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What medications to take with you on vacation with a child on the list in your first aid kit

kakie lekarstva brat s soboj na otdyh s rebenkom na more?

Kid first goes with his parents on holiday to the sea. What awaits him – the thrills, fun and entertainment or unpleasant surprises in the form of ailments, poisoning, overheating and other calamities?

Much depends on the readiness of adults to a long trip with a baby in hot climate. Special attention should be given to recruiting the "right" kit for a child.

First aid kit for baby: the list of the most necessary

On the road and on vacation even adult are not immune from sudden illness, not to mention the little traveler. In the way, and on the coveted coast of the sea is not always there is the doctor, able to provide first aid. Also look for the nearest pharmacy is sometimes just once: immediate action is needed.

Therefore prudent parents prepare a first-aid kit, which is stocked medicines and remedies for the baby and for themselves.

Important! To complete the kit better from proven, previously used drugs to which the child has no allergies.

So, what you may need at sea:

  • Analgesic and antipyretic means: paracetamol or Nurofen, diclofenac gel, Nise and similar medicines.

    On the background of acclimatization of the baby's immunity is weakened. To prevent the development of colds to reduce pain, may be useful to these drugs.

  • Anti-poisoning: enterosgel smectite or, furazolidone or enterofuril, regidron or other saline solutions.

    On the beach or vacationers face many temptations: delicious cakes and fragrant pasties, exotic dishes and tempting fruit. How to refuse a little Caprice, who is not averse to eat this variety?

    Even if parents believe that give the child freshly washed fruits and healthy foods, the intestines of the baby can "rebel" due to the penetration into it of unknown food. Therefore, without the above-mentioned means are indispensable.

  • spisok samyh neobhodimyh lekarstv dlya malyshej v otpusk na more

  • Antihistamines: zyrtec or suprastin, fenistil gel, other means suitable to the child's age.

    Allergies during travel and recreation can occur literally everything: from insect bites to food. First mate vs hazardous reactions will these drugs.

  • Healing and remedies for first aid: peroxide of hydrogen, balsam "Rescuer" bepanten, panthenol, green, bactericidal plaster, bandage usual sterile and supple.

    The miracle of hope is not: even the calmest child can't sit still for more than an hour – he wants to frolic, to run on the Bank and swim in the sea. A consequence of such mobility is inevitable abrasions, wounds, cuts that need fast processing.

  • Drugs against the common cold, otitis media, cough: proven nose drops (ksimelin, glycine), constricts blood vessels, spray polideksa, otipax, sofradeks or Garson (containing antibiotic), chloramphenicol, spray tantum Verde.

    Cold, sand in the eyes or ears can cause conjunctivitis and otitis, sore throat. To save a child from pain will help these drugs.

  • Protection and prevention: sunscreen with vitamin E (it is advisable to check it before going to an allergic reaction), electronic thermometer (mercury it is safer in the trip), cotton pads and sticks, wet wipes, sunglasses, Panama.

Tip: the dosage form in the form of pills and tubes of ointments and gels are preferable to candles and syrups, as the latter should not be stored at high temperature.

You need to take: remedies for motion sickness and not only

The risk of illness, poisoning and ailments lies in wait for family travelers not only at sea but also in the way. Therefore, in addition to the collected medicines should be reserved:

  • means against motion sickness: dramina (1 year), air-sea (with 3 years), Bonine, Kokoulin;
  • chto nuzhno vzyat v dorozhnuu aptechku?

  • means to reduce pain in the ears during takeoff:sucking lollipops and vasoconstrictor nose drops (glycine, ksimelin).

Those with chronic disease need to take medicines, warning, or stopping the attacks of the disease. Of course, Allergy sufferers, asthmatics and cores are aware of their health problems, but to remind you to put drugs on the road will be useful.

You can't take Luggage or hidden on the bottom of the bags of drugs so-called "emergency" aid, disinfectant and wound-healing, anti-Allergy, high blood pressure, heart pains should always be at hand!

On vacation with a baby: medicine for the little ones

Of course, until the baby is three months it is advisable to forget about long journeys quite a baby yet, do not live accustomed to, not something that is going away from home.

Owing to the imperfection of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous and many other body systems of the baby easily and quickly overcome all sorts of ailments, diseases and disorders. Isn't it better to face a difficult period at home, where the mother is calm and confident in the er family and the pediatrician?

However, circumstances may be different, and the beliefs of modern parents do not always coincide with the wishes of the doctors. Brave parents who decided to go on vacation to the sea with a baby who was not yet a year old, to collect children's first aid kit needs with full seriousness and taking into account all possible negative factors.

neobhodimye medikamenty v otpusk s grudnichkami

The list of medicines and remedies previously mentioned (pain-relieving, wound healing, anti-histamine, to combat intestinal disorders and others), young parents have to add:

  • gripe water vs colic;
  • medication to relieve the pain of teething;
  • anti constipation;
  • baby cream and baby powder help with diaper rash and prickly heat.

Before the trip, it will not hurt to familiarize with the addresses of clinics and phone numbers of local pediatricians to quickly contact them in case of illness of the child. Guests can also arrange to call an urgent consultation with your pediatrician.

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How to prepare children for the journey?

The medical training the baby for the trip:

  1. a visit to the pediatrician with questions about possible complications in the health status of the child;
  2. more frequent and long walks in the fresh air;
  3. a month before the trip, a course of vitamins to improve the health of the immune system;
  4. for 3 to 4 days before departure and during the week upon arrival – welcome products that support intestinal flora (Linex and the like).

kak podgotovit rebenka k puteshestviu na more?

Before you travel, if the child is ill, you must cancel the trip or postpone it until complete recovery of the baby.

What medications can't I bring with me?

In the formation of sets of children's first aid kits must be mindful of the prohibition on the transportation of some medicines across the border. In most cases, the list of drugs for the child does not contain prohibited. However, you need to know that abroad is not allowed, if in the first aid kit present:

  • potent pain-relieving medications;
  • sleeping;
  • antidepressants and other drugs acting on the nervous system;
  • weight loss products and reduce appetite;
  • drugs and the drugs with composition (for example, valocordin and Corvalol).

Rules of transportation of drugs across the border each country has its own, so it is advisable to read the list of prohibited means in advance and take action.

Good luck in the trip with the child to the sea, health and only positive impressions!

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