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Where to go in the New Year with a child: in Russia, Europe, sea

kuda s rebenkom poehat na novyj god?

Thanks to the Russian government, which once decided to make the first ten days of the new year weekend.

The habit of adults, as children began to call them the holidays. Now is the opportunity to spend new year's decade with the use of, going with the child to rest. Already there was the top of the most popular for families with children places in the world.

Where to spend the holidays - top places

The majority of our citizens can afford the rest in Russia. Therefore, in the top five ranking includes Great Ustyug, Sochi, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Moscow. Mostly in these cities had come the parents with children or children's tour groups.

Moreover, Sochi is inhabited on average a week and in Saint-Petersburg or Moscow for 5 days. This is due to the cost of food, excursions, etc.

Among the foreign cities in the top head of Tallinn, Prague, Helsinki, Minsk, Riga.

But there are still the five most desired for a Christmas trip countries. It is a European Finland, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, and also Asian Thailand, Bali, Seychelles, the United Arab Emirates.

samye populyarnye mesta dlya otdyha s detmi na novyj god

Where to relax on a winter vacation in Russia?

  1. The homeland of Grandfather Frost and snow Maiden. Because the winter holidays fall on new year's holidays, the child will not refuse to meet with Santa Claus and snow Maiden. So you should make a trip to Veliky Ustyug – homeland of Santa Claus, and Kostroma – the birthplace of the snow Maiden.
    • Veliky Ustyug is not just a city, it's a real Christmas tale. All of the attractions here are related to the name of the chief resident – Santa Claus. He has his own Residence, post office, souvenir shop and entertainment complex "estate of father Frost". All of these places during holidays are open to visitors and, of course, not empty.
    • Considered the birthplace of the snow Maiden of Kostroma. Snow Belle lives in a fabulous Palace where every day during the new year holidays arranges a meeting with the kids. Help her House with Domovoi, cat Bayun and other fantastic characters. The Snowmaiden's Palace is something to see. What is one Ice room, where all the furniture and household items made of ice.

    A trip to Kostroma can pass through an individually tailored program that includes a visit to the ethnographic Museum, moose farm, to the Ipatiev monastery and other places.

  2. Karelia. If you really want to Finland, but this is not possible, it is possible to do the trip in Karelia. Moreover, there is a Santa Claus, whose name is Pakkaine. He lives in a tent, and guests sleep on reindeer hides spread out around his throne. He also has a granddaughter, snow Maiden like. As entertainment pakkayne offers reindeer sleigh rides, skiing, sledging.
  3. Sochi. If the whole family is passionate about skiing, and the child is already grown up for this class, you can give up on New year's Sochi ski resort of Krasnaya Polyana. Here there are slopes specifically for children. In Sochi remains a visit to the Olympic facilities.
  4. The Golden Ring Of Russia. This trend is popular in both summer and winter. Winter in this part of the country mostly soft snow. When ka is not winter to visit old churches, museums of wooden architecture, the Kremlin. In Pereslavl Zalessky you can visit the famous lake Pleshcheyevo, where young Peter First learned his first ship. And in Mishkin child will certainly need to bring in the mouse Museum.

Where to go in Russia - in the following video:

Europe tours - where to go?

That's where the choice of Christmas entertainment are endless! And let Europe also winter, it is much warmer than in Russia. Ancient streetcities are brightly decorated. On every corner there are stalls with Christmas gifts. The atmosphere is festive.

  • France. Already one of the Christmas decoration of Paris and other cities in the dizzy and in children and adults. Will become memorable for a child to visit the Eiffel tower, over which flies the sleigh of Santa Claus. In Paris go with child to visit Disneyland.
  • However, the New year is here, the long queues and high prices. And if you visit this famous entertainment complex will not take place, you can always find plenty of other entertainment.

  • Czech Republic. In the winter, Prague is very beautiful. It all shimmers from festive lights. In the old part of town kind of atmosphere, like being in medieval Europe, and that's because of the angle, run out, boy and girl in wooden shoes. Certainly need to reduce the child and one of the city rinks.
  • Hungary. Another Christmas tale – Budapest. Here, too, there is a Santa Claus named mikuláš. Why Russian child to meet him? And then you can visit the oldest zoo in the world, a water Park, Interactive Museum, or the biggest in Eastern Europe, the aquarium.
  • Finland. In Finland go, those who don't like the abrupt change of climate. Here will always offer an interesting program for children and their parents, ranging from ski entertainment, ending with riding on reindeer and dog sledding. And most importantly – a visit to Lapland, home of Santa Claus.

novogodnie tury s detmi v Evropu

With kids at ski resort

To go skiing, just do not have to buy expensive tours in the Alps or the Carpathians. In Russia, thank God, there are the Urals and the Caucasus – the main ski resorts. The Caucasus – the Dombai, Elbrus and Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi. The Urals are the best places for skiing in Bashkortostan, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions. Alternatively, it is possible to consider and the Altai.

The Elbrus region is not well suited to be ridden by children, it is better to choose Dombay, Sochi and the Urals. A relatively new trend – the Khibiny mountains in the Murmansk region. There are many academic routes.

If you still beckon foreign ski resorts, the choice is large enough. This Austrian Alps, and Norway and the Carpathians, and the Spanish Pyrenees. If we had the funds and resort will be.

New year's eve at sea - where to celebrate?

If in winter I want to dive into hot summer at least a week, you will have to choose a tour in South or South-East direction. The new year not with snow, and sand – what could be more exotic?

With budget vacation on the ocean in the winter is Thailand. But this is compared to Sri Lanka, Maldives, Seychelles. The staff of hotels and restaurants for holidaymakers extensive entertainment program during new year's night.

No less interesting, but very expensive will be the winter holidays in Australia, Cuba, Brazil, Peru. But to fly there is to new year's eve body has adapted to a completely unfamiliar environment.

Young children to withstand the long flight will be very difficult, adolescents also may be able to move it, and the trip will become unforgettable for them.

novyj god na more - gde otmetit?

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Where to go in Moscow?

If the new year holidays decided to hold in Moscow, their plan is to make in advance. Especially because in the Internet you can find the programmes of theatres, Christmas parties, bus trips, exhibition halls. Here you can book tickets to avoid standing in endless queues.

If the child is in the capital for the first time, to start with it will certainly need with the red square. Enough after rest amid iconic landmarks, it is possible to skate on the rink, which is poured here every winter.

With the younger student will certainly need to visit the planetarium. After reconstruction, it has installed the most modern equipment for screening 3D movies about stars and planets. Here at the planetarium on each floor there are interesting exhibits, you can conduct various experiments,visit the kiosk that sells real space food in tubes.

Close to the planetarium is the famous Moscow zoo, so for one day you can visit two of the cognitive object.

One day is devoted to visiting the Tretyakov gallery in Lavrushinsky lane. However, have to stand in a queue in the street before going inside, but experience explore famous works of art will be unforgettable.

At the checkout you can purchase the device, which resembles a phone. Attaching it to your ear, you'll hear the electronic guide, which will show the route through the halls of the gallery and talk about some works.

Moscow circus is for those who brought to Moscow the preschooler or younger school student. Describe the representation makes no sense, they are all impressed.

The Polytechnic Museum in the Christmas holidays invites curious students on open Days. In his laboratories will be held interesting classes in physics, chemistry, biology. Particularly attracted the attention of the Robotics lab.

Where to celebrate with young children?

If we are talking about five children, with them it is already possible to travel safely by train and by plane. Because for the rest you can safely choose any Russian city, as new year parties will be held everywhere. And snow or ice towns, which are very attracted to kids in any city.

gde provesti novogodnie prazdniki s malenkimi detkami?

You wouldn't choose to stay with the child voyage, as children are very poorly tolerate acclimatization.

With children younger winter is generally better not to go far from home, and even more to fly to rest abroad. First, the parents themselves will not stay up, secondly, the child is too young to understand something and get unforgettable impressions.

How to save on Christmas vacation?

  • First you can try to save on Avia and railway tickets. The less time remains prior to travel, the cheaper a ticket will cost. However, you can be left without tickets as wanting to leave or depart in the New year abound.
  • It is possible to save on accommodation. For example, to rent housing from private owners. And, you can join any online community where travel lovers are completely free to invite or offer to exchange, vacation apartments in different cities.
  • Some hotels offer discounts for families, about which one can learn from the Internet.

  • Arriving at the destination, shouldn't be tempting offers of taxi drivers. Before they all take more than, if to call a taxi by phone. Find the number of a cab in any city will help all the same Internet.
  • Lot of money is spent on meals at cafes and restaurants. Why spend extra money on food, if you can spend it on entertainment? And guests can cook at home and bought at the supermarket and a walk to take sandwiches and a thermos of coffee or tea.
  • Save on phone calls you can, if you buy a local SIM card. Even better, take advantage free Internet and to communicate by video.