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Traditions and customs in England: how to celebrate New year and Christmas?

kak prazdnuut Novyj god v Anglii?

In England the New year is a less important holiday than Christmas. How to celebrate New year in England the locals? There are many traditions of the holiday at Albion.

Holidays in the UK

britanskie prazdniki

In the countries of the UK, and across Europe, Christmas and the New year is celebrated at the same time.

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When the New year and what day Christmas is?

Celebrate the New year according to the Gregorian calendar at midnight on 31 December. But the most important holiday in the Catholic world is Christmas on December 25 on the Julian calendar, the so-called "old style".


The main celebrations of England held on the square Trafalgar, back in 1841, Queen Victoria signed the decree authorizing to put here the main tree.

After World war II delivered a Christmas tree every year from Norway. Thus, the Norwegians expressed their gratitude for British help during the liberation of Norway from Nazi invaders.

Christmas in England is celebrated, beginning in 597 with the arrival in Kent of Augustine of Canterbury, through which many people converted to Christianity.

Holiday traditions rites - photo

torzhestvennye obryady

As in any country, in England rooted their traditions, through which the holidays enveloped in a magical atmosphere.

New year and Christmas symbols

Christmas symbols is:

  • angels;
  • stars;
  • bells;
  • candles;
  • the gingerbread man;
  • candy canes.

Lollipops appeared only in the 17th century, they were distributed before conducting the Christmas mass unruly and overly active children to keep them busy during worship.

For children traditionally, the hanging of stockings and socks on Christmas Eve by the fireplace. Red-cheeked Santa Claus down through the chimney and leaves the kids a welcome gift.

The English Father Christmas

The prototype of Santa Claus was Saint Nicholas. This kind grandfather dressed in red-white clothes:

  1. coat;
  2. pants;
  3. cap.

He had a large bag containing a variety of gifts for the kids. In London at Trafalgar square at the Christmas tree, you can always meet Santa Claus. If a good man will put a child on my knees, baby will be able to whisper in his ear your desire will get it new year's eve. There is a belief that Santa Claus travels by reindeer sleigh.



During the preparation for the holiday season in the UK is not only decorated with Christmas trees, but candles. Decorations for last do with their hands, foil, colored paper, all kinds of ribbons.

On entering the house, hang an evergreen plant is mistletoe, ivy and Holly.

What gifts are given?

Children gifts for the holiday brings Santa Claus to tell grandpa about their desires, children traditionally write to him letters. The letter requests the child burn in the fireplace, and to the recipient all of the written word will carry the smoke.

The British love giving gifts even more than receiving them. During the winter holidays, they cease to be practical and forget about the economy. To please the familyand friends, people decorate Christmas loans in the banks, often because their own savings to the purchase of a gift of dreams is not enough.

Features table layout: what to cook and eat?

On Christmas day in England to bake bread according to a special recipe. On top it is decorated with ritual patterns and sprinkled with herbs. The bread should try not only all members of the household and guests, but also the poor who give half, and it is also necessary that the delicacy tasted birds and Pets. In the dough, put the beans, ring or button, and then guessing.

If you have received a piece of jewelry with a ring, it is an offer, got a button, then no luck – coming poverty, and grain legumes – to happiness and success.

It is impossible to imagine a festive table without a traditional roast Turkey and winter drink called the Snowball, which is made from Advocaat liqueur, lime juice and lemonade. At the table with a couple of neighbor English crack firecrackers-crackers and wearing on his head a paper crown. During the meal a festive atmosphere.

The scale of the festivities

masshtab gulyanij

Celebrate Christmas in the family circle, and New year on request, it can be found in any company.

How to celebrate the celebration in Albion?

At the end of December in great Britain are new year sale, all kinds of festivals and fairs. Tourists flock here from all over the world to take advantage of the opportunity to make a bargain with an attractive discount of 95%.

Many Christians hold the post before Christmas and begin to prepare for the holiday over a month or 40 days before. The celebration continues for 12 days, Yuletide is a great excuse to have fun.

In London, couples kissing under the mistletoe at the time, when he hits big Ben. In the capital can participate in the Christmas parade. Festivities in honor of the New year are held in the squares Trafalgar and Piccadilly. From street vendors you can buy masks, balloons, toys and whistles.

How are the celebrations in Scotland?

The Scots love New year, considering it is the main winter holiday. People thoroughly clean their houses, throwing out unnecessary things that they get rid of negative emotions. All current important to complete before the New year.

At 12 am the head of the family should open the doorto release the Old year and welcome the New. The main dish on the table in Scotland is Haggis, a traditional dessert sand cake with nuts and almonds.

See in this videohow to celebrate the winter holidays in England: