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The tradition of celebrating New year in India: how to celebrate and celebrate?

kak prazdnuut Novyj god v Indii

India - an exotic country that interweaves a large number of traditions and religions, rituals and caste conventions.

Because of the abundance throughout the country of many religious beliefs the New year is a long time not considered a holiday, and to celebrate it we started not so long ago, and under the influence of Western tradition. How celebrate New year in India, and how many times held celebrations?

Indian holidays - photo

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New year in India is celebrated not once a year and has its own characteristics and traditional ways of celebrating.

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When marked?

Some traditions of Western culture and got to exotic India, including, and celebrating the Western New year on the night of 31 December to 1 January. This event is secular, and the celebration is dominated by European influence.

Traditionally, Indian New year is celebrated in the spring - depending on the state holiday name and date can be different: 22 March 13 or April 14.

In Hinduism there is no such holiday as New year and Diwali there is a festival of fire, a symbolic victory of good over evil. It is celebrated in October.

From 13 to 14 January in Northern India, the feast day of Lori - a cross between a Russian Shrovetide and Old New year.

kogda spravlyaetsya?

In India, from 24 to 25 December is celebrated Christmas - this day the believers go to Church and after the service the procession starts through the city and the singing of festive hymns in the English language.

Orthodox Christmas is celebrated in private, as the number of Orthodox Christians in the country is only 2-3%.


Hindus from time immemorial to celebrate the vernal equinox (spring) as a symbolic victory of good over evil, light over darkness, of life over death. On this day people make fires, to cook sweets and exchange gifts. To every region of India this "New year" is called differently: Ugadi, Panchanga Sravana, Nadu.

Due to the influence of Western European cultures the New year was celebrated only in the early 20th century in the winter time is very popular this tradition has become among young people.

The weather during the holidays

During the new year holidays in India are very warm with temperatures in December and January varies from +24 to +31 degrees Celsius. In the Northern part of the country, including in Delhi, cooler only - the air temperature does not rise above the level of 25 degrees.

In the southern part of the country and on the Islands air is heated to 30-33 degrees. In Mumbai and Goa temperature is made on the order of +29 to 34 degrees, and in Varanasi and Chennai is +27-29 degrees.

Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal at this time of year warms up to +27-28 degrees. It's almost no wind, and the rainy season has already passed, so in the month it issued only two or three rainy days.

The scale of the festivities

razmah prazdnovanij

India, New year is bright and wide - on the streets walking funny, dressed-up people, sold tasty treats, held dances and festivals.

How to celebrate Christmas?

Christmas in India is celebrated not only separate religious denominations, but, as they say, "all the world". On the eve of festively dressed people take to the streets, singing Christmas carols, ate popcorn and sweets.

Christmas itself is customary to celebrate in a narrow family circle with friends and relatives.

How to meet New year?

Youth in India prefer to celebrate New year in night clubs and noisyparties with lots of alcohol. Traditional is zapuskaniya fireworks at midnight and after it.

This is most clearly celebrated the New year in those regions where many Christians (e.g., Goa): arranged the carnival procession with songs and dances start kites and competitions are held in archery, people jump over the fire or walk around the corner.

Hindus burn their old clothes in the Holy fire to purify and to celebrate the holiday in new clothes.

As for gifts, the New year it is customary to give sweets, dried fruits, nuts, self-prepared traditional dishes. Like Christmas, the New year is usually celebrated with family and friends.

Indian customs

tradicionnye obychai

New year traditions in India are markedly different from the usual European customs instead of green and red tones of the country at this time of year is buried in orange and yellow colors.

Traditions and symbols

The symbols of the New year are considered to be kites of various colors. In India, kite decided to shoot a bow a fiery arrow - it is after this symbolic burning of a kite is considered that the New year really has arrived.

As you know, the cow in Indian culture is considered a sacred animal, so the night before the New year, preparing a special meal for the cows. This morning treat is served to the animal on a special tray.

Dancing is an integral part of the celebration, during which is a kind of festival and compete for best dancer. Also hosts traditional dances from one house to another to collect food - a kind of Christmas carols.

In addition, to attract good luck, many Indians sprinkle a special colored powder, creating on the streets of the country of a colorful kaleidoscope.

At Christmas, we decided to hold carnivals, so the symbol of the festival is becoming a carnival mask.

In India there is no traditional Santa Claus, but on the eve of the New year, the Indians presented the offerings to the two gods: Lakshmi , the goddess of prosperity and fertility, and Kama - the God of love.

What is adorn?

chto naryazhaut?

In India, brightly decorated homes, and do Indians wear bright clothes in the eve of new year holidays. On carnival, the Indians dressed in skirts of dried banana leaves. Home to decorate with colored lanterns, candles and fresh or dried flowers.

In the cities on the front porch are special patterned ornaments, and in the villages the walls of houses it is customary to smear cow dung.

Also installed Gudi - a bamboo pole, tied with colorful ribbons of different lengths, bamboo leaves and banana, fresh flowers and paper garlands. It is believed that goody will protect the house from attacks of impure forces and attract good luck.

Instead of the traditional Christmas tree the Indians decorate mango tree, and instead of the usual garlands and lights, light candles and start fires. Ornaments for the tree serve:

  • food;
  • paper garland;
  • lanterns;
  • decorative items;
  • wicker figures.

To decorate the Christmas tree in India all that comes to hand.

Features Christmas kitchen: looks like the table?

A traditional dish of the Christmas cuisine of India are coarsely chopped fruits and vegetables, generously sprinkled with herbs and spices. The food is served on gold or silver saucers. It is also customary to eat the bitter leaves of the tree niim - it is believed that in this way people will be able to attract good fortune.

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