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How to celebrate New year and celebrate Christmas in Italy: traditions and customs

kak prazdnuut Novyj god v Italii?

Located in the centre of Rome Vatican is the heart of Catholicism. It is not surprising that most Italians were Catholics. Their celebration of the New year differs from the Russian tradition.

Italian winter holidays - photos

italyanskie torzhestva

For Italians the main winter holiday is Christmas. It is celebrated in the family circle. New year they have a festival for friends.

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When and what the numbers say?

The Italians are big pranksters and inventors. They know how fun and noisy to hold mass festivities. Christmas is among the official holidays of the country. It is celebrated 2 days — December 24 and 25. Three weeks before Christmas, the Italians begin to decorate their houses, streets and squares of cities.

To celebrate the arrival of the New year the Italians begin on 31 December. Long before the chiming of the clock announcing the arrival of the new year, they begin to fill the restaurants and bars. A noisy group partying there until the morning.

An even greater number of people out on new year's night on the streets and squares of cities.

Christmas eve in Italy is called Vigilia di Natale, and the New year is the Day of Saint Sylvester or Capodanno (translated it means "head of the year").


istoricheskie svedeniya

The tradition to install a Christmas tree was formed in the country in the late nineteenth century. Begin to dress her for 8 Dec. It's the Day of the immaculate conception of the virgin Mary.

On the streets after this day begin to install the sculptures, depicting scenes of Christ's birth.

To celebrate Christmas, the Italians began in the IV century. The celebration date was determined in the year 354 Pope Liberium. According to the plan of the Catholic Church, Christmas was supposed to replace the pagan ritual of sun worship.

Pope Francis of Assisi remained in the history of celebrations as people marked the beginning of the implementation in Italy of the Christmas theatrical performances. All of them were on the birth and life of Jesus.

What weather and temperatures during the holidays?

Italy during the Christmas and new year holidays pleases tourists with its warm weather. The temperature rarely drops below 0. Italian winter is more like spring in Central Russia. The average temperature in the South of Italy in December-January is held at +13-18°C, and in the center - of +12-15°C.

kakie pogodnye i temperaturnye usloviya?

To feel the presence of winter only in the North of the country. Here in December opens the ski season. The air temperature ranges from -7°C to +3°C. the Cool weather is accompanied by heavy snowfalls. Many Italians prefer to celebrate New year and Christmas on the coast of the sea.

The temperature of the air in the cities of Italy in this period is held within:

  • Rome, Naples, Sorrento - +12-13°C;
  • Rimini - +7-9°C;
  • Florence - +10-11°C;
  • Venice, Milan Is +6-7°C;
  • Verona - +5-7°C;
  • Genoa, Pisa - +10-12°C.

How to meet?

Favorite place in the Christmas festivities of the Romans is the square in front of St. Peter's in the Vatican. This is where the flow of foreigntourists. There is the main tree of the country, near her place decorations of biblical scenes, at night they sent a special light.

At exactly 0 hours 0 minutes on the square begins vigil. Holds it for the Pope, and it lasts 2 hours.

Symbols, traditions and rituals

Before Christmas, the Italians held the post. It lasts 4 weeks. During its passage in all Catholic churches with worship are Scripture readings. At home, believers set the advent wreath. It is made from branches of spruce or pine. A wreath with 4 candles are inserted. They were lit during lent on Sundays after worship.

With the Christmas holidays related to various traditions. One of them is connected with gifts for children. At the end of November they give 24 envelope with a candy advent calendars. Beginning December 1, children open 1 envelope.

tradicionnyj obryad dlya detej

The day before Christmas eve, the Italians cook the pumpkin. In order for the new year was health and wellbeing on the morning of 24 December, you must have a piece welded on the eve of the pumpkin.

Celebrate Christmas Italians cleared the clutter from housing. On Christmas Eve, all the relatives gather at the holiday table. At this time the streets are empty. Coming to new year holidays in Italy, foreign tourists can see how much red there is in these days on the streets, in homes and shop Windows.

The Italians traditionally wear on New year red underwear or clothes, it is believed that it brings good luck.

Dressed in red clothes, the Italians put on the window sill coins and light candles in order to lure in the house of luck. In some parts of Italy the tradition is to bring in the New year water from a pure source.

Great importance for the Italians, who they first meet in the new year:

  1. lucky someone caught on the way the elder;
  2. misfortune does the meeting with the priest or child.

Before the chimes , the Italians burn the notes with wishes. The ash is mixed with champagne and drink. It eating 12 grapes, the last berry to eat under the 12 o'clock.

Italian Santa Claus

The Italians do not have Santa Claus, they have Babbo Natale. He is the prototype of the Byzantine Bishop St. Nicholas. Orthodoxy is Saint Nicholas. Babbo Natale is very similar to the Russian Ded Moroz. Differences in the external appearance of the Christmas characters are minor - instead of hats and long coats Babbo Natale wears a hat and a red coat.

Ded Moroz - Babbo Natale

The legend of Babbo Natale says that he, along with the settlers came to America, but after a time returned to Europe. American history has affected the appearance. It is very similar to Santa Claus. Moves Babbo Natale is on the sleigh pulled by 9 reindeer. Near Babbo Natale is very common to see a fairy Befana is a good-natured old lady, flying on a broom.


Mandatory element of decoration for the meeting, Christmas is a wreath of fir or pine branches. In it are blotches of red berries.

Another traditional decoration of the Christmas holidays — the Christmas tree. Decorate it start long before the holiday. This tradition appeared in Italy only in the middle of the last century. Each year the tree changes the color of the jewelry. With her in a number of attributes public holidays include:

  • The Nativity scenes. These scenes of biblical stories arranged in the streets and in homes. They cause much excitement among the travelers tourists. The most famous in Italy, Nativity scene set at the top of the tower Torre degli Anguillara family forti. To compare is only the den of a family of Bottarelli in the street De’ Genovesi.
  • Vintage figurines of biblical characters. You can buy them at the Christmas fairs.
  • Christmas crown. Is a wreath of pine branches. It is a mandatory attribute of the Christmas. Typically, it is hung to the chandelier.
  • Christmas stars. For this decoration using poinsettia plant. It has large bright red flowers which resemble the shape of a star.
  • A Christmas rose. She is represented by hellebore - another holiday plant.

What do you get?

Traditionally for New year and Christmas, the Italians give to friends and loved ones pasta, wine, chocolates and panettone. A very common gift — flower poinsettia.

To prepare the gifts begins long before the start of the holidays, put them in socks.

Features table layout: what traditional dishes to cook and eat?

ubranstvo stola nacionalnye bluda

Festive meals are served in red dishes, which is installed on whitetablecloth. Next to the plates and glasses are placed candles. The first festive lunch and dinner consist of several courses, served alternately.

The main menu includes dishes from fish and seafood. On most holiday tables you can find leg of lamb, roast Turkey or goose. For stuffing used apples, pears and other products. Water the bird when roasting Italian brandy. The traditional side dish for Turkey or duck is tagliatelle or spaghetti.

Many Housewives cook fried eel with caviar. Christmas dinner also consists of lentils. It is a symbol of wealth among the Italians. Festive appetizers - mussels, stuffed pork leg, salt cod. The main festive dessert — panettone. It is a cake with chocolate or butter cream.

Christmas holiday in Italy

During the new year holidays visiting the country tourists tend to go to cities such as Rome and Venice. Also a large influx of guests experiencing Turin, Milan and Palermo. In these cities nightlife.

During the holidays, these popular tourist spots turn into a city full of tale.

Where to celebrate New year?

  1. Fans of shopping should go to Milan. During the Christmas fairs and sales where you can buy branded items at a significant discount.
  2. Outdoor enthusiasts choose the Alps there are great ski resorts.
  3. The best city to celebrate the New year for romantics, it may be Venice. They can take part in the festival of kisses.
  4. The grandest celebrations take place in these days in Rome.

What to do?

Christmas and new year holidays are meant for fun. These days in Italy carried out mass celebrations, festivals and fairs. In the cities fireworks, theatrical performances.

A special attraction acquire dinners in Italian restaurants. Every tourist in a variety of festive program can always find something interesting and attractive.

See also the video about the celebration of Christmas and New year in Italy: