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At what age can a child fly the plane - flight rules

s kakogo vozrasta rebenku mozhno letat na samolete?

If you have children, sooner or later there is a dilemma on the subject of when you can for the first time to fly with a small baby.

Issues usually occurs a million: from what age can children fly, what are the nuances, what to take with you on the plane, and generally as comfortable to fly? All these and other questions and get the answers in our article.

Child ticket: up to how many months free of charge and what discount for children from 2 to 12 years?

So, first and foremost , you must know that the child is bought a special children's ticket on the plane. This will allow you to save money and also to indicate that you are traveling with your child.

There are two types of children's tickets:

  1. infant (INF) – a category of very young children from 0 to 2;
  2. child (CHD) is a category of children from 2 to 12 years.

Depending on your chosen airline ticket price category infant may be different. Some airlines provide a discount of 90% on international flights, but the remaining 10% of the cost often does not include taxes and fees by airports.

Other airlines can and do afford to fly baby free, ie 100% discount, provided that the child will be in the hands of the parents, in other words, the ticket without the provision of boarding places, or "zero" ticket.

The lack of payment however does not mean that you can not draw a child ticket. In its absence you simply will not be allowed with a child on Board the plane. When flying domestic flights, it often happens that the discount is 100%.

kakaya skidka na bilet na samolet dlya detej ot 2 do 12 let?

It should also be rememberedthat one adult can travel with only one child, the maximum discount, the remaining children must have a child ticket with the all seats.

As for children's Luggage, children under 2 years he has only 10 kg and buggy.

Category child things are a little different: a discount on the ticket in any case is 50% of the adult fare. But the Luggage restrictions are the same as in adults.

By the way, a seat for a child category, child must be! A child older than 2 years are not eligible to fly in the hands of parents.

There are also situations when during the trip your child turns 2. In this case, it all again depends on the airlines. There are companies that allow you to fly in both directions at the rate of infant, while others require you to purchase both tickets at the child rate, and others are more loyal, and allow passengers to fly on the fare for children up to 2 years, and back – at the rate of 2 years.

The same situation with the tickets, if the child during the trip, will celebrate its 12th anniversary. Be sure to check this point when ordering or buying tickets.

Travel with baby by plane - in the following video:

Flight rules breast: whether and how to carry a baby?

The first and main question – is there an age limit if you fly with a little bit of nothing? The answer is simple: they are not. Of course, if there are no contraindications to travel (this should be ask your pediatrician).

During landing and takeoff babies it is recommended to give a pacifier a bottle of water or tea or breast, if you breastfed. This must be done in order to remove the feeling of stuffiness of the ears of the baby. This feeling arises due to sudden changes in pressure that occur as the time of takeoffs and landings.

It should not be too tight to feed the baby before making a flight - it could easily vomit. Vomiting may for no apparent reason, usually these things happen to the tired and not enough sleep baby.

If your child is more than six months take with you on the plane a few toys to occupy the baby if he gets too bored or he simply recapitalized.

By the way, you should know that the act restricted the transportation of liquids does not apply to baby food. So without fear bring that you might need for your baby during the flight: whether it's tea, juice, compote, ordiluted infant formula. You can also take a mixture in dry form and at any time just ask for hot water from the flight attendant.

With regard to the hygiene of the baby during the flight, nothing to worry about. Almost all the planes there are folding tables in the bathroom, using which you will be able to carry out all necessary procedures.

Is it harmful to fly?

A clear answer to this question you will be able to provide your pediatrician, who in their opinion will be based solely on the health and General condition of your child.

vredno li letat rebenku na samolete?

If we consider the question generally, it is not recommended to fly:

  • Premature babies. Moreover, if your baby was born prematurely, doctors advise not to fly before the child turns a year;
  • Children with acute purulent otitis and sinusitis. Even if at the time of alleged flight, the child had already recovered, however, since disease was less than 3 weeks, it is necessary to consult a physician;
  • Children younger than 2 weeks from birth. However, the overwhelming majority of airlines fly to 2 weeks simply prohibited.

As a flier the kids?

Children, like adults, flier quite different. Someone who is terrified to fly, someone so interesting that all the time in the plane it is spinning, spinning, examining every detail around him. Well, someone pretty indifferent, and just sleeping the whole way.

In General, breastfed babies (up to six months) transferred flights easier than older kids.

There are several reasons:

  • Children are more calm. They are not particularly interested in what is happening around them. While older children are eager to explore the surrounding area.
  • Kids have no teeth. Children with teeth can experience tooth pain during the flight, especially if the caries is familiar with them firsthand.
  • Kid needs easier to meetthan the needs of the older child.

The biggest stress to the body child of any age is not the flight and acclimatization after him.

How to send one child to travel in Russia and abroad - the service

Sometimes there are situations when a child needs a plane somewhere to send one. Naturally, this causes parents a lot of questions and conflicting feelings. But I can assure you – the independent migration of children has long been practiced, and nothing dangerous or scary there.

First of all you need to know without parents, but with the support of the airline have the right to fly the children from 5 to 12 years. From 12 to 18 years, almost all carriers allow flights altogether unaccompanied by anyone.

There is a servicecalled "unaccompanied children". It gives the possibility for an additional fee to entrust the child to the airline staff that was selected for the flight.

usluga soprovozhdeniya detej pri polete na samolete

Thus, your offspring will not keep their eyes on the flight over, and you can be sure that the child is not lost and flew to the final destination of his journey, and then from the hands were transferred to meet his face.

This service must be ordered directly when the booking of the tickets. However, its use is possible only on direct flights, and impossible when using the Charter. Be careful – not all airlines have in their Arsenal such offer for parents.

Sending the little traveler in his independent tour, you should know that he will need:

  • Children's travel document;
  • Visa, if necessary;
  • A statement from the parents, detailing all the information about the child, information about the mourners and greeters side with all contact data;
  • Notarized consent of both parents to leave the child abroad, accompanied by a third party.

You have to hold your baby in the airport, and there to sign the resolution to support. Important is also that at the airport on arrival the child must meet only the person who was previously listed in the statement. He must have a document proving his identity.

The price of this service varies from airline to airline and from 50 to 100 euros. Russian airlines average price - 40 euros.

What to bring parents with them?

Each parent this list will have its own depending on the needs of the child. We, in turn, recommendto take:

  • a bottle of water/tea/juice for kids;
  • pacifier if your child uses it;
  • a few diapers in order to be able to maintain hygiene of the baby;
  • a pack of wet wipes;
  • a few toys that your child loves, so that in case of whims was something to distract the baby;
  • baby food, if you will not satisfy what will offer you on Board;
  • mints in case the child is vomiting;
  • tablet, a book, a coloring book or a music player for older children;
  • a change of clothes in case the child will be covered or stained;
  • a warm sweater or a small blanket on the plane, it is quite cool;
  • trash bag.

chto sleduet brat s soboj na bort samoleta?

Useful tips and recommendations

A few tips for caring parents at last:

  • If you need on-Board children's menu - this should inform the airline in advance, at least a day before intended departure.
  • If you ordered a seat for the category infant - a must have car seat, which is suitable for aircraft. This information is usually indicated on the label of the car seat. Or special request a bassinet from the airline, again, no less than the day before the intended flight.
  • Passengers with children have every right to register out of turn. However, be prepared for the fact that it will cause a flurry of discontent among the other passengers.
  • Buggies, if you took her with us, do not have to take Luggage. You can drive on it to the ramp, and then to give to the flight attendant, who in turn will give it to you when you exit the plane.

  • If the child does not have time to eat, and the food's getting cold - ask the flight attendant to warm up. She has no right to deny your request.
  • Try to pick up the flight so that it fell on the sleep period of the child on his daily routine. And you and he will take flight with the greatest of ease.
  • Make sure that the child is not frightened flight. Explain to him in advance the details of what will happen when you arrive at the airport. This will free you from unnecessary issues in the travel process, and will allow the child to understand what will happen next.
  • Maximum put yourself in the shoes of other passengers. This will help you to correct the child's behavior so that it does not disturb anyone, and do not cause complaints and irritation.
  • Convince the child to go to the toilet at the airport as the plane he is often busy with other passengers.
  • Not angry, not Psiheya, and in any case do not hurt the child. Try to solve all the nuances of calmly, do not spoil mood neither, nor the child.

Have a good flight!