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Where in Minsk to go with kids: entertainment on holidays and weekends

kuda v Minske shodit s rebenkom?

Minsk – an incredibly interesting city, once in which, each traveler can fully enjoy cultural and historical sights and active forms of entertainment.

If some travelers have small children, then they will not be bored in the Belarusian capital. Modern places to stay that are open to visit in summer and winter, designed for children of any age.

Fun for kids – top best places

The best time to travel to Minsk with children – in spring and summer. These warm days for the kids available the maximum amount of entertainment, especially for zoos, Botanical gardens, and places for cultural and active rest.

Due to the fact that all these places are within walking distance from the city center, and the city has excellent public transport links, to organize your own route is quite difficult.

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The Minsk planetarium in Gorky Park

First and foremost, if you're lucky with the weather, we should start walking along the Central street of Minsk – Nezavisimosti Avenue. Following the most beautiful and widest street of the city, we must look to the Gorky Park.

On the territory of an impressive size Park located active forms of entertainment in the form of rides. Here you can also taste delicious sweets, some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful views.

On weekends in warmer weather, on the territory of Gorky Park hosts various events, marathons and fun performances. In all of these sports can participate with the whole family.

razvlecheniya v Minske dlya detej - park Gorkogo

Thanks a attractions, among which a special delight of the children is a Ferris Wheel with a height of 54 meters, as well as coaster and the race track, in the Park you can spend the whole day.

If such activities are bored or just not lucky with the weather, in Gorky Park will be a much more interesting exercise – Minsk planetarium. According to parents, the kids just love this place.

The Planetarium is constantly conducted a fascinating scientific and educational programsthat are enjoyed by adults and children. During an illustrated lesson under the starry sky children will discover a window into the Universe, having learned a lot of interesting details about what is a planet Earth and the Solar system.

The Belarusian state circus

If you ask locals where to go with kids in Minsk, almost all enthusiastically recommend rich and unique circus performance, arranged for young fans of adventurous journeys into the world of tricks and stunts. Moreover, the circus building is located near Gorky Park on Independence Avenue.

Modern Minsk circus, Dating back nearly 50 years, never ceases to amaze with their external and internal beauty. In the gorgeously decorated building hosts not only traditional representations, but also constantly put the show on water, on ice and even in the air.

Children can start their acquaintance with the world of circus performances with the following numbers:

  • trapeze artists;
  • magicians;
  • show with trained marine and exotic animals;
  • acrobatic;
  • performances by clowns;
  • juggling.

Under the big top regularly are the talented groups from different countries, arranging a great and spectacular for a large audience.

Zoo and Dolphinarium

A little distance from the Gorky Park of Minsk Zoo is a real home to unique wildlifecollected from around the world.

The scale of this place is really impressive. Before children have a great opportunity to see exotic animals in conditions as close to their natural habitat. In Minsk zoocontains about 2,000 animals from all over the world.

At the zoo you can find a popular place for a close acquaintance with the animal – contact area. Here you are able to touch and pet the goats, sheep and pigs of all kinds. In addition, next door you can meet in person with representatives of exotic fauna.

top luchshih mest dlya otdyha s rebenkom v Minske - zoopark

Because at the zoo so many representatives of the animal world, and travelers usually not much time to spend all day on rides, parents can pre-arrange tours. Representatives of the zoo tell captivating stories about the animals, their way of life and other interesting things.

Besides the animals in the zoo have their own rides, Dolphinarium, zoo and Dinopark. Also often has themed exhibitions and theatre shows.

Dolphinarium in demand especially in children, because classes with marine animals improve mood and give positive emotions. In addition to dolphins, this modern complex are the other mammals – seals and sea lions.

Botanical garden

The most memorable and not boring place to stroll with children in Minsk can become a Botanical garden – one of the largest Botanical gardens in Europe.

In this wonderful and unique in its beauty Park beautiful exotic flowers, shrubs and trees, gathered the brightest representatives of flora from all over the world. Every year the Botanical garden will be replenished with new exhibits – varieties of different plants blooming at different times.

Exposition of the Botanical garden is divided into a landscaped area and a greenhouse. Among the Alpine hills, in the Apothecary garden, Limonar, in the lilac garden and other themed areas taking place throughout the year various events and fairs.

From may to October, the garden workers regularly conduct tours, telling about the medicinal and tropical plants, and in winter season tourists are invited to walk in the lemon house, the arboretum and the famous orangery.

Where to go and what to visit on vacations and weekends?

Minsk – an extremely pleasant and comfortable city, which is convenient for rest with children any time of the year. For a weekend or vacation you can think of saturated trails on the water parks and rides, organize interactive tours around the museums, zoo and Dolphinarium, to get to a show or to a performance in a circus.

On the weekends you can schedule a visit to the Botanical garden or relax in a nearby Park Chelyuskintsev. The evening of the same day, you can visit Minsk Circus or admire the views from the luxurious and world-famous Minsk library. The national library is famous for its memorable panorama views from the top floor.

Very popular family holiday weekend in the Lebyazhy water Park islocated on the outskirts of the city. Water attractions opened recently – just two years ago, but has already managed to catch the fancy of children and their parents.

chto posetit v Minske s detmi na kanikulah i vyhodnyh?

Visitors have the opportunity in the summer to swim and enjoy the water slides under the open sky, and in winter to swim in the pools, go down the slides or relax in the Spa area.

On vacation in the warm and in Minsk popular attractions located in the Park of the 900th anniversary of Minsk in the Park of the 50th anniversary of October, and favorite children's Park "Dreamland". By tradition, parents and kids rented bikes to ride around town or along the river Svisloch, as well as boats and catamarans for sailing on Komsomol lake.

Finally, in the Belarusian puppet theater regularly available for children with a memorable performances. In Russian and Belarusian languages you guys can watch a fairy tale about Pinocchio, the washee-washee, little Red riding hood and Carlson.

The rest of the city - what to see?

A great way to learn many new and interesting things about Belarus, to go with the child on short excursions outside of Minsk. Using the services of the guides, parents and children usually travel to cultural and historical journey to the castles of Nesvizh and the World, visit Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

All year round during the holidays, affordable tours and trips to museums under the open sky – Dudutki and a Pond where children can get acquainted with the folk culture of Belarus, to visit the craft shops and take a ride on the old wagon.

On the territory of the Museum is a children's Playground and souvenir shops. During national holidays there is a regular festive events and celebrations.

In the summer season of the popular family leave on zaslavskoe reservoir or, as it is a jokecalled by the locals, on the Minsk sea. The beach area has to active games, and on the pier you can rent a boat or catamaran.

The sights of the capital of Belarus - where to take the little tourist?

If you can get away along the cultural route with children, it is, first and foremost, is to meet the most popular and iconic buildings of Minsk – Red Church, Pischalauski castle and the building of the Belarusian state University. Close to BSU is Independence Square, where the greatest attention is attracted Government House.

It is difficult to imagine the cultural acquaintance with Minsk without a visit to Victory Square, Museum books, Museum of aviation and the Belarusian national library.

dostoprimechatelnosti goroda - kuda svodit rebenka?

Particularly elegant looks to the Minsk library, enchanting in its beauty in the daytime and at night. From the observation platform it is possible to consider almost the entire city with the help of telescopes, simultaneously calling all seen before sights of Minsk.

Finally, in the heart of the city is the Trinity suburb – a popular place for tourists with children prefer familiarity with the history of the city. In this place are built in tsarist times, several churches and the memorial "Island of tears".

Among the vast array of places to stay in Minsk, you'll definitely find a suitable place to explore the culture and history of Belarus, as well as traditional and modern entertainment that kids love.

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