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Where to spend autumn holidays with baby - leisure in Russia and at sea

kuda poehat na osennie kanikuly s rebenkom?

To figure out how and where to spend autumn holidays, is not so simple for many reasons.

First, they last only a week, so plan a long trip is not necessary. Secondly, it is already late autumn, weather related, like heat and sun, and beach season in many countries is already over.

Third, the money the family budget, designed for rest, for the most part already spent in the summer.

And, of course, want to have a baby are very relaxed because the time to concentrate on studies, not at all. So, the rest needs to have a cognitive bias. What in this case to prefer? Places to take the kid at this time, not so little. And you can choose based on the children's interests and their financial capabilities.

Top best destinations abroad

  1. Malta

    The island of the knights will not leave indifferent neither one child. In Fort St. Elmo on 6 November there is a parade of the knights.

    Here you can see not only the marching soldiers of ancient times, but to hear the firing of cannons and muskets. Here preserved medieval castles and old FORTS.

    The island is the Aviation Museum where there is a large collection of aircraft of world war II. For younger students especially interested in the Dinosaur Park. Fascinating for adults and children will travel to the underground temple Hal Saflieni. The weather here is still warm enough to take a break from the cold and slush.

  2. France

    In addition to attractions, which are known to all, the Eiffel tower, the Louvre, amusement Park Disneyland, there are still a lot of fun for your child.

    top luchshih mest dlya otdyha s detmi za rubezhom

    Paris Park La Villette, walking through which children can become pilots, feel every detail of the TV to watch rented movies, steer the boat on a submarine, to fly to other Galaxies. Thus obtain new knowledge and experience.

  3. Norway

    Here in the mountains already at this time is snow, and the best vacation spot in November will be Lillehammer. Here are already working the ski resorts, you can teach your child to stand on skis and jump on a snowboard in a ski school. Near the Park Hunderfossen, where you ride on a dog sled and play around with the Troll, bowl. And, of course, is to visit the Olympic Museum.

  4. Czech Republic

    In Prague in early November, still warm, from 10 to 14 degrees. The basic thing here we need to see is Prague Castle. Children will love the Toy Museum and Prague zoo. Next to him is an interesting Botanical garden, where also worth a visit. In Prague there is a fabulous "Water Palace" – a water Park.

  5. And if time allows, it is necessary to explore medieval castles. This will be a real fairy tale for children of any age.

  6. Portugal. Madeira

    This is a unique island where you can see rare natural monuments. Botanical garden with a collection of tropical plants. Orchid garden – the beauty of which will not leave anyone indifferent. The volcanic pools of Porto Moniz. Here in the local restaurants is to try a variety of seafood.

  7. Ireland

    Despite the fact that in Ireland a lot of rainy days here is never boring. In Dublin, you can literally transported into the world of the Vikings. There are many places associated with them.

    na osennie kanikuly vmeste s rebenkom za rubezh

    Then visit the Dublin zoo and wildlife Park, relax in the National Aquatic Centre and to drive a car-amphibians during the Second world war. And that's not all that awaits tourists in Dublin.

  8. Crete

    Crete is a true island Museum. Here is the famous labyrinth of the Minotaur and the cave in which Zeus was born. It is impossible not to visit the Cretan aquarium. And on the farm "Epicos Omilos" which will bring much joy to children.

    The Museum of Cretan traditional life will tell about the peculiarities of life on the island. Near Spinalonga – the island-Fort, reachable by boat. It is worth to taste the local thymemed.

  9. Scotland

    Tour of the castles in the vicinity of the Scottish capital, the castle of Glamis, the castle of Edinburgh, and others, of which there are many, Ghost, and without them, literally the imagination of children large and small. But in addition to discover you can still devote a week of vacation to improving English language.

  10. In Scotland many language schools where such courses are designed at different times, including for a week.

Where to go with children of the sea in November?

In November you can find a place in the middle of the swimming season and spend the holidays relaxing on the beach. Or go to a closer country, where sea bathing came to an end, but the water is still warm, and quite another to plunge into the sea water and find many other activities and excursions.

Where to go in the autumn with a child on the sea - in the following video:


Velvet season on the island is over, and there is a high probability that in the morning to charge the rain. But Sunny days are many. The air temperature in the beginning of the month kept at around 24-26 degrees. The sea is also quite warm, at least 22 degrees, and you can get a lot of pleasure from swimming.

For children there are many entertainment and also beach. It's a fascinating boat trips on small boats along the coast. Visiting water parks that exist in many cities on the island.

The best is Waterworld and Aphrodite. The island has many attractions, including those that will be of interest to children.

The ancient city of Kourion 20 km from Limassol will help children create a presentation about life in Ancient times. In Limassol there is the Museum of folk art, which will give the child the opportunity to get an idea about the country where he is resting.

To visit this castle, built in the Middle ages, the dream of every boy. In the ancient castle of Kyrenia comes alive the history of the Crusades.

osenu s detmi na more - Kipr


In the autumn of the Adriatic sea is still calm, the heat was asleep, the water temperature in early November about 20 degrees and every day it becomes cooler. But you can walk along the beach, breathing in the clean sea air and sobreda barefoot in the still warm shore water.

On bathing in the sea does not count. But begins the season of fruits: pomegranates, grapefruits, quinces, persimmons and many others are sold here in huge quantities.

At this time, the nature, resting from the hot summer, unusually good. The stunning national parks of Biogradska Gora, Durmitor, Skadar Lake welcomes tourists.

And in the city Bar runs a children's holiday, dedicated to the artistic and literary creativity of children "Meetings under the old olive".

Dominican Republic

For a beach holiday in November, well suited Dominican Republic. At this time it is comfortable for both children and adults. Often go short but well refreshing rains, so not stuffy. But in General the weather is hot, the sea is very warm. White sand and palm trees will make you forget about the cold weather at Home.

otdyh s detmi v Dominikane v noyabre


In November here in the height of beach season, and beaches with white sand attract many tourists.

The tour operators have special offers for families with children, which includes a visit to Sentosa island, which houses the Oceanarium, a Butterfly Park, wax Museum and many more.

The child will be delighted by the visit of the nature reserve Bukit Timan, where it grows more than 800 species of plants and is home to lemurs, macaques, sea eagles. And it's not the only such place in Singapore. There are numerous museums depicting local traditions.


This exotic country will not leave indifferent neither kids nor parents. Sandy beaches surrounded by palm groves and framed by lagoons and Islands. In November it is warm, and the sea water very comfortable for swimming.

Stalactite caves, Buddhist monasteries, objects related to military history of the country, will amaze both children and parents.

Where to rest in Russia in the fall?

You can relax at home. The main thing, correctly to choose a place to stay, given the interests of the child.

  • Sochi

    In Sochi and in the fall will not be bored. Children rest with pleasure in the water parks of "the lighthouse" and "Amfibius". A visit to the Olympic village, will remain long in the memory. Children should please performance in the Sochi circus.

    gde mozhno otdohnut na osennih kanikulah s detmi v Rossii?

    It was interesting to children outdoors, it is necessary to show them the dolmens, large and small caves, and of course the Olympic venues. At the same time in Sochithe child can undergo treatment at the hydrogen sulfide springs and iodine-bromine waters.

  • Karelia

    For families with children are interested in organized holidays on camp sites and guest houses in Karelia. Many of their owners even offer discounts on a family vacation. Here you can go fishing with the children on clean lakes and rivers, ride on a Quad, to visit local attractions such as the unique natural Park Ruskala.

  • Myshkin

    For students informative trip to the city Myshkin. It is hard to imagine how many interesting things is fraught with this small town. Here the children will gain insight into how various events and people of our country.

    To spend a few days in a small provincial town with its unique museums: the Museum of Mouse, Museum of the Boots, a Miller's House - it will be interesting to all.

    And the Museum of technics, the Museum Secrets of the eighteenth century, located in the basement of St. Nicholas Cathedral, will make a heart-stopping delight and fear. Children learn how to live the merchants and nobles, peasants and landowners.

  • Pyatigorsk

    Here you can not only enjoy a Wellness water treatments, breathe the healthy air, but also to see the many attractions associated with the name of Lermontov.

  • otdyh osenu v Rossii - kuda sezdit?

  • Kaliningrad

    Here and ruins of castles. And a trip to the retro tram. Children's theater in the ancient Church. Zoo, amber Museum, world ocean Museum with marine aquariums, collection of coral and the skeleton of a sperm whale. Here at quay moored research vessel "Vityaz" and the submarine is accessed. And, of course, is to wander along the beach, trying to find pieces of amber.

  • Saint Petersburg

    What is interesting in Saint-Petersburg for children? Of course, a zoo, a Dolphinarium and Aquarium. Dinosaur Park "Dino Park". The puppet Museum, an interactive science Museum Labirintum and water parks "Waterville" and "Rodeo drive". Yes, and visit the famous St. Petersburg museums, walk along Nevsky Prospekt and numerous embankments will also be interesting.

Budget vacation - where to take the student?

Almost any trip on autumn vacation in Russia will fit into the concept of "traveling on a budget. This can be a vacation in Karelia, tour through the ancient Russian cities, excursions to the South of Russia.

But there are also inexpensive trip abroad: visit to Abkhazia, where a lot of fruit and still quite warm.

Schoolchildren will be interesting touristic trip in Belarus: the ancient castle of Nesvizh, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Brest fortress.

kuda svozit rebenka na osennih kanikulah?

You can keep a small budget in Montenegro and Romania.

Chances to throw your child a memorable vacation with the change of environment, recognition of the new there are many. And should choose the most appropriate option together with the children.