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Photo requirements in the passport of the new sample: what you need photos of?

trebovaniya na foto na zagranpasport novogo obrazca

With the introduction of passports of the new type, photo requirements for a document is changed by law.

A large part of the offices of the FMS are equipped with professional equipment for photography. They have special settings to create the digital image, which will fully meet the requirements.

The Immigration officers themselves take pictures and then edit them using modern editing programs. In the new international passports have an embedded chip that contains biometric information, as well as in the documents used digital photos.

What you should know?

The old-style passports continue to issue, although their number is limited. Such documents, usually made in urgent and emergency caseswhen the applicant does not have a sufficient amount of time to wait.

For issuance in the form are entered data on the applicant, pasted a standard photo for the passport. Digital images are not used. Because the execution of a document of the old sample, an applicant must submit a paper photo, made according to the old standards (they have not been canceled).

For paper and digital versions of the photos has its own rules. The inspectors of the FMS is required to provide photos even in the case of registration of biometric passports. Because they will need while working with questionnaires and personal cards.

New rules of registration of passports in the following video:

What pictures need?

To issue the biometric passport (with an embedded chip) with a validity of 10 years, you need to provide two photos with a single block. They must fully comply with the established rules:

  • Color or black-and-white format;
  • Dimensions – 45 mm x 35 mm;
  • The person depicted only from the front, all the features are clearly visible;
  • Matte image.

Photo requirements for biometric passports are more loyal than the ID of the old model.

The will do directly to the Immigration officer at the time of filing. However, if all the requirements are not strictly met, the image may be rejected.

kakie fotografii nuzhny na zagranichnyj pasport

Requirements for the passport of the old generation:

  • Snapshot options: 45 mm x 35 mm;
  • Photography is strictly on matte paper;
  • At the bottom of the image should be blurred oval;
  • The face of the applicant strictly in full face position;
  • The background is white, the clothing of the applicant – a different shade (it is rather a wish than a requirement).

Important! For passports of the older generation is 3 pictures in one unit (children under 18 years of age 2 photos).

Requirements for clothing applicants:

  1. Forbidden pictures in uniform (government agencies, police, emergency, etc.);
  2. Business dress is required in the case of filing documents directly to the Ministry;
  3. Free style – for other candidates.

Face, sunglasses and hats:

  • Strictly upright position of the head;
  • Look at the camera lens;
  • Facial expressions are not allowed (smiling, squinting, etc.);
  • Any headgear is prohibited. An exception is provided for persons who for religious reasons always wear a hat;
  • Tinted and sunglasses in the picture are prohibited.
  • trebovaniya k fotografiyam na staryj obrazec zagranpasporta

    Allowed photos in corrective vision glasses with clear lenses. But in the photo must be clearly visible to the eye, the frames must not cover the eyes, in the photo missing the glare from the flash.

Electronic format for the portal

The registration of the international passport through a portal of State services every year becoming more popular. The applicant, when filing the documents through Internet shall attach a file with digital photos. Below photo was taken by the system, it must meet the following parameters:

  1. The JPEG file format.
  2. Resolutions up to 450 dpi.
  3. Size 200 to 300 KB.
  4. Black and white photo – 8 bit color – 24 bit.
  5. The snapshot parameters equal paper (35mm x 45mm).

Is it possible to makethe?

Allowed to make high-quality photos for passport. On personal computer the software is installed and kept for the stated conditions. Also, the applicant may appeal to a specialized shop. The resulting picture is loaded to removable media, and then sent to the FMS through the portal of public Services.

Experts advise not to risk their time and spent effort and are strongly recommended to consult specialists.

A passport will be issued only in case of availability of applicant's original documents – passports, relevant photos and other related documents.

mozhno li samostoyatelno sdelat snimok?

If the applicant wishes solely to take pictures, professionals recommend the following:

  • Use as background smooth white surface (wall, fabric);
  • If possible, use professional equipment;
  • Use clothes style contrasting tones;
  • Do not wear sunglasses shades, sunglasses. If you always wear corrective vision glasses, keep in the picture left the glare from the flash. But it is better photographed without glasses;
  • Treat the proven graphical editor;
  • Maintain the technical parameters in strict compliance with standards, legally mandated.