passport need to be careful not to fold and do not press it, not to break the chip. A passport with a damaged chip is invalid.

The procedure for obtaining a passport for 10 years

To apply for a biometric passport for 10 years can any citizen of the Russian Federation. This can be done personally, having come with the required package of documents to the Federal migration service at the place of residence, or through the Internet portal of public services.

When applying through the portal photo download via the Internet. If your FMS is equipped with a photo booth, the paper version to bring not necessary.

poryadok polucheniya biometricheskogo pasporta

List of papers required for registration

For persons over 18 years:

  1. Completed application form – 2 PCs;
  2. Internal passport – original and copy pages of information;
  3. Military ID (for men from 18 to 27 years) or permission command;
  4. 2 identical photos;
  5. Previous passport, if the validity period is not expired.
  6. The application in any form + documents (passport, residence permit, visa, birth certificate, marriage certificate) (if you need the specific spelling of the family name or the name of the owner of the passport of the new sample in the Latin alphabet in accordance with the submitted documents) – for example, when the transcription of names and surnames with the letter "I" variants "ya" and "ia" with "x" as "h" and "kh".

Men aged 18 to 27 years are not required to submit a certificate from the recruiting office that on the day of application they are not called up for military service or not directed to alternative civil service.

For children from 14 to 18 years:

  • Completed application form – 1 copy.;
  • Internal passport – original and copy pages of information;
  • Birth certificate – original and copy;
  • Passports of the parents or legal representatives – the originals and copies of pages of information;
  • 1 photo;
  • Previous passport, if the validity period is not expired.

Following is a sample questionnaire for a minor citizen:

perechen dokumentov neobhodimyh dlya oformleniya zagranpasporta

For children under 14 years:

  1. Completed application form – 1 copy.;
  2. Birth certificate – original and copy;
  3. Certificate of citizenship of the Russian Federation, if it is not specified in the birth certificate – original and copy;
  4. Passports of the parents or legal representatives – the originals and copies of pages of information;
  5. 1 photo;
  6. Previous passport, if the validity period is not expired.

The fee in Moscow and other regions of the Russian Federation

The fee depends on the age of the applicant and in 2016 is:

  • For persons over 14 years - 3500 R.
  • For children up to 14 years - 1500 rubles.

The amount of the fee is the same throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. Residents of the Kaliningrad region from its payment released.

In the "Payer" must be set to the person issued the passport, even if it is a child up to 14 years.

Receipt of payment to submit to the Federal migration service is not required, but better to be safe and to attach it to the mandatory documents.

Pay the fee in any branch of a commercial Bank or savings Bank through teller or terminal, for self-payment of taxes and duties.

When paying via terminal fee is not charged and do not need to fill out a receipt, simply select the fee – "For the registration of the international passport of the new sample", the age category (younger or older than 14 years) and enter the address of the person to whom the passport is issued.

Details for payment of fees can take in your Department of the Federal migration service, on the website of the police Department of the MIA of the Russian Federation or the savings Bank Department (in the latter case, as a rule, it will be the details of the nearest FMS).

How many photos?

When applying through the portal photo download via the Internet. When applying in person at the FMS do not need pictures, take a picture of you on the spot. This picture is immediately printed on your statement, it is the same then it will be in the passport.

Most of the Federal migration service of Moscow and St. Petersburg are already equipped with photo booths, however, some are still asking for paper photos to registration of the passport of the new sample.

These photos will be used only for internal files, so the requirements are less stringent than for the old passport. The specific requirements of your FMS is better to check by phone.

skolko nuzhno fotografij dlya polucheniya zagranichnogo pasporta na 10 let?

General requirements to the photo on the biometric passport the following:

  • Black-and-white or color;
  • Size 3,5 x 4,5 cm;
  • The image of the face of a clear, strictly full face;
  • On matte paper;
  • If you normally wear glasses, take pictures with glasses;
  • Hats, in addition to the hijab, are not allowed.

For adults and children, only one picture. In some offices, the adult continues to require 2 photos and 2 copies of the questionnaire, although by law one is enough.

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The terms of producing and issuing the law

The official term of registration of the passport of the new sample is 1 calendar month. When applying through the website services, the count starts from the day of sending the applicant electronic messages about the application. In large cities, the passport can be ready faster in 2-3 weeks.

If you are applying for residence, which does not coincide with the registration address, the production time can take up to 4 months. after checking the data specified by you.

If you have had or have access to data of special importance or state secrets, the term of registration of the passport may be increased to 3 months.

The law allows to issue a passport in 3 working days, if the applicant is a citizen of the Russian Federation urgently need to travel outside the country:

  1. For emergency treatment abroad;
  2. In connection with the death of a close relative;
  3. In connection with the serious illness of a close relative.

The above circumstances have to be documented. A list of documents submitted at the police Department of the Ministry of interior.

Check the readiness passport

To check whetherthe passport, on the site of the police Department of the Ministry of interior . Another option when applying through the state services portal to subscribe to the service of the notice (in the form of SMS messages or emails to an email address).

proverka gotovnosti biometricheskogo zagranpasporta

When checking on the website of the Ministry of interior, it is sufficient to specify the serial number of the internal passport or birth certificate of the applicant.

You can call in the departments where you've applied. You will be asked to call the data of the internal passport, have it ready.

For those who live near the office, where he handed over the documents, there is another way. Every day on the information Board of the Department post a list of completed passports that can be obtained.

Is it possible and how to fill in the questionnaire?

Rules for filling:

  • The questionnaire can be filled in on the computer or by hand in black or blue pen.
  • To correct errors, cross out or use correctors impossible.
  • The questionnaire printed on a single sheet with two sides. The document, printed on two sheets will not be accepted.
  • The application is filled in one copy for both children and adults.

In the statement it is necessary to fill in all fields. Item 13 is filled, if you have a valid passport.

If you changed your name, surname, middle name more than once, in addition to the application you need to fill in Appendix №2.

The sample application for passport of new generation:

kak pravilno zapolnit anketu na zagranpasport novogo obrazca - obrazec

If in section 14 (information about work in the last 10 years) not enough lines, please fill in Appendix №2A.

Application for minor fills his legal representative. In PP. 1-9 specify information concerning the minor citizen, and on the reverse side of the statement in the PP.10-18 – data of the legal representative.

Signature of the applicant or minor citizen from 14 to 18 years need to be within the signature box without touching its edges.

Do I need to certify and attach a copy of the work book?

To assure the completed questionnaire at work is not necessary.

Neither the copy nor the original of the employment record when applying for a passport is not required. The applicant must indicate in the application information about his career over the past 10 years, including service and training, in exactly the form (name and address of the company, dates of employment and dismissal, position), as it is written in the workbook.

Special cases

osobye sluchai pri oformlenii zagranichnogo pasporta novogo pokoleniya

Replacement by changing the names

Unfortunately, the law provides the amendments to the biometric passport. Any change to the data (surname, name, patronymic, date and place of birth) recorded in the internal passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, automatically entails the obligation to change the passport.

Timing of replacement of the passport are the same as when you receive a new 1 month.

To go abroad with a passport in old name in if you already have a visa.

When crossing the border the border control staff will look at your visa and passport, so they must be on one name. Internal passport for crossing the border are not needed. If the visa yet, but the name and internal passport you have changed, you are denied the visa, foreign passport and you have to use a different name.

A passport with a security clearance and secrecy

If the job you have signed the form of access to data of special importance or top secret information classified as a state secret, you will not be able to issue the passport until the expiration of 5 years after the last admission.

What is better to choose biometric or old?

What passport to choose the old model for 5 years or biometric 10 – depends on your desire.

The passport of the new sample in the 10 years the all – around and secure more reliable, and the expiration date twice, and pages more, and go with him to any country.

But in some cases it makes sense to choose the passport of the old sample:

  • If you can not pay 3500r. for adult or 1500R. passport for child up to 14 years.

    For comparison, the passport of the old sample will cost 1200 and 2000 p. p. respectively. If you have a large family, the total cost for all members can be impressive.

  • If you plan in the passport to enter the child and don't want to make him a separate passport.

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