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In Kazan with your child: where to go in the summer, winter and new year holidays

kuda shodit v Kazani s rebenkom?

Getting to rest with the whole family, I want to find a special routeto walk on which would be interesting not only for adults but also for children.

In any city, you can easily find such a special place and, of course, Kazan is no exception. Going on a family trip to this city, you can get a good amount of joy and fun, learn a lot of interesting things and also to get acquainted with iconic landmarks.

Where to go with kids – top best places

Among such places are especially popular at children enjoy water parks, zoos, puppet theaters and children's amusement parks. Parents, based on the wishes of their children, can make your own fun route, taking several cultural and historical attractions. This method will allow interesting to relax and parents and children.

Puppet theatre "Ekiyat"

The most important puppet theatre not only in Kazan, but throughout Russia, be sure to enjoy the children. Outside the theater building is a fairytale castle with a charming towers, columns and decorative details, taken from children's drawings. The facade is decorated with fairytale characters.

The interior is also impressive – instead of the seats, the Royal thrones on the walls and bright chandeliers.

top luchshih mest dlya otdyha s detmi v Kazani - teatr kukol

The puppet theatre is more like a Palace for kings and Queens wishing to become the main audience of the performances. They regularly put on plays in Russian and Tatar language, delivered by the classic fairy tales and modern literary works.

Amusement Park "kyrlay"

If you plan to visit Kazan city centre or the traditional March to the Kremlin, then immediately after the walk, you can please young travelers and active recreation in the Park "kyrlai", located on the banks of the river Kazanka.

Together ride on various attractions or visit the Ferris wheel, which offers a great view of the whole historical center of Kazan.

There in the Park has cafes with a real menu for kids and for adults are available in the Armenian cuisine.

The Park is open all year round, but in the warm season (may-November) to experience openly the maximum number of rides. Once in the Park at weekends with the kids can participate in contests or to try games stores with prizes.

The Kazan circus

A special property of all citizens of Kazan is a luxury contemporary circus – a unique structure in the form of plates. According to local residents, the Kazan circus is the most popular leisure place for kids and adults.

All year round children can enjoy the bright view, and in the arena are the clowns, acrobats, equilibrists, trained animals and magicians. This building is for the children show not only a spectacular show, but also studying a variety of disciplinesdedicated to the circus arts.

The "Riviera"Aquapark

To those who decided to visit Kazan together children, offer an excellent opportunity to arrange for yourself and the kids. Specifically for such special moments in the city built the largest in Russia Aqua Park Riviera.

This place is equipped with the most modern attractions for children and adults, as well as full-time entertainment staff – all to ensure that every visitor could experience a surge of emotion.


Indoor and summer part of the water Park is available about 50 activities, including a special demand:

  • water rides of different complexity;
  • wave pool;
  • the Spa area with Finnish saunas;
  • Roman-Turkish bath;
  • of akvabar;
  • Solarium;
  • Jacuzzi.

This place has an amazing atmosphere, and water attractions accessible all year round.

City of professions, Kidspace

Entertaining and educational "cityprofessions", designed for children from 4 to 14 years, opens up new possibilities for teaching children through games.

At the entrance the guys give the profession and money "experiments", having mastered that, they can earn new experiences and skills. Students can then use these play money at their discretion. For example, you can spend it on entertainment in the Park Yahoshua or put them on a virtual account to take advantage of them during your next visit.

Kids can choose from a variety of professions, whether doctor, lifeguard, pastry chef, auto mechanic, or Builder. There are about 20 professions, so children will have plenty to make a choice.

The parents at this time can sit in the café or to take pictures of their children in the workplace.

Walking routes: what to visit in the summer, in winter and on Christmas vacation?

There are several options for walking trails in Kazan, have to the informative and entertaining the children.

In the summer children will enjoy the entertainment program in the "Touching zoo", which contains various species of domestic and exotic animals, and hosts regular workshops and events.

Also in the summer many open parks for walking. For example, among local residents of the popular vacation in Gorky Park, or "Black lake," a visit to the Kazan Zoological and Botanic garden or the Park of the Universiade.

Anyone feel in this Tatar province, to visit with the children "Tatar village" and entertainment complex, completely recreating the village life.

On the territory of the village there are cafes, souvenir shops, often run entertainment programme and evening music performances.

chto posetit letom s rebenkom v Kazani?

In the winter to visit, there are museumsthat are popular with children of all ages. Guys especially love the military equipment Museum, the science Park Museum "Laboratorium". You can also visit the planetarium of Kazan Observatorywhere the children can participate in interactive programmes, star shows and lectures about the cosmos.

During the new year holidays for the children there is the most popular ice rinks at the indoor arena Tatneft and Forward, as well as the ice arena of the sports Palace.

Due to weak frosts, guys you can make a walk around the city, seeing the main sights, visit the Temple of all religions or to see the ice sculptures near Raifa monastery. Finally, surely every child will enjoy a trip to the country home of the Tatar Santa Claus Shoo-Babai.

What can you watch for free?

Classic walk with children in Kazan is a visit to the white-stone Kazan Kremlin, walk through the historic streets of Bauman that all travelers call the Kazan Arbat. Along the street there is a lot of funny sculptures, also has a cafe with traditional cuisine. No less interesting is St. Petersburg and Kremlin streets, impressive for its purity and atmospheric pressure.

Many interesting things can be found on the main square of Kazan Millennium Square. There are often concerts, hold events and exciting show.

If you want to relax from the noise and people, along with a child can always hide in one of the shaded squares near the square.

In Kazan do a lot of interesting placeswhere you can relax with the child. This city has many museums and theatres, parks and other places of leisure open all year round and makes the stay incredibly memorable.

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