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Oktoberfest - what it is, when it starts, where in Germany?

chto takoe Oktoberfest?

Beer is one of the oldest beverages in human history. Cooked it all peoples and in all countries. Particularly successful in this the Germans. As a result of their centuries of experimentation came the famous varieties of the best beer in the world is German.

This drink became so popular that it is used in the folklore festival for nearly three weeks. So what is Oktoberfest - let us know.

Holiday belly

pivnoj prazdnik

Of beer lovers from around the world at the end of each September, come to Munich on the most popular folk festival in the world Oktoberfest, the famous beer festival that has no equal.

What is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest is the biggest folk festival, held annually in Munich. He collects between 5 and 6 million guests from all countries.

Thousands of liters of beer, countless chicken feet, hundreds of pounds of Munich sausages, wild dance, dances, songs welcome guests of Germany on this unique occasion.

The six most well-known of the Munich Breweries present their products at the festival.

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The history of the event

The beginning of the history of Oktoberfest 1810 refers to the 12 October 1810 crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen were married. The weather was wonderful, and the couple decided to feast on a nearby meadow. This meadow bears the name of Theresienwiese (Theresa's field). In honour of the wedding there were races and a festive parade.

The couple were so happy that threw a Grand feast. Know and the aristocracy drank wine and ate meat and the poor were treated to beer and bread. The festival lasted for five days. The Prince was so pleased with the festivities that he decided to repeat them next year, and then another.

istoricheskie svedeniya

Not a festival only in 1813 because of the war with France. And 1814, the festival has become an annual event. Replaced the pompous parades came the simple festivities. There were tents with drinks and snacks. The holiday has become really popular and continued for two weeks. Then the festival was moved to the third week of September because of the weather. The name left the Oktoberfest as a tribute to tradition.

The celebration began to appear a growing number of beer tents, beer becomes the main drink of the festival.

First, the organizers of the festival were the Royal family, and in 1819 the right to host the Ludwig handed over to the authorities of Munich. The timing of the holiday was established in 1904, Now it is the 3rd Saturday of September to the 1st Sunday of October.

Varied beer festival and externally. The treats have added fried chicken. In 1892 the beer began to pour into glass liter mugs. The Breweries built huge beer tents, was electricity. The rides and the dances began to organize in the open air.

A difficult period began for the festival in the early twentieth century. The first World war and the ensuing crisis has forced to forget about the holiday for a long time. Then the feast is briefly resumed, but after 1939 because of the war again, ceased. And only after ten years, the authorities of Munich have revived the tradition of the holiday.

When and where the celebration card

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Their popular Munich owes this festival.

The festival starts in Bavaria in Munich in the third Saturday of September at 10 a.m. at the Theresienwiese. And ends on the first Sunday of October (sometimes varies the end date of the event).

Work tents and beer from 10:00, and at weekends between 9:00 and close at 23:30. However, the last beer released at 22:30.

Howthe festival?

It is wrong to think that Oktoberfest is a celebration for adults only. The Bavarians come here with the whole family. After all, the festival presents a variety of attractions:

  • Ferris wheel;
  • roller coaster;
  • the carousel for the little ones.

There are costume shows, pageants and many other pleasures.

So, even if you are a lover of beer, bored on the holiday you don't have to.

The main events and traditions

Opens the festival , a procession of owners of beer tents, rides, brass bands. To the accompaniment of folk instruments held to 800 thousand Bavarians. Take part in the festival, and representatives of the authorities of Bavaria.

The symbol of the city — Munich child — headed the procession. Accompanied by the mayor of the capital. Every owner of a tent accompanied by a barrel of his brand of beer that is going to spill on occasion.

All participants in national costumes. It is truly fascinating unique spectacle! The procession lasts about an hour through all the main streets of the city and finishes at Theresienwiese. The streets are filled with people from around the world, all television channels of the country broadcast this Grand event.

glavnoe tradicionnoe shestvie

At exactly 12:00 the mayor of Munich opens the first barrel of beer and shouts "O'zapft is!", what does "Uncorked". After 12 cannon fired Oktoberfest can be considered open.

According to tradition, the first mug of drink, the Prime Minister of Bavaria. From this moment the participants start the sale of beer.

How the celebration?

The most important part of the festival is the famous beer tents. Large covered cabanas, which placed 10,000 people. To get inside, you have to stand in a queue to buy a ticket in advance. In the tents there is a special festive atmosphere:

  1. rollicking dances and songs;
  2. intoxicating mirth;
  3. fraternization in different languages.

Near the tents set extra tables for those who failed to get there. Held on the Oktoberfest and traditional Church services.

Approved even a special "children's days". The cafe has a children's menu, and attraction discounts.

kak prohodit sobytie?

Major Munich Breweries traditionally take part in the Oktoberfest. It is famous worldwide beer producers:

  • Paulaner;
  • Lewenbrau;
  • Hofbrau;
  • Frantsiskaner;
  • Cirque du Soleil.

Beer brewed according to special recipes and allowed to stand longer than usual. Therefore, the festival can only be enjoyed strong beer to 6.3%.

Every manufacturer presents their tents. The Augustiner bräu, two pavilions, Paulaner brings beer and wheat. Lewenbrau two tent - Schützen-Festzelt and Löwenbräu-Festhalle. Hofbrau offers the highest in strength beer is 6.3%.

The city administration monitors the purity of beer presented at the festival.

In production you can only use hops, barley and water. So visitors can rest assured the quality of the drink.

Bottled beer only in glass liter mugs. During the festival, consumed a quantity of beer equal to the third part produced in Munich for the year. And this is neither more nor less, 7 million liters! Drink beer in the tents, raising the mug over his head and shouting "Prost", that is, "we Will!".

Symbol Oktoberfest — Busty waitressesdressed in national costumes. They amaze the visitors how brilliantly can carry up to 19 pints at a time, without spilling a drop.

Large festive fireworks concludes the festival.

What to eat during the event?

The holiday wouldn't be holiday without a traditional Bavarian snacks. Grilled sausages, roasted chickens, a leg of pork. And, of course, the pretzels — pretzels with a diameter of 10-15 cm

produkty dlya prazdnovaniya

The festival annually eat 500 thousand roast chickens. Dream gourmet Bavarian delicacies, chops of venison, crispy fried duck and other dishes prepared specially for the occasion. As a side dish serves:

  1. cabbage and potato salads;
  2. pickles;
  3. vegetables.

Lovers of sweets and pastries are treats you can try traditional Bavarian Lebkuchen gingerbread heart, sugared, filled with chocolate or icing, fruit and nuts, strudels, cakes.

At the festival you can find a lot of small tents, where they sold other drinks: wine, champagne, liqueurs, and even schnapps.

Interesting facts

  • To get to the holiday is not so simple. There is a rule that beer can be drunk just sitting at the table. Therefore, it is necessary for a few monthsto book tickets to the festival.
  • Wishing to bring party favors, you can buy them in souvenir shops. This beer mugs, costumes, cakes, pretzels.
  • To pay the holiday in cash only. Credit cards are not accepted.
  • Children under 15 years are allowed in the tents only with parents.
  • It is impossible to take with a beer mug as a souvenir. You will always get caught and fined. The penalty is 50 euros. Despite the fines, the number of people wishing to take "the Cup" every year reaches several tens of thousands of people.
  • It is best to visit the festival during the second week, when subsides a major influx of tourists, preferably on weekdays and until 14:00. Then there is a chance to take a seat in the tent without a ticket.
  • At the festival you will find regular beer. Only the so-called Oktoberfests.
  • poznavatelnye fakty

  • Every four years the festival is an agricultural fairwhere local farmers display their products.
  • Every year the number of guests of the festival with 6 million people. The record - 1985, when visitors were over 7.5 million, listed in the Guinness book of records.
  • Oktoberfest brings 500 million Euro profit annually.
  • Each year the festival lost about 1,000 passports and about 300 phones.
  • According to statistics, only one third of the inhabitants of Germany visited the festival.
  • The citizens of Munich called the festival of Visn field name Theresienwiese.
  • The festival has a special tent Armbrustschutzenzeltchampionship, are shooting from a crossbow.
  • The organizers of the honor order and security at the festival. Careless guests to the path is closed.
  • For example, Paris Hilton is no longer allowed at the festival. One day she decided to advertise wine without agreement with the organizers.

  • The reason for the popularity of the Oktoberfest was not the love of beer. Just once in Bavaria had problems with drinking water. The locals are very afraid of cholera, so they drank beer instead of water.
  • The festival has its own post office and even its own postage stamps. Created this is to ensure that visitors could easily send parcels with Souvenirs.
  • At the festival staffed by representatives of "red cross", they return to the parents of lost children and pump out rehash visitors.
  • Each year, about 800 visitors come to the hospital with alcohol poisoning.
  • According to the organizers of Oktoberfest, the festival worked as an electrician, albert Einstein!

Oktoberfest has long gained worldwide fame. This is not only a beer festival, it is an opportunity to make new friends, to touch the history of the country and just spend a few days in the atmosphere of universal joy and recklessness.

Plunge into the atmosphere of Oktoberfest in this video: