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Where to celebrate Halloween with children: when it is celebrated in Moscow and SPB?

gde otmetit Hellouin?

Of all the holidays that came to us from abroad, Halloween enjoys almost the most popular. Although according to religious traditions date has to do with the rampant forces of evil, still this is a great opportunity to have fun and have a good time with family and friends.

Important facts

interesnye fakty

What is it, Halloween? The tradition of celebrating Halloween has very ancient origins and dates back to the pre-Christian era.

When's the party?

The date for the celebration – the night of 31 October to 1 November was chosen not accidentally. This time the pagan tribes celebrated the arrival of the New year and summer gave way to winter.

Previously the celebration was dedicated to the 13th of may, but gradually Halloween became the only autumn holiday.

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It is believed that for the first time to celebrate it become the ancient Celtslived on the territory of modern Ireland, Britain and Northern France.

The Celts not only finished to this day the harvest, but believed in a mysterious Halloween night blurs the line between the living world and the afterlife realm. In accordance with their beliefs insidious creatures from the other world make their way to earth to do their dark deeds. Then Halloween called Samharam or Samhain in honor of the Celtic deity of darkness and death.

To avoid becoming the prey of evil spirits and witches, the ancient Celts blew the fire on the hearth, and wore the skins of beasts, supposedly able to scare off evil spirits. For creatures of darkness that day certainly left a treat, and the druids lit large bonfires and a large gathering of people sacrificed sacred animals. At the end of the sacrifices people have taken a bit of fire in your home to protect it and scare off ghosts.

After the I century ad on the lands of the Celts came to Christianity, whose members belonged to such pagan ceremonies tolerated. But the celebration of Samhain disappeared, and became known as all saints Day, which was timed to the same date (it happened in the IX century by decree of Pope Gregory). The name All Hallows Even – with the English "all saints Day" - in an abridged version and sounds like Halloween.

The celebration abroad

Since the mid-twentieth century, the holiday is typical for European countries and became one of the most favorite for citizens of CIS.

Where have you celebrated?

Halloween has long been celebrated in almost all English-speaking countries:

Most often, large scale celebrations are held in major Metropolitan areas.

v kakih stranah prazdnuut?

The last time Halloween came and to the inhabitants of Japan, Singapore, South Korea thanks to the increasingly close interaction of Western and Eastern cultures.

Each country has its peculiarities of its celebration of all saints Day. Despite the fact that abroad its celebration differs slightly, worth mentioning are the national customs:

  1. In England believe that to appear on the street in the day without makeup, concealer person among the representatives of the dark forces, very dangerous. Most often, they turn into black cats, ghosts, evil magicians and pirates. Offices and firms in this day are full of artificial web, a garland made of eyeballs, and natural skeletons.

    In Halloween, the residents of Albion go shopping (to him often times sales), having fun at the masquerades and mass festivities and watching movies in the horror genre;

  2. In the US fans this holiday must go on href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/amerika/usa/skolko-letet-do-nyu-jorka/">new York or Los Angeles. This is the real capital of Halloween, which features colorful public processions. 31 Oct even the most strict parents do not punish their children who go trick-or-treating;
  3. The tradition of knocking on the door of the house on Halloween and run until you opened - a native of Ireland. Local Housewives bake special cake "barncake" where you put a small note. One can know the future;
  4. In France the holiday is celebrated with true chic: the Windows of all restaurants, businesses, shopping centers and offices decorated with symbols of the holiday. On the shelves it is possible to meet a special bakery products and Souvenirs with symbols of the holiday. Many people planning on attending organised clubs, pubs, restaurants, or bars. They dress up as ghosts, goblins, mummies, vampires or witches.

As noted celebration?

Because the holiday is not originally Slavic, before this important date is to get acquainted with the main traditions of all saints Day. Among them:

  • Lamp manufacturer-pumpkin, which is also known as "Jack". Take a big ripe pumpkin. With her neatly cut off the tip and the core is carefully cleaned on a dessert spoon to remove seeds, fiber and a little flesh. Then the skins should outline marker nose, mouth and eyes and cut them with a sharp knife;
  • Inside the pumpkin put a candle or small lantern, which gives the fruit a particularly creepy and scary.

  • Donning fancy dress in the style of horror. You can dress in costume witches, ghosts, zombies, death, mummies or Frankenstein. A mandatory attribute is considered to be a terrifying make-up, reminiscent of the walking dead or character of horror films;
  • Listening to specific music in "Halloween" style. The Creator of the canons in this genre is the music of the group Nox Arcana and Midnight Syndicate, referring to the genre of ambient. These songs, filled with mysterious creaks and howling wolves, allow you to create an oppressive dark atmosphere. One of the most famous songs dedicated to all the saints – "This is Halloween" Danny Elfman;
  • Trick-or-treating (English trick-or-treat). In the countries of the English-language segment on the evening of 31 October, most of the kids dressed in scary costumes, and then they come together in groups and go from house to house. Kids usually give money and sweets, and if not, little elves, gnomes and spirits threatened to smear soot door miser homeowners.

Celebrate all saints Day

Prazdnovanie Dnya vseh svyatyh

In every city you can find the place where the scale will be celebrated this day. On the streets you can meet many unusual characters and even scared.


Czech Republic is no exception: its capital on October 31 becomes a real branch of the afterlife realm. To celebrate this date in Prague as follows:

  1. Having been in the club Mesa Club Prague. Throw a fantastic Halloween party Internatiomal c great music and unexpected surprises. Professional makeup artists will make you make-up in vampire or witchy style;
  2. By purchasing a ticket at popular Metropolitan complex "Zlute Lazne". In the "horrible" all saints Day for our guests we will prepare contests, accompanied by singing and dancing, a race of monsters. You will be able to participate in the contest "Who will carve the pumpkin?" or fry traditional Czech bursty BBQ;
  3. To go to the Botanical garden of Prague. It is richly decorated with pumpkins, and guests are greeted with real witches, ghosts and wizards that look quite natural among the autumn nature;
  4. Visitors of the Botanical garden offered to paint my face or take part in an evening procession with lighted pumpkins.

  5. To run on the marathon Zombie Night Run 5 km in length, which can register any person who made his makeup as a zombie, over 15 years;
  6. Look in the Alibi bar, where in honor of the holiday visitors will enjoy a rich assortment of alcoholic beverages.


In the capital of Russia, Moscow, no problem finding a place to celebrate, through which celebration you will remember for a long time. On 31 October, the residents of the capital are recommended to do the following:

  • Visit night the musical "Tanz der vampire", based on the legendary film by Roman Polanski. Spectators are invited to view the costumes and horrific make-up, and at midnight begins a theme party with a special "vampire" menu, which imitates the dance of the ghouls in the movie;
  • To participate in the race "All saints". It is unusual for marathon runners, who in honor of the holiday are required to dress up in devils, witches, raising the dead, etc.;
  • To visit the festival of electronicmusic Halloween Music Festival, which is characterized by a truly mystical scenery;
  • Look at the famous "Bulgakov's house". In honor of Halloween, there are chilling night tours, séances, original plastic performances;
  • Try your hand at the events of Night quests, the subject of which is devoted to domination of the forces of darkness in this day.

Saint Petersburg

kak provodyat v Sankt-Peterburge?

The city on the Neva river also offers its residents and visitors plenty of entertainment on Halloween night. At this time in SPB to happen next "Sabbath":

  1. A visit to the festival "Big Samhain", held in the concert hall of the Aurora Concert Hall;
  2. The campaign for "pumpkin Day" in the Leningrad zoo, which is a lot of interesting competitions for adults and children associated with the celebration of all saints Day;
  3. A visit to the party "Hell", the entrance to which no "Halloween" costumes are prohibited;
  4. View horror movies at Lumiere Hall, where the movie night of Freddy Krueger;
  5. Halloween-masquerade "Wonderland" at the Opera Concert Club. Here offers a lot of spooky surprises and no less terrible music;
  6. Rest on the party "The worst Halloween" with a unique themed decorations, cocktails in the style of horror and mysterious music;
  7. The festival "StarKON", whose visitors expect the famous pumpkin tree from the book by ray Bradbury, revolution, zombies, undead heroes of the works of Stephen king and many more.


Despite the apparent remoteness of the city from the capital, all saints ' Day in Russia is celebrated in a big way. It can be done in the following way:

  • To visit the party in the restaurant Maximilian. Here it is necessary to come only in a spectacular suit, and the service you will be materialized ghosts, goblins and other minions of evil forces;
  • You can go to the clubs the First, Posh, First and others where themed party involving most of these aliens from another world.

  • To have fun at a costume ball electronic StereoFamily, which features DJ sets with dark electronic music, laser shows and entertainment organized by professional entertainers;
  • Spend an exciting night at the bike club "Bridle" at the Halloween Party, where you will enjoy music in the style of grunge, punk rock, post-rock and Blues;
  • Ride on carriages pulled by horses and decorated with lanterns and torches through the Central streets of Novosibirsk, followed the mystical supper with mulled wine, crazy dancing and a show in the club "Art dacha";

Halloween with a baby

Parents often celebrate all saints ' Day at home with the kids. You can come up with for a child of the original costume, to bring to life unusual "spooky" menu (for example, cupcakes with the image of a Ghost) to organize fun contests and carve a pumpkin together.

If you want to spend the day in a son or daughter outside the home, go to the cinema on children's film or cartoon: on this day in movie theaters are often paintings of subjects related to Halloween. Also a good option will be the entertainment center, Waterpark or special exhibition tours, where children can tell you more about the holiday.

Halloween is one of the most colorful holidays, so he will surely be unforgettable for you, where would you or spent.

See this video clip which institutions of Moscow offers special menu for Halloween: